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Pizza Pizza
Wyck goes to Joe's Pizza to make a pick up - of one way or another.
IC Date July 23, 2013
IC Time Night.
Players Wyck, Phil, Isis, Gwydion, Joe, Apple, Zero, Wren Smith, Cherazart, Cross, Clara, Azoun
Location Joe's Pizza

Begin Log

"Heya." Joe says to Apple with a grunt, his lips twisted into an amused half smile half smirk. He leans against the bar not far from the colorful haired female, a large mug of beer in hand as he regards her with a glowering bloodshot gaze. Maybe he's hung over.

Apple sits about two stools away from Joe. Joe has stuffs, Apple does not..other than grease stains on her jeans. One on her left elbow, too, and one behind her right ear. (one can see that 'cause she has her hair up in a pony tail/braid thing) "How's Eddie workin' out?" She asks Joe.

Zero ploughs through the door, pushing it open with her shoulder. She has her head turned back behind her, in the process of talking to someone. "Shaved testicles are gross. All testicles are gross. They're like marbles with veins," she says the the person behind her. "Gross. Grossgrossgrossgross... gross!" She jerks her head forwards after that and looks around. "You owe me five thousand pizzas!" she informs... someone. Who knows who she's talking to.

Phil is on the phone as he wanders inside, leaning back against the door to hold it open for Isis to follow him in. "See, that's what I was thinking too. This gig comes together, you're first on my list. If it doesn't-- fuck it, we'll come up with /something/."

Who else would she be embarrassing? Wren, of course. The one following Zero steps inside, rolling her eyes slightly as she says, "Then stop talking about them. If you hate them, then why were you staring at that damn dog licking himself? This whole thing coulda been avoided if you wouldn't have been such a rubber necker," she grunts as she wanders farther in, getting a look around. "Huh.. Nice place.. and no, not five thousand pizzas. We'll get -one-."

Joe's answer to Apple is almost growled, the smirk not leaving his lips. A dark humor at something in those bloodshot eyes, his expression a far cry from pleasant. "I ain' shoved his head in the mens room toilet yet and flushed it on him before kickin' his ass out of the kitchen. So I guess he ain't done too bad yet." he informs her, snorting. Then he's taking another drink of his beer, glancing towards the boisterous new arrivals and grunting in the back of his throat.

Isis makes her way in the door after Phil. She grins as he holds it open for her and she ducks under his arm, leaning against his side as she sort of directs him over toward a table, eyes trailing the room curiously as she meanders in more deeply. The conversation Zero is having draws the redhead's attention and she blinks then snorts softly.

Gwydion ambles in for once all by himself. Hands in two of his pockets and slick new hat on his head. He's walking in just far enough behind Phil and Isis that he wasn't entering with them though he steps quick when he notices them. "Phil, Isis, How goes?"

Phil is not so easily led, though, waving Isis off for a second. "Hey, Nicky, somethin' just came up, I'll call ya later when I actually got something." The phone is stowed, then he takes one look at Zero and Wren and immediately ups the latter's ante. "Hey, staring's fine. When she goes over and gets /involved/--" A quick wave to Gwydion as well, which may be all he has time for before Zero clobbers him with a steel chair.

"Quadruple meat pizza with no testicles or pubes on it!" Zero orders at the room. "And that dog was *gross*. He was sucking at his nutsack like his life depended on it." She purses her lips and makes little sucky-sucky motions at Wren. "Maybe we could pimp him out for pizza money?" she suggests to Wren. Direction shift. Zero points at Apple. "Hey look, she's got a rainbow for hair!" she tells Wren and hops over to Apple. "Don't eat the quadruple meat pizza unless you say no testicles," she says with a bright smile.

Isis glowers at Phil as he waves her off. For that, he doesn't have to worry about Zero. He gets his toe stomped. She huffs and waves at Gwydion. "Fine." She says and moves over to the counter, ordering the LARGEST pizza they have. TWO of them in fact. Double meat, double cheese, sausage, pepperoni, beef, canadian bacon, itallian sausage, what other kind of meat is there... bacon bits... and two pitchers of MT. Dew. "Oh." She points at Phil. "He's paying."

Wren's eyes flick to Phil in passing and she says to him with a groan, "Don't give her ideas!" She follows along after Zero, not so fast to just hop up next to a stranger as the other, and she settles for pulling out a stool next to Zee. She looks to Apple and examines what she can see of her hair and she says, "Yeah, Zee. It's called bleach and manic panic. You buy it in bottles." She props her elbows on the countertop and rubs her face with her hands.

Apple nods happily at what Joe says to her, then blinks, startled, and turns to look at Zero. "Oh...thank you for the directive." She shifts her gaze back to Joe, "I did't know you offered that on your meat pizza's."

Maybe it's a good thing that there's not a single steel chair in the place. The closest thing would be the old bar stools, beyond that it's booths or picnic tables. Joe stands at the bar with a beer in hand, his lips twisted into an almost pained looking expression. Staring at Zero as if she were something foul tracked in on the bottom of somone's shoe after getting too close to a dog. Shaking his head, "The fuck..." he grumbles to himself. Before his attention turns to Apple, "Special requests only. I ain't got enough guys workin' in back to cut them off for every damned meat pizza."

Zero stares at Apple's head for a while, looking this way and that then looks back at Wren. "It's a rainbow!" she declares. But wait, what's this!? Isis came up with a great pizza combo! "Yeah, two of those for us too!" she calls over at Joe or whoever's cooking. She points over at Phil. "And he's paying!" she confirms. Hopefully he's still too busy to notice that she's added her orders to his tab.

Wren stops rubbing her face in time to look over at Zee and see who she indicates as the wallet for today, and then she looks across the bar to Joe with an apologetic look on her face. "Just one," she asks. "And I'll pay.." and to Zero she murmurs, "I'm not buying two. That'd be like.. fifty bucks or something. This isn't fucking Domino's." Her brows give an irritated twitch and she looks away, scowling.

Cherazart has come in off the street and talks on her phone. For whatever reason though she avoids the bar as she steps in. She really avoids the bar.

Cross and Clara arrived! The old man was walking with his arm linked politely in hers, much like a fatherly figure would walk any lady. The old man even held the door open, as he leads Clara inside. "I've been here before with Leila, I enjoyed it." He is saying conversationally to Clara. "Staff seem a bit... colorful." He muses, stepping inside and taking a look around.

"The fuck you lookin' at me for?" Joe asks of Wren with a smirk on his lips. "Tell it to the guy takin' the orders." One could almost think he was glaring. He's on the customers side of the bar after all, just drinking a beer and holding the bar at the back of the room up as if it's something he spends far too much time doing. The bar is easy to avoid. It's all the way at the back of the pizza parlor. Convenient for having something resembling privacy to brood over drinks in the local dive. The minions who are employed to take orders will take the orders, at least the ones that actually follow the menu.

This isn't the first time Phil's been beaten up for his art, nor will it be the last. He tries to pull his foot out of the way, which only halfway succeeds. "The hell I am!" he calls out to Joe, or whoever. Sorry, Zero, no such luck. "C'mon, Isis, they're bustin' my balls here, the least we can do is go say hello."

Clara smiles up at the older man and chuckles "oh colorful is a good way to put it Father, if not for you, not sure I'd be coming back" the lovely brunette says and turns her eyes about the room

Gwydion is standing out of the way a little bit, checking something on his phone as he waits for his turn to order. Pecking at messages he occasionally pauses his tapping to tilt up the brim of hat to scratch his forhead.

Isis glowers at Phil again and humphs softly. She nods to the cook or whoever and nods her head, holding up four fingers and pointing at herself for 2 and then at Zero for two. Then she follows Phil over wherever. Who the hell knows how many giant pizzas poor Phil is going to get stuck with.

"And no testicles!" Zero reminds. She goes over to the brick wall to examine all of the stuff on it. "No busting balls near the pizza!" she exclaims at whoever said that! No extra *cheese* on *her* pizza thank you very much! "Hey Wren, come over here! This stuff is funny."

The old man leads Clara over towards a booth on the right side of the room and settles in there, motioning for her to join him as he gets comfortable and reaches for a menu.

Wren looks somewhat shocked by what Joe says to her, brows sinking a smidge lower on her face, jaw tension and eyes flicking away as she murmurs, "Gee.. Sorry." She props her elbow on the counter again and looks the other way, deciding to watch those who come and go. At least until she hears her name beign called. She slips quietly from her stool and moves over to examine the wall with Zero, eyeing the artwork quietly.

Clara slips in beside Cross and looks about curiously

Apple looks around as the place suddenly fills up, then down at the floor near her stool. She shakes her head a little and hops off said stool, steps over something, then looks at Joe. "Thanks for hiring him."

Cherazart takes note of the right booth. Yes, right in more ways than one. She spots Clara and Cross and begins to head toward them assuming that she wouldn't be interupting their conversation.

Cross chuckles softly at Clara, speaking quietly under his breath towards her, his voice not drifting beyond the booth. Cher, when spotted, gets a wave as the old man motions her over.

Clara looks up and waves at Chera with a smile

Joe doesn't look apologetic in the least at Wren's reaction. The grim man shaking his head a little, beads on the tips of his braids clattering softly as he turns his attention back to his beer. Finishing it in a few heavy gulps.

Cherazart looks over at the bar and yeah, there he is again. She shakes her head and turns her attention back to her tablemates.

Apple carefully wends her way out without ordering a thing.

Phil's tab may well hit double digits by the time all's said and done. At least he's gonna help himself to some more free entertainment along the way, though. "Yeah, me an' Isis only Eiffel Tower people /after/ dinner," he calls to Zero. "I mean, you gotta have standards."

The old one eyed preacher was settled into a booth on the right side of the room, with Cherazart and Clara at the same booth as him. He wasn't talking amidst them yet, but content to have their presence. He does tilt his head when Cherazart speaks to him, and he smiles faintly before murmuring towards his booth.

Clara brushes back her dark hair, tucking it behind her ear with delicate fingers and glances about at the crowd

Cherazart suddenly gasps at her table for a moment. Her eyes go wide and she shakes her head before muttering to her tablemates.

The frenchman walks in and looks about before he steps to the counter for a large meat lovers and a small veggie pizza, "Good Evening Father. Out for dinner tonight? I am just picking up some food for the family." He slaps down some cash to pay for the pies and walks over to greet the old man.

Cross glances up towards Azoun, and tips his head. "Aye, aye, that I am." He says with a smile, "Though we aren't sure if we are stayin' or goin' yet."

Gwydion finally looks up from his phone and heads over to the counter, steping deftly around those who are just waiting and staying behind those who haven't ordered yet, not cutting in line. Cross' table gets a smile and a wave.

Cherazart leans in to whisper to Clara for a moment.

Clara tips her ear to Chera's whisper then nods with a smile

Cross shifts to his feet after his table exchanges words, and he offers a hand to help the ladies up and out of the booth.

Joe shakes his head, "Well fuck." he growls, "Guess I gotta go actually /do/ something." The braided man tosses back his beer and then he sets it down, turning away from the bar to make his way... through the doors leading into the kitchen. That should be reassuring.

Zero stares at the wall for a couple of seconds longer then tugs on Wren's arm. "Is our pizza ready yet?" She seems oblivious to Phil's comment to her and continues to check out the stuff on the wall. "Eiffel tower is two guys and a girl, where the girl is all sucky-sucky while she's getting it from behind and the guys join hands like the Eiffel tower," Zero eventually indicates to Wren. She's a walking en-cy-clo-pedia! "Is our pizza readlly yet!!!???" she demands more insistently.

Isis snorts softly and shakes her head. "You are fucking horrible." She mutters under her breath at Phil. "Sit down so I can sit on your lap." She pokes at him. Her head tilts at Zero's oh so helpful explination. "Uuuh... Don't you get any fucking ideas there mister." She says and pokes Phil in the chest. "Nuuh UH."

Clara stands and leaves the Right Booth.

Azoun nods in understanding to the old holyman, "Ari and Zoe are at the new shop waiting for me to bring them dinner." He seem happier then he has ever been, "Well if your getting out of here, I may as well head out as well." He smiles and nods to Gwydion, "I will see you later, I'm sure." Finally his Pizza arrive and he waves to those around that he knows.

Clara slides with an unconcious grace out of the booth and waits for Cross and Chera to join her

Wren just looks over the pictures for a bit before she says, "I didn't order it. You heard the asshole. We're not eating here. Not going to give my hard-earned money to a fucked up son of a bitch like him," she says calmly, gaze still stuck upon the wall for a moment. When she does look to Zero she says, "I thought that was the Team Venture?" She makes a 'v' with two fingers.

Cross bows his head, "Alright, Azoun. See ye around." He says with a smile, before heading out with the two young ladies. Gwydion would get a wave when the old man noticed him.

Oh, Isis. When will you ever learn? Phil does sit, leaving plenty of room for her to settle in and show off, but not getting ideas? Way too late for that. "Hey, it could work! You just need a strap-on is all, I saw two shops right down the street."

Isis smirks as she settles in onto Phil's lap. She slips an arm around his neck and she shakes her head. "You're about five seconds shy of me dumping your ass.... wait no... an hour shy of me dumping your ass and going to find a more possessive man." She comments to Phil. SUCH a lie.

Zero glances at Wren. "Who's an asshole?" She glances around taking note of various faces then looks back at Wren. "You want me to punch his nuts out?" she asks.

Isis subtly moves her hand down to -cover- Phil's nuts. She's not fondling or anything. Just... she's protective! Those be her babymakers dammit!

There are more than one set of nuts in the place!

"No one," Wren says before she murmurs, "Not like you pay enough attention to ever see anyway," she adds dryly before her eyes narrow slightly and she asks, "Are we gonna get the fuck out of here or what? I'm not buying that shithead's pizza."

Oh. That asshole. Zero gives the remaining balls in the place a final once over just in case she needs to come back and punch them sometime in the future then she grabs Wren's arm and starts to tug the other girl towards the exit. She stops short of exiting though... then squinches one eye shut while making a concentrating expression and shifting her weight outwards a bit.

Gwydion steps between Phil and Zero as he decides on his order and addresses the counter attendant, not dignifying the young lady's tantrum and antics with a response other than obstructing violence, as he orders "Peperoni and Sausage Calzone please. To go."

Who /does/ Wren mean? Probably Joe, maybe Phil. Probably both, actually, they both ran their mouths a lot. Phil, in any case, slips his arms around Isis's waist like it was going out of style. "Hey, at least we'll have leftovers. Or if you leave," he teases right back, "then I will, and you-- I dunno, you can probably get a handout from that Chinese pork place. But I'd just starve if I was you."

Wren isn't as energetic as Zero, so she trudges along behind the other.. and when Zee assumes the position, Wren lifts a hand and pinches over her nose, knowing what's coming next. "Please don't shit yourself," she breathes.

Lady? Who's a lady? <<berrrRRRRRRRRRRRAPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! phst-phst!>> Not Zero, that's for sure. A vile odor permeates the room.

Isis calls out to Wren. "Hey. I toldja he's paying the bill." She points to Phil with her free hand. Then she shrugs slightly. She opens her mouth to say something and then she blinks at the -souuuuuund-. She blinks and stares at the door. She lifts her hand to cover her mouth and nose. "She did -not- just...."

Zero seems pleased with herself and grins at Wren. "Revenge!" she preens. "Want to go to the Waffle House?" The smell doesn't seem to bother her.

Wren looks over to Isis, giving it time.. yeah. There we go. Thanks Zee. She sighs and covers her mouth, turning back to Zee to nod. Then she's walking. Ew, gotta get outta here!

Oh yes she did. Phil knows that sound and he is /not/ in the mood to deal with it this close to dinner. "Will you fuckin' deal with that clown already? I'll make it worth your while." He reaches into his pocket for... something... and conveniently enough, the air conditioning unit kicks in. Let the folks on the street deal with the stench.

And who is Phil saying that /to/, anyway? Probably not Isis. Might be Gwydion, but that doesn't seem quite right, either.

Isis moans. It is NOT a happy sound either. She was just about to eat dinner. Key word. WAS. She turns her head and buries her face against Phil's neck, grabbing his shirt and pulling it up to cover her mouth and nose in it. Ewwwwwww oh that's just disgusting! She whimpers softly while P does his thing. She doesn't even try to sense anything. She knows exactly what's going on. So she just hides... and breathes in yummy fart scented Phil.

Zero glances back over her shoulder at something. A grin plasters itself on her face as she confirms a direct hit but it falters when she looks over at Phil. She scowls at him for a few seconds then turns on her heel and marches out the door. "This place smells like old jizz. I hate it!" she cries before the door closes behind her.

Gwydion stands at the counter still, aloof and trying to seem unaffected. Long ago having adopted a policy of don't feed the trolls.

Wren nods to what Zero says and she quickly makes her way out.

Of the two of them, Phil clearly has the stronger stomach. "I like those two!" he declares, albeit only after the AC's had a chance to work for a bit. "Anyway, you got anything lined up after this or you wanna go see how the sand's holdin' up?" Hey, they live in a beach town, may as well take advantage.

Isis mmms softly. Only once she's done a couple of careful little tests does she finally slowly lift her head. She stares at Phil. "After they tried to /poison/ us?" She asks and laughs, shaking her head a bit. "Geez. You are crazy, you know that?" She asks him and grins. "I could go for a walk on the beach." She murmurs, eyes twinkling a bit. "Kinda like our first date, hmm?" She teasingly whispers.

Gwydion is standing at the counter waiting for his to go order and checking messages on his phone, frowning slightly as he pokes and taps.

The door opens with a suddenness that either suggests that it's really really light or that Wyck was suddenly very strong. A surprised look on his face would suggest that it's the former and he wanders inside to head to the counter apparently to pick up or place an order. The people gathered are given a faint nod of hello and such and then he spies Gwydion - whom he recognizes from the party the other night. "Hey..." he calls falling in line behind the man until he can place an order for three, large, pepperoni pizzas to go and one large slice for here. "Gwy...sorry - forgot your name. I just remember that it was unusually cool."

Phil has switched his and Isis's order to go by this point as well, seeing as /someone/ went and made the place a good bit less pleasant. Oh well, maybe next time. "Hey, somebody might as well have one," he chimes in, looking to-- huh. Who's this new guy?

Gwydion smiles and nods at Phil as he takes his own togo box and then grins at Wyck "Gwydion McBryde. We talked about my consulting business." Gesturing with his smartphone in his other hand he says "I'd stay and chat but I'm being summoned, lady wants her dinner."

Wyck raises his hand to dismiss himself, offering, "Say no more - I've got heathens to feed myself. Tonight was good - and everyone eats when it's a good night." Offering a fifty to pay the bill for the pizzas he waits for the cashier to make change and looks back to the man who spoke - though apparently not to him when he came in. With an eyebrow raised in question he regards the young man curiously and is then snapped from his gaze by the cashier offering him the change. "You take care now..." he bids Gwydion and pockets the money.

End Log