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Camred "We cut a swath of crusade and war across Europe. Lords of men and slayers of the infidels, we attract the childer of Caine like maggots to dead flesh. Some seek to destroy us, some seek to use our honor to control us, some love and some hate but all need we who remain." BrujahRed

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Assamites: Murderers, Terrorists, Thieves, Drinkers of Souls. The clan most concerned about who is worthy of the blood, and at once the least worthy of it themselves. Should have been purged long ago."

Brujah: Once philosophers, revolutionaries, and kings. The young in these nights are too often rebellious for its own sake rather than for a worthy cause.

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Bard Thanks for nothing.

Belina You've inherited a fine mess. I shall try to support you.

Jolene On her way to becoming a paragon of Humanity. If only more kindred had your beautiful soul.

Milenka I pity her, so jaded and callous from the long night. Sometimes I am tempted to be like her.

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RP Hooks
A Hammer Against Evil: Any plot against horrible men its easy to convince me to come along. Against the infernal I will drop everything until it is stamped out.

Classical Romance: Perfection takes time. Don't rush me.

The Ivory Tower: Unshakable loyalty to the ideals of the Camarilla. If your looking for the typical Brujah anarchist, you found the wrong guy.

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Knight De Gris

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Clan: Brujah

Faction: Camarilla

Concept: Ashen Knight

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Path: Via Equitum

Birthplace: Pamplona, Spain.

Mortal Order: Knights of Santiago

Vampiric Order: Knights of the Bitter Rose


Theme Song: Zzyzzx Road -Stone Sour-

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