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In 1980, a Russian Garou family by the name of Ivanov had a daughter.

In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev rose to power in the USSR. This, combined with the Chernobyl disaster, paved the way for further Technocratic influence in Moscow.

In 1987, a Syncicate-funded research group ran tests in schools across the Soviet Union in search of prospective recruits. The scion of the Ivanov family placed in the 99th percentile, and was whisked away to a school for the gifted. It was here that her Enlightened Genius was discovered and enhanced.

By 1998, Ivanov's talent for learning and manipulating biological patterns had become almost second nature. It helped that she held a double-major in biology and anatomy, with a Doctorate in internal medicine.

In 1999, two months before the Dimensional Anomaly swept far into the reaches of space and across all the different levels and dimensions of reality, Ivanov was assigned to her first residency in the Special Project Division - a union between the Syndicate and Pentex. At the time, it seemed so innocent... an exchange between conventions that helped to develop the integrity of any devices or hypertech developed, working with one of the largest conglomerates in the world.

Or maybe it was just part of some fell plan by the Nephandi in charge of the division, or their fomor counterparts within Pentex. Ivanov had always been fairly low ranked with regards to compliance, and had her own sort of cruel streak that made her overseers question her intentions from time to time. Question, but never look into. There was always an easy excuse to accept, or when she finally would be reprimanded, she received a punishment far below what she would otherwise merit. And somehow, she would always avoid re-education.

As with all those Technocrats working within the Special Project Division at the time of the Anomaly, Ivanov's ties to the Union were abruptly severed. She has only rarely been seen since, always in passing here, caught on one surveillance camera there, participating in a lecture or convention but somehow slipping through the recovery team's fingers.

In Prospect, Ivanov has worked within Magadon for at least a decade. All that changed with the arrival of Major Zora Vankova and the formation of the First Team Godspite Company. Despite a stunning record, the Board of Directors saw fit to place the Geneticist in the First Team to serve not only as combat medic, but also to provide her Genius to solve problems that the typical First Team might not even know they have.

Since it's formation, the Godspite Company has had a tremendous success rate! Lack of access to her previous lab, however, has made Ivanov a bit more desperate with her experiments, and less specific in her selection methods for subjects. Rumor has it that she's even begun experimenting on herself...

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Parts of this page look a little Technocratic! So here's the variation on the Precepts of Damian that Ivanov has come (or soon will come) to follow.
  1. Bring stasis and order to the universe. Predictability brings safety, and safety lowers the masses' defenses. Once all is discovered and all is known, Entropy will be poised to unravel the Unified world with ease.
  2. Convince the Masses of the benevolence of science, commerce and politics, and of the power of rationality. Their acceptance of these so-called 'truths' will bring them under the Conglomerate's sway with minimal effort.
  3. Preserve the Gauntlet and the Horizon. Chaotic individuals who open gateways with impunity threaten the stability of our world. Instead of allowing uncontrolled portals to provide access to our world, bring them across with proven methods to ensure the stability of the universe remains long enough that Entropy can set in and consume the world in one swift, efficient moment; not dragged out over countless years of death throes.
  4. Define the nature of the universe. Knowledge must be absolute so that chaos can exploit the weaknesses of that which it has not yet touched. The elemental forces of the universe must be shepherded towards a Unified strategy, for the most aesthetic unraveling method possible.
  5. Recruit Reality Deviants. Their recklessness delays our progress towards Unity, and they must be shown the correct path to assist the inevitable unraveling of reality.
  6. Corrupt the Masses; protect them from their ill-conceived notions and convince them that Unification is ideal, if only to guide their paths into Entropy's embrace.

Dr. Ivanov is kiiind of a monster, and does monstrous things! The player is a sweetheart who will make sure that other players are comfortable with anything that happens (we can just handwave Ivanov having her hands tied by higher ups and/or fade to black are both totally valid options!) You will probably asked if you're okay with the monstrous weirdness multiple times a scene, possibly even to the point of being super annoyed. I apologize in advance.

You will note that there is not a Dr. Ivanov on +who or +finger. She is not only a monster, but also a mystery! Who is she? How will you find her? She is a Progenitor; a shape-shifter. She lives in the cracks. She's watching you when you least expect it. She lives in the shadows of your darkest fears. In your weakest moments, when you're naked and vulnerable, she's there - watching, waiting. She lives through all of us, within us, beside us. She's the breath on the back of the neck, the breeze in your hair, the moisture in the air. As such, you likely will be unable to find her!

If you're interested in contacting me for potential RP hooks and such, please page my white-hat alt Dasia.

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