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Who She Is
Erica was recruited from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals after a whirlwind of wining, dining, and shrewd horse trading. Neither Erica nor Magadon undervalued her experience, and the compensation package was generous. Like a shark, Erica always has to keep moving as she looks for the next bigger and better thing.

Right now, bigger and better looks like an amazing condo she seldom stays in, a corner office that affords both sunrise and sunset views almost every day, and a terrifyingly efficient personal assistant that seems more into her than the company. Work hard, play hard? It's that or burn out. Erica is better than most when it comes to crunch time, she is a quick read and a good judge of character. She really would like to help, and she shows it with soulful eyes, gentle presence, and a reassuring touch.

All you have to do is sign this, and the company will do everything in their power to make this right.
What You Need To Know
Ancestry - It's fascinating that you can look up everyone you are related to online.
Bad Habits - I only smoke when I drink, and I only drink when I'm stressed. That's why I'm claiming the spa as a healthcare visit.
Corporate Lawyer - I work for the company. But don't let that fool you, I'm really an OK gal!
Demanding Career - Sixteen hour days on top of two weeks in Wuxi? Maybe we should text, instead of date.
Fast Cars - Take me to the speedway.
Girl Friday - Samara Ellison, my very own Hildy Johnson, Jeeves to my Bertie Wooster and Iago in a miniskirt.
Recent Arrival - East coast represent, but who can pass up these sunsets? What else is there to do around here?
Who She Knows
I don't know anyone yet.
Look Book
Ethical Erica 0.jpgEthical Erica 4.jpgEthical Erica 5.jpg