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"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."



Full Name: Dewayne "Big D" McMillen
Date of Birth: September, 17th 1985
Occupation: Government Contractor
Demeanor: Survivor
Clan: Gangrel
Position: None
Pack: None



* Mistaken Identity - Dewayne is often mixed up with the actor Dominic Purcell who was in Prison Break and played Dracula in Blade Trinity, which at times comes in handy.

* Vampire - Dewayne is a an active member of the Camirilla and helped defend Nashville, TN from the Sabat.

* Gangrel - Dewayne comes from a prestigious line of gangrels and is proud of his heritage.

* Military Veteran - Proudly served his country in the U.S. Army's Special Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

* Rags to Riches - Dewayne is one of the few success stories from his tiny home town. He went from hunting daily for his families meals in the Appalachian Mountains to never needing to think about money again from his wise decisions.

* Environmental - Dewayne is a very environmental person be careful calling him a "tree-hugger" he is more of a conservationist.

* Tallassee, TN - Dewayne is from the tiny town of tallassee. At the age of 17 he left his life of constantly hunting and providing for his family to join the military, but returned afterwards.



A Brief History

* Childhood - Dewayne was born September 17th, 1985 to Dawn and Mike McMillen. Dawn was a waitress at the local diner located off the main road while his father was the local drunk electrician who wasted half the working day getting drunk. From early on he learned if he was going to survive he was going to have to do it on his own. While out trying to catch some squirrels, at the age of 8, he looses his footing on a hill and ends up in a creek with a rolled ankle and a large gash in his thigh. That is when he first met Mr. Logan, a middle aged man who looked like he hand't seen civilization in 20 years. Mr. Logan took him to his cabin and bandaged him up. After that he would meet with Mr. Logan almost on the daily and learn how to track, shoot, kill, skin, and survive!

* Military - Sept. 11th, 2001 Dewayne watched the world change sitting in homeroom at Tallassee HS and decided his skills could be used to stop this sort of thing. Just over a year later he stood and swore in at the age of 17 to the U.S. Army. Not much is mentioned after that about his military career except for the many awards and his Honorable Discharge in 2008.

* Returning Home - After returning home to his now widowed mother Dewayne was asked to consult for the government. While in the military he made many sound investment which proved to be more than enough for him and his mother to live comfortably on. He reunited with Mr. Logan and continued to hunt with the old mentor.

* The Embrace - A Tuesday, just like any other Tuesday, Dewayne and Mr. Logan went out to see what they could bag. After bagging three rabbits and a few squirrels they start back to the truck. While talking neither noticed the ,thought to be over hunted and extinct in the area, cougar crouched ready to pounce to defend it's young. That's when there is a very loud growl and a flash of something moving to the left. Mr. Logan saw it first but was a split second to late even with his super human abilities. Dewayne was gashed on the inside of his left thigh severing his femoral artery. Mr. Logan had two choices let him bleed out or embrace him.

* Present - Since his mothers death Dewayne has lived in Prospect,Ca working for an undisclosed government agency on special consulting assignments.


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