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* Arcadian Gateway (CHANGELING):

Ferdinand's homeland is being occupied by outlanders from Isten Vak! Can he and his friends help the locals take back their lands?

* Captain Levinbolt (MAGE):

MoGui grapples with living up to the legacy of his hero. Can he and his friends restore the Captain's aethership and recover his artefacts?


Danny works to give a fledgling realm a chance at sovereignty from the Yama Kings. Can he and his compatriots foster a better world?

* Tiger's Beautiful Daughter (SHEN, TIJUANA):

Danny's temple hosts a refugee from Lanka, the Demon City of the Rakshas. Why is she here? Can he and his friends keep her safe?

* Xian Yin (SHEN, MOJAVE):

Mogui and his friends delve into the depths of the lost necropolis of Qin, trying to make their way to the center of the grey maze. What will they find when they get there?