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Came to town a few years ago. UCP student of Culinary Management, 2017 recipient of the yearly "Andrew Zimmern Second Chances" scholarship, graduated 2019. Owns and manages several local establishments, along with his brother, under A Balancing Act, LLC. No real head for business, though. Much more of a hands-on kind of guy. Currently assisting the LLC in the “D & 5th project”.
RP Hooks

(If your character is not fae or at least fae-adjacent, you will probably not get roleplay of the restricted-to-fae variety.)

“D & 5th”: Virtually all the businesses located on this block Ethan can be considered to have a hand in. And he is certainly involved in watching over the area and seeing to its continued improvement and overall safety.

Restaurants: Surprising no one, he’s an XC at several restaurants (or other businesses with foodservice) and takes it very seriously. The staff at each business describes him as “firm, but fair” most days.

Teaching: Ethan has been known to give private lessons about self-defense, horseback riding, and of course cooking. Probably going to have to befriend him first, as it’s entirely one-on-one sessions.

Animal Handling: Speaking of horseback riding, Ethan also is a fair hand at training dogs, falconry, and the general taming of and caring for quite a few types of animals.

County of Lion’s Reach (FAE): His errant knighthood ended on Midwinter when the Countess raised him to the rank of Baron and reaffirmed his holdings, the Barony of the Ebon Watchtower. Of course, the redcap’s personal patrol and “turf” is even larger, encompassing the holdings of family and friends, and pretty much anywhere he feels needs looking after.

Covey-Fychell College (FAE): Ethan is among the faculty of the kithain-kinain-only boarding school, with classes such as Intro To The Dreaming and Chimerical Creatures.

Seelie vs Unseelie (FAE): Go on, ask about this one. I dare you, even.

Streetwise (Restricted): Coming Soon
  • Steamed And Hammered: Currently the General Manager and extremely proud of it. Hosts steampunk-themed con-going and cosplay nights, caters local LARP groups who like the setting. Lives with his girlfriend in the loft apartment upstairs.
  • Rhapsody: First job was as Kitchen Manager post re-opening, still heavily involved with that kitchen; acts as Manager most weekend evenings.
  • Off The Record: The favored spot for coffee, and his go-to hangout within the “D & 5th” block.
  • Prospect New Hope MMA: Hits the gym roughly four times a week and has personally worn through sets of the rental martial-arts padding that's available; the trainers now refuse to work with him, citing the place's insurance liability.
The redcap Ethan showed up in town a few years ago, washed up on the beach of the coast opposite his Florida hometown. Seeing the place could use a little help, he decided to stick around. In the time since, he has taken ownership of the former Barony of the Ebon Watchtower, not by force but by slow progression of having been protecting the area and bending of all the resident chimera to his will. His current patrols of the Dreaming and the Flesh Realm get bigger and more involved. In addition to his own personal holdings, this includes the Rhapsody Freehold, where the dragon Bygone present accepts his keeping watch. The balefire there is under watch on behalf of his brother John Balance, who owns the mundane club out front. Ethan himself tolerates zero shenanigans, much like the dragon bygone itself, and has become known for his ruthlessness while 'on patrol' of his lands and those of others. His recent rise through the ranks of Lion’s Reach nobility has only strengthened his grip on the nearby lands, and his rather cutthroat interpretation of the Escheat.
  • Balance: Brother and Oathmate. You believed in me when nobody else seemed to care, so now that everyone cares, I’m not leaving you behind. I have your back, always.
  • Chastity: Not sure I can make you realize how much you mean to me. Here’s a hint: it’s as much as you have gone through and put up with and given up for me. So, everything? Tinyheart.png There is nothing I would not do for you.
  • Nicky: If there ever was a guy to know a guy, it's this guy. Thankfully, I know the guy.
  • Novia: Yeah, we’re definitely talking now. Keep it up.
  • Ambrosine: If nothing else, I admire your patience. You got a very raw deal, though.
  • Simone: Initially my muse to higher education and culinary creation. Now my Dreamer of inspiration and raw talent that crashes out of her like the ocean on the sand.
  • Larry: Nice enough fellow. Tends to take everything in stride. Not around much.
  • Locke: Need to take it easy on the deep diving, old man. Gonna get too brittle to deal with the real world. EDIT: See? Told you so. Maybe you’re the one that needs to learn from me, this time.
  • Keira: I thought I had you figured out. Suppose I do have to give you credit for sheer bravery.
  • Sterling: What’s a good word? Frenemy? We’re not friends, but civility for the sake of the County at large has made us allies. No one is more surprised by this outcome than me.
  • Caressa: Good point. Why focus on the past when the here and now has so much opportunity?
  • Carolyn: She fought more than just her own demons to keep this place safe. I helped her then, so I guess it is up to me to keep up the good fight. I won’t let you down.
  • Lee: This County deserved better. You deserved better. They deserved you. And now they’re stuck with me. I will never forget how it should have been you. I really hope you’re alright, out there.
  • Velvet: I don’t get it, a lot of the time, but then again, I don’t have to. You’re just doing you, and that’s just fine.
  • Thoreau: Makes sense, to have the green guy in the giant tree freehold.
  • Felicite: There is such a thing as being too adorable, you know.
  • Lance: You remind me a little of me, when I first landed. Except you’re much better at hiding it.
  • Emrick: Well you are just damned handy to have around, and bonus, you’re actually smart. No need to even rev you up on the carpet, you’re gone already. That I can definitely work with.
  • Wick: I would say, don’t be scared because I don’t bite; but nah, just that no one has yet been quite that stupid. You seem like you know the right thing to do, deep down, even if you still need a little teaching.
  • Hardy: All about guarding and protecting and patrolling, living life because it’s there. I grok that. And finally, someone who will get in the ring with me! Apologies for the kick in the head,
Applicable Tropes

Determinator The fastest way to get Ethan to do anything is to underestimate him.

Good Is Not Soft Mistake kindness for weakness even once and you'll regret it.

Dark Is Not Evil But don't get the other impression, either.

Monster Knight Previously Ethan had no squiring but was raised to Knight Baronet, Knight Banneret, to remain knight errant for the time being. Now? That’s Baron Monster, thank you kindly.

Black And Gray Morality Makes the above a whole lot easier and lot more realistic, honestly.

Chef Of Iron Despite the glaring metallic inconsistency, Ethan is a Supreme Chef. Graduated from culinary school, even.

Extreme Omnivore By virtue of necessity. Good food is the best (see above) but anything will do. Yes, anything.

More Teeth Than The Osmond Family Type #1. But only if you're fae, enchanted, or Sighted; otherwise they're just vaguely pointed, like a mouthful of canines.

Big Little Brother Balance is his closest friend but does serve as the elder brother; this Trope is just one facet of the dichotomy between the two, regardless of their camaraderie. Overall they wind up being very "Red Oni, Blue Oni" in temperament, respectively.

Violently Protective Girlfriend Not that Ethan needs much more in the way of defense, but you've met Chastity, right? Like he's ever going to stop her from doing anything she puts her mind to.