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Mitzi Lipschitz

"Just forget your troubles and learn to say: 'Tomorrow is a lovely day.'"

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RP Hooks
Chicago Native: Settled with her family in Lawndale.

Vintage Fashion: Her clothes would look like they came out of her grandmother's closet.

Book-keeper: Kept the ledgers for her mafia boyfriend.

Diaspora: Came to America with her family from Ukraine, avoiding the Jewish pogroms.

Organized Crime: Mafia-adjacent, as she did the books.

Yenta: She's a terrible flirt, and a terrible gossip. Any chance to dish, she will.

Hysteria: Attention-seeking, approval-seeking. Mitzi experience highs and lows on a daily basis.

Street-walkers: Has a kinship with the ladies of the evening.

Former Whip: Used to handle the day-to-day of her sire and boyfriend, the Malkavian Primogen of Chicago.

Lost Generation: Technically part of the next, she's always had more in common with the era of Hemingway and Steinbeck.

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The Lipschitzes fled pogroms in Ukraine and Germany, her mother and father settling into Lawndale, Chicago to start up a family. Father Herschel worked door to door selling brushes, but really spent his nights canoodling and gambling his family's nest egg away. Her mother sobbed and begged for her little girl Maria to be good. She let her daughter become the sponge of all her sorrows, insinuating that if she only were a better daughter, he wouldn't run around on them. No matter how good Mitzi was, Hershel still left the family with his main squeeze. Tired of being a good little girl, Mitzi embraced the flapper life of jazz and booze. Falling madly in love with a jazz drummer, the eloped to Michigan to get married without her mother's permission. This mistake would end up with her husband in jail for violating the Mann act. Interracial couples were looked down upon, and she never saw him again. She believed he ran off, as she was too much trouble. In truth he most liked was killed and written off as shot while trying to escape. Jilted, she fell into the orbit of Bugsy Weiss, a bootlegger and hot-head who became insanely jealous of her time. Fearing she would be taken from him, she is embraced into the clan of the Moon as his moll. She keeps the books of all his brothels and liquor, and soon became friends with the madams and girls. Her hopes of becoming a jazz singer were dashed, but she hoped to find her place with Bugsy. It was never to be. Bugsy was a falling star, and while he eventually muscled his way to Primogen with Mitzi as his whip, he was never subtle and easily manipulated. As he struggled, he increasingly gas-lighted and controlled his childe, until Mitzi could no longer take it. Some whispered that she dared use her clan discipline to push him over the edge, to send her man into a frenzy that ended his life. In truth she simply knew him that well, and what buttons to push. With her reputation tarnished and no chance for advancement now, Mitzi moved on to city after city on the east coast, finally deciding to set out for California when her prospects ran dry.

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The Flapper - Her attire tends to give off the air of being from the 20s, where she mis-spent her youth.
Obfuscating Stupidity - She's no genius, but she knows more than she lets on.
Moll - Mitzi's former life, her sire was a mobster who she met doing his books.
The Ditz - It's rare she'll let on she knows something, big words tend to trip her up.
The Pollyanna - She's all sunshine and happiness, eager to please and cheerful to a fault.
Sad Clown - Despite all of her cheeriness, she is extremely emotionally labile, likely to fall into deep depressions at the drop of a hat.
Malicious Slander - Mitzi's preferred method of attack.
Bitch In Sheep's Clothing - She rarely shows her bitchy side unless pushed.
You Can't Go Home Again - Born in Ukraine, emigrated after her family's village was burned during pogroms.
Kosher Nostra - Sire Bugsy was a Jewish gangster from Chicago.

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Full Name: Maria Ruth Lipschitz

Date of Birth: August 4th, 1904

Date of Embrace: January 22nd, 1931

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi American

Origin: Proskurov, Ukraine, Russian Empire

Concept: Flapper Yenta

Former Occupation: Gangster's Moll

Current Occupation: Book-keeper

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Clan: Malkavian

Derangement: Hysteria

Sire: Benjamin "Bugsy" Weiss

Generation: 10th

Sect: Camarilla

Coterie: None

Religion: Orthodox Judaism

Path of Enlightenment: Humanity

Preferred Prey: Powerful men with power ties

Notable Traits: Doe eyes, mole on her chest

Enneagram: Nine (Peacekeeper)

Briggs-Myers: ESFJ (Consul)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Raven

Patty's Song: Annette Henshaw - Mean To Me

Played by: Helen Kane

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Mitzi is cute as a button, rounded features and cherubic cheeks. She has ample curves and a frumpy figure, big doe-like eyes and a boyish raven bob hair cut. Her perferred clothing is polka dots and pearls, fascinators and gloves that show off a little skin but would be just as home on someone's grandmother. Thankfully retro is chic, so she fits right in. Her face is always covered in talc and heavy foundation, giving her a porcelain doll look. When she speaks she's all squeaks and high-pitched enthusiasm, even when there's no smile in her eyes. Her mannerisms give the impression that she hasn't a clue in the world, but she's sweet in tone as a dumb puppy. Only when she is not being watched does she relax, tending to stare off in the distance with a desperately forlorn expression.

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