Suicide Kings

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uicide Kings
                 Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.

he Suicide Kings are an Anarch gang that have existed since the 1910's. It was originally founded in New York, when the Prince of the city began cracking down on thin-bloods and others with Anarch sympathies. A group of them joined forces to defend their freedom, and their bravado and recklessness earned them the name. The original members fought in the war that gave California to the Anarchs, and a bit of a revolving door has existed of the members in Los Angeles since. For the last seven years the leader has been a man named Crash, or Xavier Banders. He also served as the Baron of Santa Monica, where they were based out of until very recently. From 1996 to 2007 the original leader of the gang was October, who also served as the local Baron. When she died at the hands of the Sabbat Xavier moved them north to Santa Montica. In the wake of leaving once more to continue ruling Santa Monica, he left the leading of the gang to a newly arrived Caitiff by the name of Jameson Smitwick.

   Every member must earn his/her King.
   The name you earn with your King is what you will be known as among the Kings. Use it outside the club at your own leisure.
   Do not shit where you eat.
   Do not eat pork..
   Do not fall to the Beast.
   Maintain the neutrality of The Bar.
   Kings before outsiders.
   Never bow down to tyranny.


he Suicide Kings claim the Rite of Domain over nothing currently.

Approved Members
Club President
Former Club President/Retired
Former Club President/Deceased
The King And What It Means