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"Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence in society. Mark Twain. I would humbly add that a man without a suit is merely half-dressed." Mr. Jacobi, as he likes to be called, is ever an affable chap. Always prepared to voice an opinion, and just as ready to shut up and get some goddamn work done. He tends to lean in the direction of being stiff and formal, letting only the occasional cheeky or impudent remark slip.

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Camarilla.png -I've heard many complaints about the Tower. And yet it is still our largest and oldest resource should we seek company in these long nights.

Sabbat.png -I'll not mince words, I've seen more than enough while dead to not dismiss their fears as superstition. That said their games are insignificant in what they hope to accomplish.

Anarch.png -I have conflicting feelings. Your average Kindred loathes being beholden to another. I can't fault them for their decisions, but I'll be damned if I agree with them.

Assamite.png -Hm. Detestable comes to mind. The only thing I loathe more than Piety is Diablerie. And yet...I've yet to meet a one of them who strikes me as uncouth. I should meet more of them before passing judgement.

Brujah.png -My anti-thesis. Examples exist to correct my previous statement, but I find them adjacent to a box of philosophical hammers. Pounding at anything in reach while espousing a universal truth: 'Can't you see? All the world is a nail.'

Gangrel.png -Should I pretend that I don't find them disconcerting? Everything from their appearance to their sub-culture is not to my liking.

Giovanni.png -They win my award for most tolerated among Caine's progeny. Bunch of perverts.

Lasombra.png -If I were more cynical I would have saved some vitriol to spit about them...fearing the dark has always meant fearing what's inside it. I fear the Lasombra have rather turned that expression on it's head.

Malkavian.png -They may be prophetic but see how far anyone whose listened to their visions has risen and you'll soon realize they fall twice as far. I prefer their more tangible accomplishments, they can make devastating allies or mortal enemies. Just don't insult them on their proclivities.

Nosferatu.png -By far my preferred members of the Tower. At least through a screen. I won't shy away from denouncing their atrocious hygiene and appearances, but I find them on the whole enjoyab-- mm. Adequate company.

Ravnos.png -To my knowledge I've yet to meet one in person. If I was to give my thoughts on what I've heard of them I imagine it's mostly bullshit tinged with malice. And probably still half true.

Toreador.png -While they're pleasant my past experiences have left me with more fond memories of vipers than of this Clan. I judge each of them as I see them, but as a whole I would liken them to a Monet dusted with arsenic. Beautiful, best viewed from afar, and brought close with utmost caution.

Tzimisce.png -This clan has earned my eternal grudge for depriving me the joy of ever again appreciating the works of Bosch or Goya. Sickening.

Ventrue.png -I used to hate board meetings. Now I just imagine us all wearing silly hats and my nights are a lot more enjoyable. As for the clan at large it runs efficiently until it doesn't.

KJ.png -After all my years in California I've still never met one face to face. Some are shrewd negotiators, some are rather passive. Each one is a mystery to me and I think they like it that way.

Werewolf.png -California had some bad wildfires recently. I'll see if I can't get someone to talk to the local Fire Department about instituting some more aggressive controlled burn policies.

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  • Has a Streetwise Rating
  • Flaw: Chill Touch
  • Demeanor: Conformist
  • Highest Stat: Perception
  • Mustache: Luxuriously Washed, Oiled, and Waxed

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Ericson O. Jacobi
Ericson is never seen without a suit, here he is in his favorite trying on some shades. He never purchased them...
Ericson Wearing SHades.jpg

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=== Name ===

Ericson Olliver Jacobi






By looks, 25-30




Already Forgotten, strayed too far

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RP Hooks
  • Looking for a capable replacement for his former right hand man. A business minded person to take over the reigns so he can free up his time.
  • Mentions looking for inspiration for a new book. He writes romance novels. He thrives on dirty rumors and sordid stories.
  • He's known in the criminal scene for hiring union and strike breakers, helping his fellow rich socialites. He's gone looking for drugs to smooth transactions more than once, and can name a handful of callgirls.
  • He specializes in computers and has spent a decent amount of time in chatrooms, learning and sharing information, and keeping his finger on the pulse of the World's current events...and possibly a little stock trading on the side.

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