2014.02.28 Carnival

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Carnival 2014
Carnival fun with the Changelings.
IC Date 02.28.14.
IC Time Evening.
Players Queen Tracy, Jester Kenna, Katya, Slaine, Viv, Mimi, Caelina, Mona, Uriel, Rodrigo, Charity, Keris, GeneSimmons, Clara, Grace, Locke, Jaguar Man, Carolyn, Greyson, Thaddeus, Ambrosine, Oswald, Anabelle
Location Rhapsody and Rhapsody Freehold.
Spheres Changeling
Theme Song Carnival Time by Al Johnson

Rhapsody Club

xxxxxIt's Mardi Gras time, and the party has already started here in Prospect. There's parades going, and all the bars are packed with people out to have fun. And it's just Friday night! Kenna arrives here to Rhapsody dressed as a Jester in shades of black and green, the tight outfit showing off her form. The cap is worn, and her face is painted with a 'mask' across her eyes. Dancing with people, she seems to be seeking someone in particular... special..

<OOC> Kenna says, "Her outfit: http://tinyurl.com/kow7le6"

xxxxxTracy is waiting for someone. But that doesn't mean that she can't party her pants off in the meantime. She isn't drinking, but sometimes, you just don't need to. She's out on the floor, having far, far too much fun. She loves this. This is what she was made for - Well, and kinky bondage porn, but THAT is in the past. This is a fresh start! She's out there dancing and swaying and bobbing and weaving to the music. Anyone who comes within range is her dance partner. She has tons of beads around her neck. She's a popular girl out here on the floor

xxxxxThe Jester slips through the crowd, laughing as she spreads good cheer, and a little bit of glamour here and there in beads taken from around her neck and 'tossed' towards people. More than one person is going to wonder what exactly they were drinking! As the crowd upon the dance floor moves, she spies the dancer there who seems to be having such a great time, and with a wicked grin, the Jester heads towards Tracy. Dancing, her hips swaying with a sensual roll, she slips up near Tracy to dance with her.

xxxxxOH! Tracy's eyes absolutely light up. There are other people here with costumes, surely, but none like THAT! Tracy grins ear to ear and changes the angle of her body, moving to dance more directly with the jester. Her face is lit up with joy and freedom and happiness. Her arms are sort of up above her head, which is being tossed back and forth, making her thick, perfect hair thrash about in time with the pulsing beat.

xxxxxWith a laugh that's lost in the raging beat of the music, the Jester watches as Tracy looses herself in the pounding bass that fills the air, demanding that everyone move in time to it. Bumped by another, she ends up almost dancing against Tracy, whom gets another flash of her smile. Then, taking a necklace from about her neck as the strobe lights begin to pulse, leaving the crowd moving in stop motion moves, she leans forwards to drape it over Tracy's neck, likely yelling something about being the Queen of the night.

xxxxxOh, the strobe. That's her favorite thing. It makes everything, everyone look absolutely incredible. She lives for that stop motion moments, growing more rare on the scene with all those people having seizures. Silly people. SHe dances, leaning her head down just a little to take the beads, grinning wildly ear to ear, closing her eyes for just a moment as the base runs particularly hard for a bit

xxxxxAs soon as the beads drop over her head, th glamour will hit, and her world will change. And here of all places? Talk about your trip, man! Moving in closer again, the Jester watches, soon to start to guide Tracy off to the back where the Rath lies. "Come get a drink! You deserve it, my Queen!" Sure, things may get a little crazy, but all is good tonight, right?

xxxxx"Oh, I don't dr...." Her eyes open and she just... gawps. "Whu......." She turns, her dancing stopped for the moment as she looks... everywhere..... When she's led, though, she's too shocked to resist. Her cheeks flame brightly from the exertion, from the sudden change in her blood pressure as she takes in the world around her.

xxxxxAgain, the Jester laughs, "You wanna party? Let's go.." And through the rath poor Tracy is brought.

Rhapsody Freehold

xxxxxCarnival is a time for fun, the party spreading out from freeholds to places around the city. People are getting Enchanted, and having one hell of a trip tonight. No worries, most are drunk, and won't remember what happens anyways! Here within the Rhapsody Freehold, there's food and drink laid out on tables, and permission of the guardian dragon gained for the festivities that will come. To one side, stands a decorated chair that serves as the throne tonight, a small stool at it's side. xxxxxDressed tonight as the Jester, Kenna arrives drawing along a poor Enchanted mortal, Tracy. Just inside the rath is the waiting additions that will be presented to the mortal of crown and scepter which will be given to Tracy, "My Queen, my liege... tonight is your night. Your wish the command of your loyal subjects." And so she turns gesturing to all within the freehold, her voice lifted to announce to those that wait, "The Queen is here! Make way for the Queen of Carnival!"

xxxxxViv is here early, depsite being new to the area; the better to scope out people as they arrive, get to know the familiar faces. She's been lurking around the edges, a slender silver wraith with occasional trips to the drinks, but she steps out of the shadows as the "Queen" arrives. From behind her mask, she studies the Jester as closely as she does the chosen monarch for the evening, but as the call goes up, she lifts her glass in turn and calls out, "Long live the Queen!"

xxxxxClara steps into the party, the kin has gone above and beyond, having found a spectacular dress at the fae market. She looks about with a shy smile and brushes a hand along the shimmering rainbows she wears

xxxxxTracy is struck dumb. SHe's looking around at EVERYTHING, having to be physically led by hand or arm by Kenna into the place. She's trying to see everything. Kenna's words manage to get her attention. "I.... what..... I didn't take anything...." she says quietly to Kenna, sort of leaning aside. A few weeks ago, this would have been nothing, but she's been CLEAN.... Her hands move down to rest against her belly, briefly worried, but still struck by all the.. different... stuff. She does manage a little smile as the Long live the queen comment.

xxxxxCaelina slips in quietly, standing at the back as she looks around slowly. Her hands folded behind her back, fingers twined nervously; she sticks to the periphery of the gathering, not wading into the crowd just yet.

xxxxx"We're not." This is the kind of thing that, well, Rodrigo needs to be kept up on; as he and Mimi enter together, his arm around her waist. "And, you sort of say that like I'm supposed to have some kind of clue about what the hell it even means and you know, I don't. I just don't. Is that a person?" Holidays man, what?

xxxxxLocke has appeared once more who would miss Carnival? The Redcap is seated atop the massive form of the Drake that is ever with him. He's got a plate of food in his hands as he looks over the freehold but he doesn't say a word from where he sits cross legged atop the beast of legend. He's tossing handsized 'tidbits' into his maw now and them as he chomps them down with a gulp just watching it all from his perch.

xxxxxRodrigo about breaks down laughing at Mimi's protest. "What, you think /I/ do? It's a party, just go with whatever the fuck she says." He gestures in the direction of Tracy, then squints and gives her a fresh once-over. "Whoa! Weren't you in that one movie with Corey something?"

xxxxxClara smiles as she moves through the carnival, her very first one and the kin's eyes are wide with wonder. She gathers her rainbow skirts in one hand and slips through the crowds

xxxxxGrace arrives, fooling no one with her mask-on-a-stick (although it's a beautiful mask, all glittery and feathery) since she practically dances in on her lightly tapping hooves, wearing a variation on what she usually can be seen in, flowing skirts and breezy top, all in golds and greens. She looks around, starting with her mask in place, but as the evening progresses, she uses it less often.

xxxxx"So let's rock and roll ALL NIGHT, and party EVERY DAY!!" Gene Simmons would not miss Carnival, hell no! He has a frothy lager in the left hand and the neck of the guitar prop in the right, the beer is lifted in toast following the shouted declaration of party-time.

xxxxxKatya arrives with her mokawk braided down one side of her head. She's barefoot, with a 'jedi' robe that stops above her knees, a green and gold 'lightsaber' over one shoulder, and her Gauntlets. She has her beret on as well, so her costume isn't exactly PERFECT but screw it it's enough to mock her knighthood while being sexy really.

xxxxxAlandra strides in with an elaborate, showy, and sexy outfit. Silvery, yet colorful, opera length gloves cover her arms and her skirt, showing her body to anyone who wishes to look, is in the colors of purple and gold. The bodice portion of her dress is full of sequins that glitter in the light and golden, thigh high stockings are attached to what appears to be the lower half of a glittery body suit. She peers behind her though, seeming to be looking for her mentee, "Come along dear one" she says in Mona's direction as she may turn a few heads wearing something like this http://www.pinterest.com/pin/208150814001977900/

xxxxxDevoid of costume, Mimi's underdressed, perhaps, in her tank top and blue jean fashion. And the look that she's giving Rodrigo is..a skeptical one. She's also feeling her age. Each and every year, weighing in against her. "So...this is a thing, huh?"

xxxxxViv maneuvers her way through the crowds up to the Queen of the Carnival, and flashes Tracy a slow smile from beneath her mask. She sketches a deep, fluid bow then, long form bending neatly at the waist. "Your Majesty. If us oh-so-humble servants can do anything for you this evening..." She straightens then, and her white teeth catch at her lower lip for just a moment before her smile turns up even more in a decidedly wicked twist. "And I do mean anything, please don't hesitate to let us know?"

xxxxxThe Jester smiles, patting Tracy's arm lightly once she's placed the crown upon the mortal's head, "No worries, not at all, my dear. Hungry? Thirsty? Want to have some fun?" Such a wicked grin that the satyr has upon her lips tonight as she guides Tracy towards her Throne for the night. "Have a seat, Your Majesty... what might your first command be?" While Tracy takes the throne, the jester sets herself upon the stool at her feet, ever ready to fetch or do whatever the girl wants. As Viv steps up, offering her greeting to the night's Queen, she bows her head.

xxxxxKeris arrives fashionable late, it seems. The Eshu has clad himself in a mixture and blend of dress: A flowing robe that might be mistaken for a what samurai wore back in the day, only that it is sand colored. A darker brown robe over his shoulders, kept open, but hiding most of his arms and hands, and in style not unlike what might be found at a movie set if Jedi were involved. His head, however, is enshrouded by a mask of painted porcelain and would easily be recognized as depicting an egyptian style baboon. His rat-headed cane is at his side, though he rarely uses it to actually help him walk, as he tries to take in who is who otherwise.

xxxxxRodrigo gets a faint little blush, even as she stares at him.. and.. well.. everyone. Locke... oh, Locke gets her attention. She stares his direction, her eyes growing wider and wider SO much to see. "I .... did I take something?" This is asked of Kenna. Mimi gets a look over. Tracy squints her eyes and blinks at her a couple of times and focuses her gaze there. Normal!!! Kenna gets a half-a-glance. "Water.... please..." she squeaks quietly

xxxxxMona walks in, sporting only a bikini top and bottom, with the top /taped/ to her (her wings aren't very good at letting her use straps). However, despite this, she's Raianbow colored! Her wings, fur, everything. It's like she's dyed her fur and wings explicitly for this occassion. With a simple rainbow bandana with holes cut for her eyes around her face, she seems pretty happy. Coming in right behind Alandra, skipping and half giggling. She seems happy to be here.

xxxxxClara spots Alandra and smiles brightly, swirling lightly through the crowds her chimerical dress leaves rainbows trailing behind her as she appraoches the lovley Sidhe woman "Alandra, you look wonderful

xxxxxAlandra steps along with Mona by her side. While the two had their differences, they seem inseperable now which makes an interesting pair. Elegance meets oddness and majesty bows to charm when it comes to the pooka and sidhe. Spotting Clara she waves in her direction, "You look fantastic!" she exclaims, "Oh wow. I love the flamboyance!" she then looks to Mona and grins, "What do you think of my protege? I spent hours dying her hair."

xxxxxLocke smirks as Tracy's attention gets caught upon him and the Redcap leans forward and snaps that powerful maw in her direction before letting out a laugh and tossing an entire slice of meat between those teeth to be crunched down bone and all. His hand pats the side of the drake and Beast starts to lumber over toward where Tracy sits seems the Redcap is just going to make trouble tonight as his eyes fall upon Kenna looking her over in that motley he can't help but chuckle and offer her a nod of the head in turn.

xxxxx"It's her first time," Rodrigo stage-whispers to Mimi, by way of at least partial explanation. And-- costumes? Hell, he must've missed that part. "/All/ of it?" he pipes up, calling out to Alandra this time.

xxxxxViv laughs warmly, and sketches a bow again toward the queen. "One glass of water, coming right up." She twirls then, heading toward the drink table with a skip in her step. Locke get his own grin and a wave as she makes her way over, and moments later she's back with a crystal goblet full of ice water to present to Tracy. "Here you are, your majesty. Anything else for the time being?"

xxxxxMona admires Clara's dress, smiling. As Alandra asks for an opinion of what Mona looks like, Mona straightens up, posing for Clara. Giggling a little, she stands there with that disarming, cute and sweet look she's learned-that all Pooka should know. Deciding that it'd be best to show off her wings too, Mona stretches out her wings, letting all of the rainbow-ness of her body show.

xxxxxDeadpan, is Mimi's expression, before it cracks with the loft of a brow. This is...his element, isn't it? With a single shouldered shrug, the redhead produces a flask from her back pocket and takes a sip. It's potent and prudent and more importantly, awake enough for the liquor to actually have an effect. Probably should have invested in a bottle, instead. Alas, alas. "Yeah." Because what Rodrigo said made sense. "Sure."

xxxxxClara kisses Alandra's cheek and smiles, looking Mona over. While she and the baby pookah have had issues, its a party and the pretty young kin smiles, "Mona you look wonderful" she says honestly

xxxxxGene Simmons thrashes his head to and fro lightly as if listening to music no one else can hear, taking sips of beer in between and rocking the neck of his guitar as he makes a slow circuit of the crowd of party-goers.

xxxxxKatya stretches and looks around, she starts walking around, walking... quietly... but then it's hard to stomp around barefoot with quite the same athority as with hobnails.

xxxxxAlandra seems quite proud of her mentee and takes a moment to make sure her garb is in the proper order. Women's clothing is so complicated and when dealing with bat wings well, that doesn't make anything easier. "Now remember what I told you about respect dear one." she tells Mona, "When the queen comes by you must bow, no exceptions to that ok?"

xxxxxClara looks up and spots another face. Dropping a polite curtsey to Alandra, she heads for Keris with a smile "I'm glad you made it" she says quietly

xxxxxKeris might spy the redcap in Jedi garb and it actually makes the Eshu laugh under his mask. It seems the two managed to mutally mock each other. Still, he soon makes his way towards the 'Queen', though he patiently waits his turn after Viv. Well. Patiently. If tapping his foot and leaning on his cane can be called patiently. Spotted is he, however, despite mask! And as Clara draws closer, he tilts his babboon-maked head at her. "At least for a while. You having fun, Bleeding Heart?".

xxxxxMona nods to Alandra. "Ok." Mona hugs Alandra, or at least, she tries to. Looking up, she muses, "Thank you. I've never felt so colorful!" Mona giggles, before turning away from Alandra, and looking at the rest of those gathered

xxxxxTracy's eyes roam slowly back to Locke and she hovers there for a moment. She's maybe sort of almost starting to relax. A glance toward Mimi helps. For a minute. She takes her water and sips it.. okay.. she gulps it. Half of it. She eyes Gene Simmons for a moment and shakes her head. Okay. Not REALLY him. Just.. a mask or something. Cause.. well.. she knows the guy. SHe takes a deep breath and looks around, still blinking and trying to make the world RIGHT again. "Could I.... can I sit? I think ... " What DOES she think? That someone slipped her something. THat's what she thinks.

xxxxxLess dress, more leather, a short loincloth skirt with a fur and bone adorned belt hug at the Satyr's hips while she walks in. About her shoulders is a thick fur collar wrap, leaving over her chest nothing more than a strung together bone chest piece, with a bird skull in the center, bound around her wrists are thick fur wristlets Drawn over the Savage's head, is what looks to be a skin and skull to what was an owl bear, with her horns protruding through the eye sockets as the feather and fur falls down over her long hair. Slaine, while recognizable to most has her face painted like a skull, looking out with eyes that hold a wildness behind them. Horns and hooves shined to look almost like obsidian glass.

xxxxxThe Jester watches as people come and go, her gaze to study the costumes that people have worn tonight. When Locke approaches on the Drake's back, she grins and soon rises from her seat so she might give him a curtsey, "A good evening to you, my hungry friend.. and drake." Turning towards Tracy, she reaches out to pat her hand, "Your throne here, awaits the placing of your lovely rear upon it's surface, your majesty.." You know, the position of Jester is surely not to be one of fun on this night, right?

xxxxxClara laughs and leans up to kiss Keris's masked cheek "yes its wonderful. I've never been to a party like this before" she cant help but smile, her eyes bright and happy

xxxxxCaelina starts to edge her way into the crowd, she's not diving in but getting a little bit braver at least. She eyes all the costumes that the assorted fae frolic around in, looking down at her plain clothing with a little frown on her face. A sigh and some starch comes back in her spine, continuing on her way through those gathered.

xxxxxAlandra leans down to hug her protege but apparently beauty school classes, or at least the part when it came to dying hair, was not her forte. "I did such an amazing job with your fur I am so proud of my work." oh really? As Alandra lets the rainbow furry bat go seems like some of the colors from the dye job marks her arm, neck area, and cheek. Maybe the sidhe should just stick with other trends. :P

xxxxxLocke grins back toward Tracy when she looks him over like that his head tilting to the side as his fingers come up to idly scratch over what appears to be a bolt run through the hinge of his jaw. He looks over her from head to to before his attention turn toward Kenna with a grin, "And to you as well." With another pat Beast wanders back off to leave the Queen with a vauge rememberance of reality. Though his eyes flick out across the crowd a wave give toward Viv in turn but it's Slaine that catches his attention. A chuckle rolling from him as he looks her and that outfit over he chimes down to her, "Nice look, girl. Should keep it more often." The tease lofted to her as Beast trundles away to wait for things to settle down.

xxxxxGene Simmons turns around within the crowd just in time to catch a glimpse of Caelina venturing forth. The KISS rock dude's eyes widen and he begins to weave his way toward her.

xxxxxWith the Jester having taken care of telling Tracy just where she can sit, Viv drifts away again for the time being, to better get a feel for who else has arrived since then. She too catches sight of Slaine, and her eyes widen behind the porcelain perfection of her mask before her black-painted lips twist upward. The silver-swirled figure makes her way straight for the Savage, eyes twinkling as she comes close enough to chat. "Now /that/ is a perfect use for an owlbear if I ever saw one. My my my."

xxxxxTracy's attention is diverted to Locke once more and she blinks at him again. That bolt.... just a costume. JUST a costume. That's ALL. This is a bad trip. That's it. She'll be okay. One day at a time, right? RIght. Yes. She moves up toward her throne. It's nothing fancy. It isn't REALLY that fancy. Not really. Just... a chair. ANd she's tripping balls. And she will go to church tomorrow and confess all her sins like a good little catholic porn star should do. Yes. THat's.. exactly right. She clings to her glass of water. Wash it all away. Lots of water. She should eat too.. but her tummy was doing flip flops enough as it was.

xxxxxAs Mona glances around, she notices Slaine. Tugging on Alandra a bit, she points towards Slaine, before heading over to her. "Slaine! You look...interesting! It's too great that you're here. Do you like Alandra's work?" Mona doesn't seem to indicate /what/ she's talking about when she says 'Alandra's work'. Also, she doesn't seem to have noticed her rubbing off on Alandra.

xxxxxThe Jester looks up, spying the baboon-faced jedi, and peers at him, likely picking up on the voice from behind it, and the grin reappears. Laughing, she shakes her head, turning to Tracy, "Do you wish something to eat? Anything you want, can be found here.." Quick enough. Not taking her seat again just yet, she leans against the throne, ducking down to murmur, "You have the power tonight.. do you wish people to dance? All you must do is command it. " HEr tone suggests, /urges/, for Tracy to make her first command as Queen.

xxxxxCaelina turns to look at the KISS singer, blinking at him a couple of times. She furrows her brow, peering closely for a moment before shaking her head. "This celebration is much more...extravagant than I thought. Everyone has certainly pulled out their finest."

xxxxxKeris nods to Clara, but as Viv moves her silver-clad derriere out of the way, Keris chuckles softly, before glancing at the second recap of the day, then at the Drake, then back at Tracy. "We should pay our respects to the Queen...", he offers his arm then to Clara, to step forwards, watching the mortal. "Hail the Queen.". And then he does offer the poor confused girl a elaborate, overly fancyful bow. Once that is done, a glance is cast to the Jester, a low laugh given to her as well. "Can't wait seeing you doing flic-flacs in that....", he suggests then, perhaps giving the Queen a cue, evilly.

xxxxxClara spots the nearvous looking queen and takes Keris's arm, stepping over to Tracy. As the man greets her, Clara sinks to the floor in a respectful curtsey, rainbows sparkling out from her dress as she moves. Rising with a smile "Good Evening your Majesty"

xxxxxCommand? What? Tracy looks at Kenna for a moment and then nods. Alright. Okay.. this could be fun. "Eat.. yes.. a.... " Watch your figure.. watch your figure... oh, FUCK THIS. It's all either a dream or a bad trip anyway. Indulge. Command thy subjeccts! Finally, a smile slides over Tracy's lips and she nods to Kenna. "Something sweet. And rich... And..... " She smiles at Clara. "Hi," she says, maybe not quite so nervous, the smile spreading a little further. What does a queen command of her subjects? "A song. Someone should sing a song of praise to the queen?" Hey, this is an acting role! That's what it is! She nods. Just once. "A song for your queen."

xxxxx"It's lovely to see you again," murmurs Gene Simmons to Caelina with a smile that starts off sweet and then, as the lips grow wide, his mouth parts and out comes the tongue extending into an exaggerated waggle that is a hallmark of the rock legend. Her throws his head back with a cackle. "~I-I-I...wan-na rock and roll allll niiiight....and par-ty EV-ER-Y DAY!!~"

xxxxxSlaine smiles over to the Beast teeth shining all the whiter with her painted face, looking upward where her eyes set upon Locke, her hand lifts to run up along the bone plating making a little rattle click with her nails against it. "It is a consideration, indeed." A saucy little wink is given after the reply to only laugh and make a slow, slow turn around as Viv comes about. Her tail making that little excited flick about, "I thought it was myself. I do have to say, I like the feel. You are looking rather, mmm shiney tonight. It suits you." As Mona and Alandra come up to speak, there is a glance over the pair, smiling, "Indeed you look most colorful.. A very fine job, Lady." There is a clear turn of the Savage's head as she hears the call of song from the Queen. At some point tonight she shall have to see her.

xxxxxMimi just sort of...blended away. Into the background, into the sidelines, into...Gone.

xxxxxCaelina gives a little jump, blinking at Gene before she looks around once more. "I think...I think I'll find something to drink." Her voice a little squeaky, then she's off again, though her step is a little brisker, peeping over her shoulder to make sure she's not being followed.

xxxxxViv positively beams at Slaine, and does a slow spin, just for her. Have to show her the shiny on all sides, after all. "I'm glad you like it. It seemed...appropriate." Or entirely inappropriate, really, at any other time of year -- but that's sort of the whole point for tonight. As Mona and Alandra approach, she turns and studies the pair with obvious curiosity.

xxxxxAlandra speaks with a sense of confidence, "Oh yes, I did very good work" or is she speaking with overconfidence. Someone would have to be dumb as a rock to not notice that some of the dye from Mona's hair coloring job has gotten on her skin. While Alandra may be foolish at times, she's not a fool, "Uhm yeah" she says, "It looks, very good." she then moves her accidentally colored arms behind her back and holds a sheepish grin. Seems as if the impossible might have happened, a sidhe, looking foolish, at least a little.

xxxxxClaras fingers grip Keris's arm a little and she turns her head to him "She didnt mean me did she?

xxxxxGrace is in line to pay her respects to the Queen, mask still held in place, as she looks around at the others in the place. Some are easily recognized, others less so ... and there are those that she probably has never met at all. She offers a curtsey, the free hand spreading skirt to the side. "Greetings, your Majesty."

xxxxxThe Jester smiles, and looks about, soon to point to Caelina as the Mer walks by, "You, Lady of the Deep... the Queen wishes something to eat. Fetch her, if you will, something sweet and rich.." A smile and wink is given to the Mer before she turns back to Tracy, asking then of the Queen, "A song for you? Shall I sing, or..." She glances to Clara who is there, and is already questioning, "Do you wish a song from your subject here, Miss Clara?"

xxxxxBe careful about asking a question out loud, the answer may come from an unexpected direction. "'course she did," Rodrigo calls out to Clara, picking up some sort of giant turkey drumstick and tossing it toward her in a lazy underhand arc. "Here, take the mic!"

xxxxxGene Simmons laughs and grins at the improvisation by Rodrigo. The KISS star lifts his beer glass in salute and then drains what's left in one continuous swig and licks the foam from his black lips. Time to get into the queue and greet the queen.

xxxxxROck and roll all night and party every day. Yes. That was Tracy's motto... for a long time. Well, and fucking, but only THAT guy has said anything about that so far. That's good. She smiles at the song, still trying to relax into her new role as queen. Grace gets a polite nod, her eyes roaming briefly over the woman. "Greetings, my loyal subject." Oh! Look! She even manages a pretty fucking decent British accent, too. Okay. She can do this. This is... yes. Job of a lifetime. She'll worry about what she was slipped tomorrow. Her smile only grows at Clara's seeming discomfort. "Yes. A song from Miss Clara. About the queen's beauty and how she guides her kingdom with a firm but gentle hand." Oh, she could get INTO this.

xxxxxKatya grins as she finds herself something to eat, big square teeth crushing and tearing food, cause free food... redcap... do math.

xxxxxKeris lets go of Clara's arm as she sets herself up for being ...set up. For a moment he even steps away, but as the drumstick comes flying, a hand flashes out of that oversized robe to catch it. A slight frown is given to the Nocker -- playing with food! --, before he offers it to Clara. Good that his eyes are not easily seen under the mask. They surely could not pull off --innocent-- tonight. "Just eat it afterwards.", he offers, then rises his voice. "Shht! Hush up for a song!". Yep. Stage is set.

xxxxxCaelina turns at the call, looking to the Jester, then behind her to make sure she's the one being spoken to. "Oh...okay." Fetching food, this she can do. She turns around several times until she spots one of the tables set up with treats, then she's off to aquire a plate and something to put on it.

xxxxxClara pales beneath her wings and catches the.... drumstick/mic, swallowing hard as singing is not her skill. She looks to Keris for support, or an escape then nods and determins to do her best. Her voice isnt strong, nor trained but a sweet song comes forth as the kin tries to sing for the queen, her voice is earnest and moving though lacking in skill...
xxxxx"I'd travel the road and walk many a mile - to get to the faire I would use all my guile - I'd cross over swamps and step on crocodiles for a chance just to sing for the queen
xxxxxI'd tangle with guards just to get through the gate.. I'd cut through the line so I wouldn't be late.. and just to get close I would gamble with fate.. for a chance just to sing for the queen
xxxxxAnd I'll sing her a song that I hope she'll adore... a song or a poem and a dance cross the floor... and I pray when I finish that she'll give me just one more chance to sing for the queen, one more chance to sing for the queen"
<OOC> Clara says, "http://youtu.be/KEPjiFvP3xU"

xxxxxAlandra continues to have a sheepish grin on her face. "Yeah uhm well...colorful night." she says as she tries to wipe her arms down, but the colors on her skin don't seem to move. Apparently the dye sticks more to skin than fur. "Uhm, be good ok Mona I mean, I worked so hard on your dye job, it really looks great!" bravo for Alandra's acting skills. She's obviously stretching some parts of the truth here, "For now, I need to well, go freshen up, yeah...that's it."

xxxxxMona smiles at Slaine's reaction. She's happy with Alandra's work, do doubt. Mona offers a nod to Alandra, realizing what has happened, and giggling a little madly. Turning around, she spots Viv, with the eying of her and Alandra. Skipping over, Mona offers, "Hi We might not have seen eachother before this day today in this place of wonderful play~ I'm /not/ Mona or a newly minted fae. Nope. No sir. Or um, ma'am?" Mona offers her hand, smirking at her last line. Her voice and body filled with excitement and joy. A giant smile is painted across her face. Perhaps a little more literally than not given all of the rainbow dye. Though, despite her excitement, Mona stops to listen to Clara. It'd be rude not to, wouldn't it?

xxxxxThe Jester looks up to the Jedi for a moment, a quiet murmur given aside to him as Clara takes drumstick in hand to sing for the Queen. She reaches behind the throne, picking up a lapharp and begins to play, picking up the melody easily enough. Dexterous fingers nimbly pluck the strings, the music curling around Clara's words as she sings.

xxxxxSlaine makes her slow turn focusing her attention upon the Queen and Clara as she begins to sing. The fur and bone clad satyr crossses her arms over her chest. Slightly bobbing her head with the song, a soft hum from her to accompany it as the Jester plays.

xxxxxClara repeats the chorus once more, blushing but she smiles as the Jester plays with her then sinks into a deep curtsey before the queen as the song ends

xxxxxTracy watches as the drumstick is tossed and caught so neatly and she covers up a queenly giggle behind her hand. When Keris hushes everyone, her eyes turn to Clara and she listens. It's good. Of course, it could actually be HORRIBLE, but it sounds good enough to her. She listens intently and the smile has no where to go but up as the Jester begins to play as well. When it's all done, she applauds, grinning ear to ear and maybe a little further.

xxxxxHaving located a drink someplace as well - that, he keeps for himself - Rodrigo shoots Clara a thumbs up, then wanders over toward Viv and Mona. "Man, that's a shitload o' red. You stab somebody on your way in?" Well, true, Mona's got lots of red on... and orange, and yellow, and green and and and and.

xxxxxGene Simmons listens to the performance with a dreamy look to his black-masked eyes. Once the queen shows her approval through applause the KISS impersonator claps enthusiastically and even whistles. He's waiting now for his turn to come up to pay his respects.

xxxxxViv watches Alandra slip away before she can be introduced -- but then she's entirely distracted by Mona's stepping up instead. The tall figure in silver slowly grins the longer the introduction continues, and she lets out a laugh at the end as well. "Of course you're not. Well, Mona, or whoever you are..." She takes the offered hand, turns it, and drops into one of those deep bows of hers again -- in those hot pants, it must be quite the view for anyone standing behind her when she does that. "Why don't you call me Viv." It's quietly offered, not wanting to interrupt Clara's singing too much. When the girl finishes, and the queen signals her approval, the sidhe whistles loudly. Dignity? What's that? SHe's still grinning as she twists around to look at Rodrigo, smirking at the man. "So what if she did? A little blood never hurt anybody, did it?"

xxxxxEscape? Pfft. Nope, Keris drops Clara like a hot pota...err..drumstick and lets her stand before the queen to sing, grinning quite a bit. Evil Eshu. As the murmur of the Jester comes, his head turns briefly, but he just chuckles at the Jester, before his eyes track the Mer on the quest for fish. Err. Food, studying her as she moves about.

xxxxxClara rises with a shy smile and quickly gives the drumstick to the next singer, giving the jester a bright smile and then retreating to Keris's side, her stomach flip flopping as her fingers tremble but she is smiling

xxxxxMona claps for Clara after she completes the song. But now she's being talked to by Rodrigo, and as such, she turns to him. "Well, you know how it goes. I had to murder a few of each color to get the dyes for this. You know, some red, green, blue. All the good stuff. With my own bare hands, too!" Mona offers a nod to Viv then after, "Ok."

xxxxxTonight, it would seem that Kenna is truly enjoying the role of Jester. A nice ending for Clara's song, and she steps forwards, still with the small harp in hand. She begins to play a song, and those that might recognize it, it's a quicker version of the Irish Washerwoman. It is however, not the traditional song that accompanies the melody! Leave it to the satyr to follow up such a sweet song with one such as this!
A dragon has come to our village today.
We've asked him to leave, but he won't go away.
Now he's talked to our king and they worked out a deal.
No homes will he burn and no crops will he steal.

Now there is but one catch, we dislike it a bunch.
Twice a year he invites him a virgin to lunch.
Well, we've no other choice, so the deal we'll respect.
But we can't help but wonder and pause to reflect.

xxxxxDo virgins taste better than those who are not?
xxxxxAre they salty, or sweeter, more juicy or what?
xxxxxDo you savor them slowly? Gulp them down on the spot?
xxxxxDo virgins taste better than those who are not?

Now we'd like to be shed you, and many have tried.
But no one can get through your thick scaly hide.
We hope that some day, some brave knight will come by.
'Cause we can't wait around 'til you're too fat to fly.

Now you have such good taste in your women for sure,
They always are pretty, they always are pure.
But your notion of dining, it makes us all flinch,
For your favorite entree is barbecued wench.

Now we've found a solution, it works out so neat,
If you insist on nothing but virgins to eat.
No more will our number ever grow small,
We'll simply make sure there's no virgins at all!
OOC: First song played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HaIqixUjCk

xxxxxCaelina finds a selection of little finger pastries and treats, plating them before bringing them back over to the Queen. She curtsies a little uncertainly before offering the plate to Tracy, "Your Majesty."

xxxxxOH! The Jester's song is incredible! When Kenna starts to sing, since she's the queen and all, she motions toward Keris and someone near him. Clara again. Sure! She's being a good sport, and makes a dancing gesture, holding out one hand, palm up, flat, while the other hand points down, two fingers 'dancing' across the palm. Yes. There must be dancing too. Then she gestures to the rest of the room that they should do the same while they listen to the beautiful music.

xxxxxClara gets a brief nod of his head, before Keris takes her hand, patting the shaking fingers. "See? Was not that bad, was it?", he wonders, then glances at Tracy as the next song is sung, chuckling softly, peering at the drake nearby, then back at the Queen. Yet the Mer arrives with the food, he watcher her with curious eyes, and once the Queen took her share, he dips his baboon-clad head at her. "Good evening to you as well, Caelina.".

xxxxxClara claps along to Kenna's song, laughing at the lyrics. Then as the Queen of the night motions to she and Keris she looks to the masked man at her side and smiles "What say you sir?"

xxxxxSlaine knows this song well! Something she even chimes in her voice with, in that sultry tone to round robin it with Kenna. Yeah, the SavageSatyr has one set of pipes herself.

xxxxxTracy is entranced. Once the minions dance .. (DANCE, MINIONS!!!!!) Tracy leans back. She has something sweet to nibble upon. She does so, just watching the proceedings with wide eyes, enchanted... literally and figuratively.. with everything that's going on.

xxxxxWhen the Jester finishes with her song, she plays a little longer, soon to dance to the side. Never let it be said she doesn't give the Queen what she wants, having spied directions given to people to dance.

xxxxxWhile waiting on a chance to greet the queen Gene Simmons takes the opportunity to socialize with the satyr ahead of her in the queue. "Miss Grace, are you enjoying yourself?" the voice is teasing and playful.

xxxxxCaelina looks to Keris, tilting her head a little to one side. Settling the plate within reach of the Queen she gives her another bow and then steps back away. She mms softly shaking her head, looking a little sheepish as she admits. "I'm sorry, with everything..." Her hand waves as she asks him. "Have we met?"

xxxxxKatya finaly makes her way to go and meet the Queen. I mean you might as well introduce yourself at Carnival right?

xxxxxGrace turns, having already made her respects to the Queen, her mask dropping a little now to examine her greeter. She tilts her head thoughtfully, studying, frowning just a touch. She shakes her head slightly, as though to herself. "Well enough," she agrees, a little hesitantly, then leans in to whisper something to the ersatz Simmons.

xxxxxWhile he visibly appreciates the musical numbers as much as the next - er - creature, Rodrigo makes a show of making a face at Mona. "Man, that blue shit takes like a week to wash out." He grabs another drink and offers it to her. "So ya been here for two hundred years, huh?" Rodrigo is one-third pooka himself, he figures.

xxxxxKeris grins as Caelina asks if they met, a hand to lift to pull off the mask from his face, before setting it carefully aside. "I do not think we did, but there are not so many in these lands who would fit your description. Antar is my name...", he offers, but then gets finger-danced at by the queen, his head turning to give the Monarch a look from those almond-slanted abysall eyes that are now visible, before he grins. "But, it seems I have to entertain.", he gives the Mer a little dip of his head. "Perhaps afterwards we can speak more.". With that, he lifts his cane, sliding it into a hidden sheath under the jedi robe, the holds out his now free hand for Clara. If she takes it, the poor girl will be tugged against him rather swiftly as he begins to move them out onto the dance-space. "Don't step on my robes...", he warns, playfully.

xxxxxClara smiles warmly at Caelina, not having met the woman before then takes Keris's hand. She is tugged out into the dance space, gathering rainbow skirts into one hand as she follows the man's lead, laughing in delight

xxxxxCaelina smiles warmly at Keris and nods, "That would be very nice, it's good to meet you Antar." Glancing over her shoulder she laughs softly, stepping to the side to let him be on his way. Clara gets the same smile and a softly whispered, "It's good to see you again." as they head off.

xxxxxGene Simmons spreads his black lips wide and does the tongue waggle at Grace and lets out a gleeful cackle, then breaks into an impromptu serenade. "They call me Dr. Love... I've got the cure you're thinkin' of...And even though I'm full of sin, in the end you'll let me in..." His upper body sways back and forth as he lets himself groove on the air guitar.

xxxxxMona turns to the singing Kenna, bobbing her head and clapping with the beat. As Rodrigo makes a face and talks to her, she shrugs. "300, actually." Mona comments, giggling. She takes the drink offered, and examines it. "It'll wash right out, don't worry. You just need some good ol' fashioned dye. That'll fix it right up! See, I may or may not be naturally blue and purple. And does this drink have extra happy in it?" Mona sips the drink.

xxxxxRodrigo grins, taking a sip of his own drink. "Hope so!" A heft of the glass in silent toast, then he waves and wanders off to circulate some more. "Hey, didn't you get chopped in half?" he asks Keris, checking out the distinctive costume.

xxxxxDance, well.. What kind of satyr would ignore such things as that? While Slaine may not have a dance partner, one is not always needed for one to dance for the merriment of the Queen. The strike of her obsidian hooves to the ground are firm, as she clops out a beat slow at first, throw of her hips from side to side, a nice little blend of step dance to meet belly dance. Drawing her hand slowly across her chest while a sharp strike to the ground is made, a snap of her head in the other direction and repeat once more only mirroring the movement. Following through with hip rolls, lifts and undulations of her chest and stomach.

xxxxxOne has to wonder if Uriel has ever been 'on-time' to any kind of public activity in his life. If he has, none here has witnessed it yet. Likely some odd quirk of the Clockwork Knight's somewhat bizarre relationship to the passage of time. He's not wearing a particularly garish costume, just some hastily thrown on bits of festive party gear here and there, and as he arrives, stone cold sober, he quickly makes a beeline for the drinks tables so he can remedy that. It's Carnival after all, and there's no way in the nine hells that he'll be able to deal with that sober.

xxxxxClara is dancing in the grass with Keris, for the Queen's delight. Everytime the pretty kin spins, rainbows sparkle and fly from her dress. This being her very first Carnival she seems to be having a fabulous time

xxxxxWhile the Queen stuffs her face.. as royally as she can.. the Jester continues to play music for those gathered. While she handles her lapharp, there are chimera that appear, odd little creatures that hoot and strum, creating an accompaniment to the melody played by Kenna.

xxxxxGrace is ... stunned ... stunned and amused, in about equal measure at "Gina". She shakes her head at the impromptu performance, and well, she might have actually joined in a little at the end.

xxxxxViv glances between Mona and Rodrigo for a few moments, then wanders off herself after ending up on the outside of the conversation. Besides, she needs a refill on her drink, which gives her an excuse to wander her way back toward where Locke is. "I don't think you managed to introduce me to your better half here, before." She nods toward the drake with a grin, even as she fetches another glass of something oddly-colored and hopefully terribly alcoholic.

xxxxxCharity had good cause for being a little delayed as she and a herd of boggans, kinain and a few enchanted mortal workers scurry in carrying fresh food, drink, and looking around with dazed wonder as they prepare, well, to party.

xxxxx"Oooooh, they call me Dr. Love..." Gene Simmons waggles his eyebows and leans in toward Grace threatening to lick her cheek with that long flapping tongue - but stops short of actually trying. "I am your doctor of love (calling Dr. Love).... I've got the cure you're thinking of...." Gene - Gina - Simmons swivels her torso back and forth, seemingly inviting Grace to dance with him/her while still rocking out on the air guitar.

xxxxxMona stretches, and looks back out amongst the crowd, until her eyes rest on Charity. She smiles, and decides to head in that direction! Mona, being festively rainbow colored, smiles at Charity. With a drink in hand of she-doesn't-even-know-what, she offers, "Hi there!" She's obviously excited to see her.

xxxxxCaelina goes back to wandering after Keris and Clara hit the dance floor, eyeballing a few of the more unusual costumes in passing. Returning to one of the treat tables she picks up a couple of the bite sized snacks for herself, though she does look over and check on the Queen's plate before popping them in her mouth. Closing her eyes she sighs in bliss, then starts to move on down the tables, looking at what else there is available.

xxxxxA few rounds and rounds they go, Keris and Clara. And yet, after a few good minutes of dancing with the kin in rather classical style -- so contrary to the bone-satyr, ironically -- Keris leans in to Clara to whisper to her, conspiratively. And then a few more rounds bring them closer to Rodrigo and the departing Viv. Clara's hand is then lifted to be placed on Rodrigo's arm, before Keris takes another half circle step to try to catch Viv's hand to pull her into the dance, assuming obviously that Clara will do the same with the poor accosted Nocker.

xxxxxDance? You don't have to invite Grace twice! She falls into the flow and rhythm of the song, embellishing with waves of her mask.

xxxxxClara laughs warmly and tips her head to keris's whisper then smiles and as she is given to Rodrigo, she seeks to draw him into the circle "We must dance sir the queen decrees it"

xxxxxLooks like that drink is going to have to wait. Before Viv can actually reach the table, or get that introduction she was trying to squeeze out of Locke, she's suddenly caught up in a dance. She turns to stare at Keris for a moment as he grabs her hand, then laughs and slips into rhythm easily. "Well, hello to you to. If her Majesty decrees, her majesty must be obeyed, huh?"

xxxxxRodrigo eyes Keris, eyes Clara. Eyes Tracy, whose mouth is visibly full of-- looks like some sort of pastry. "She did, huh?" All right, dancing it is, then! Let's see, he saw some basic jitterbug moves on a TV show once...

xxxxxCharity gets just enough time for a wave to Mona, eyes widening at the 'new look' and a quick 'Congrats' as she sets down a huge assortment of more appetizers, and her own Carnival Brew, a stronger than average mead, just for the occasion. And then, upon royal command, she breaks into a wide smile as she joins the dancers, kicking up a decent boggan jig.

xxxxxChocolate cake. With a thick, rich frosting on top, whipped cream in the middle. THAT is what Tracy is eating, still watching all the merriment.

xxxxxMona smiles back at Charity. And noticing all of the dancing, Mona decides to join in! Though, replace 'dancing' with 'flailing her body in rhythm'. It's pretty clear that Mona doesn't really know how to dance, but she's trying!

xxxxxThe Gene Simmons act had its share of lewdness in its day and tonight's KISS rock star fully embraces the part. "They call me...Dr. Love..." During the extended repeat of the chorus that marks the current tune he stands with his legs wide apart and sliiiides into a nice series of hip gyrations. He doesn't attempt to actually touch Grace at any point, and his gaze is marked by laughter and mirth and an oh-so-shiny twinkle in the eyes.

xxxxxFrom one song to another, the music continues. This one seems more zydeco than others. It's Carnival Time, an old song that can often be heard ringing out during Mardi Gras down in New Orleans. The Jester sings this time, grinning as she dances near the Queen's throne.

<OOC> Kenna supplies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccu2_MRMF5Y&list=PLDF98CE530C4C8B8A

xxxxxClara laughs and will do her best to keep up with Rodrigo, skirts swishing and swirling as the young kin dances her heart out at the party of the season!

xxxxxUriel grabs a drink, and downs it. Then another. And a third.. well, that one's sipped at, but he does have some catching up to do, after all. Grabbing a snack or two with his clockwork hand, he looks about, clearly huting for someone- ah, and there she is. He starts making his way through the crowd towards Caelina. ".. evening, beloved. Sorry I'm late.", he calls to the lovely Mer.

xxxxxKeris grins as Viv does not resist, and after a moment of adjusting to a new partner, the circling continues, even if the tempo picks up and so the circles get a lot smaller and swifter, before he puts a bit more distance between himself and Viv so they can exchange a few words. "Hello back at you.", he grins. "The Queen commands, and after that song earlier, how could I not swoop in to save you from the dragon?". Cue blinking fake-innocent eyes.

xxxxxCaelina turns around when Uriel comes up, grinning as she closes the rest of the distance to throw her arms around his neck. Careful of his drink at least as she peppers his cheek with kisses. "But always fashionably so." Teasing before she cuddles up against his chest, "This is quite the unusual celebration."

xxxxxAs the the music shifts to more appropriately fit the night, Slaine's steps shift to more of those for swing. Even with a partner puts on quite a show, with a true beat of soul to her movements. Her hands waving, clapping around, true reveling that might even bring one to think they are at a revival, and less mosh pit.

xxxxxViv may not be the world's best dancer -- she's not winning any contests -- but she's enough training, and enough natural grace, that she's keeping up admirably wtith Keris even as he turns them into faster and faster spins. She's still grinning when they slow down enough again for conversation. "Oh, well, is /that/ why you grabbed me? Now I do feel honored. Though I'm not /quite/ sure I'm desired dining fare for our draconic friends. I'm Viv, by the way."

xxxxxIt says much of their relationship that Caelina can still make Uriel blush rather easily, and the enthusiastic hug and the kisses to his cheek have just that effect. He smiles warmly at her, and offers one of his snacks to her lips. "It's.. Carnival.", he replies to her, laughing and looking around at the dancing. He smiles appreciatively at the dancers, both the skilled ones and the less skilled but no less enthusiastic ones. "Give me another drink or two and I might just drag you out there to dance, by the way. Fair warning. It does seem to be the Queen's decree, after all."

xxxxxGrace is pretty good at the non-contact dirty dancing, given that there's a conflict of musical styles at the moment. As the song ends, she offers a curtsey, and turns aside to find a drink. Yeah, she needs one.

xxxxxA twirl and a spin and a ducking under clasped hands and arms swung overhead-- and then, oh dear, Rodrigo catches sight of poor Slaine, over there all by her lonesome. "C'mon," he says to Clara, tugging at her hand and leading over that way.

xxxxxClara squeaks a bit as she is spun but she's game and lively and keeps up pretty well. Gasping for breath she chuckles and goes along with Rodrigo, tugged over to Slaine!

xxxxxCaelina laughs, slipping around Uriel to claim a glass for herself she winks at him. "If a couple more drinks get a dance out of you, what will a couple more after that?" She selects something bubbly and pink, drinking it at a more sedate pace than her Sidhe.

xxxxxGene Simmons bows with a flourish to Grace in response to her curtsey, then lets out a loud hoot. "Rock and roll all night, hell yes!" he says, rather than sings. He gives a satisfied sigh and begins to wander through the crowd.

xxxxxKeris grins wider. "Truth be told? It was mere coincidence.", he answers Viv, but from the look on his face, it does not seem like the Eshu considers that a lesser honor at all, if more so, it being more meaningful. "I am called Antar. As for /desired/ culinary treat: Every year and a day anew, is that not how it goes?". Fake innocent blinking again, before he grins. He is not on par a dancer as perhaps the satyrs are in this freehold. But then, who ever is! But natural grace and a feel for movement the Eshu has. Still, he soon takes her for another swifter spin, before she is delivered, after all, to Locke and the Drake. "but if you are quite certain you are save, then for now I shall relinquish my rescuing.". A wink is given then.

xxxxxKatya grins and greets the Queen when it's her turn. "Hiya your Majesty." she says with a wide grin full of strong square teeth. She's dressed as a Jedi just this side of slutty. A green and gold 'light saber' over one shoulder, a small trickle of blood running down from her redberet.

xxxxxMona seems to remember something or some such. And soon, she disappears into the crowd, away. Maybe she went looking for something or someone?

xxxxxIt is easy for Slaine to get lost in the music, and dance. Taking it all serious that the queen commands, the dance must go on and on right?! With a forward shimmy and shake up, she lifts her head just as Rodrigo and Clara dance their way over. A smile upon her skull painted face, skin glistening from her efforts to perform and please the Queen.

xxxxxViv laughs a warm, throaty laugh. "If that is how it goes, no one ever told me. But I'll take it, and the possible dangers implied." She twirls out as she's delivered to her original destination, but turns and offers a deep bow, folding so low her silver-sparkled hair nearly brushes the floor. "It was, in any case, a pleasure, Antar. I'm sure we'll see each other again."\

xxxxxTracy has just finished her incredible cake. It's the best cake EVER.. unfortunately, she won't remember how incredible it was. Sad face. Maybe that's the one thing that she WILL take away from it. When Katya comes up to greet her, those eyes go wide again and she makes a tiny little seated curtsy. "Hiya," she says, her voice a little squeaky. She clears her throat and looks over to the Jester again. "Jester!" she calls. "Do you juggle?"

xxxxxUriel chuckles at Caelina. "I'd make a comment about you not needing alcohol to get me to do things, but then again I'm pretty sure the reason we're together today has as much to do with a certain bottle of sake as it does anything else."

xxxxxClara bounces over to Slaine, chimerical rainbows trailing behind her dress as she leans up and kisses Slaine's painted cheek "This is amazing!" she calls over the noise

xxxxxRodrigo gives Clara's hand one more squeeze, then scoots over to the other side of Slaine, whispering in her ear for a moment.

xxxxxCharity goes up to make her curtsey to the current Royalty.

xxxxxKatya laughs brightly "It's a pleasure." says the cap, and curtseys to the queen. It's a panty flash, and a curtsy is something she wouldn't even give a Sidhe queen. She grins wider at Tracy the cap is having a lovely time it seems

xxxxxTracy has, of course, greeted everyone that's come her way, of course.

xxxxxThe familiar face of Uriel is spotted and Gene Simmons directs his slow limp that way. "Sir Uriel! Happy Carnival! Merry Carnival! Congratulations!" The KISS rock star pauses and then adds, "All of it!"

xxxxxCaelina laughs softly, sliding an arm around Uriel's waist so she can lean up against his side. As Gene approaches Caelina gives him a very wary look, leaning to whisper in Uriel's ear with a soft frown.

xxxxxWhen the Queen calls for her Jester, Kenna sets her lapharp aside out of the way, the chimera keeping up with the music as the song fades to another. Approaching the throne, she bows, only to blink at the commands, "I.. can try?" Oh, this might be fun for the satyr to attempt! There are no balls present, but there are some little cake balls on the table. They may have to do. Now, let's see if she can manage this or not!

xxxxxEver see a creepy smile pull across the mouth of a skull, well, that smile, downright impish pulls at whispered words by Rodrigo. The kiss to Slaine's cheek by Clara is smiled at, but, well.. The satyr maybe feeling a touch saucy after pausing from her dance. Reaches out to Clara's cheek and leans in to full on kiss the kinain's lips, that is provided she doesn't pull away!

xxxxxAaaannddd... the Jester manages to do it! It's not pretty, but those cake balls are being juggled!

xxxxxThe offered bow makes Keris clasp his hands in front of his chest, though they disappear underneath the wide sleeves and he gives her one in return: Not nearly as deep, and with eyes keeping her in his vision: More a warrior's bow than a dancer's surely, but he nods. "I am sure we will. And a pleasure it was. Enjoy your evening.", he offers, a glance given to Locke and the drake, before he moves off. Hey, no victi..err.. dance partners here left! Towards the Queen he strides then, and once Katya has given her respects, he offers her a bow again. "My queen, what Jester is this that does not offer amusment to your court without some acrobatics? Surely one as her will...be able to spin and cartwheel?", he suggests, lips curved upwards impishly, upping the difficulty apparently. Charity oohs with the rest, even more impressed with every sip of her own brew she takes. Luckily, she's pretty merry when she's tipsy.

xxxxx"Good.. " Tracy giggles at the Jester's hesitation. Her eyes roam to the cake balls and then back to Kenna and her smile grows wider and she nods her happy agreement. While she's juggling, Tracy leans forward just a little bit. "While tap dancing." Oh... now she's getting a bit wicked. "Oh..." But then Keris is making suggestions. The juggling gets applause and she giggles again. "Acrobatics! Yes! If I can do it in heels, you can do it with hooves, mine Jester."

xxxxxUriel blinks as he's approached by 'Gene', and it takes him a moment to figure out who's behind all the facepaint and costuming.. though the limp is a good clue. And then Caelina's leaning up to whisper, and he can't help but laugh. "... the latter, I suspect, is true, though the former less likely, love.", he tells her, then grins at 'Gene'. "And same to you! Enjoying the festivities, I see?", he asks, while giving Caelina a reassuring squeeze.

xxxxxClara squeaks as she is kissed by a /girl/ and blushes to the roots of her hair but she laughs and ducks away afterwards, her feathered wings pulling forward to shield her face playfully Oswald has arrived.

xxxxx"Rock and roll all night, and party every day!" Gene Simmons flashes Uriel a grin, lets her tongue hang out, throws his head back and laughs from deep within the belly. "It's wonderful to see your lovely lady," a nod and warm smile is offered Caelina, "but I'm not sure she recognized me."

xxxxxCaelina squints and looks back and forth between the Gene and Uriel, not entirely convinced. Hmmming she takes a step forward, nodding once as she warns without any malice. "I will be watching you." Then up comes the pink bubbly drink and she starts to drain it quickly.

xxxxxJoining the party is a tall lithe figure that is draped in diaphonous pale materials all knotted together intricately with the most perfect chair to shoe off the elegant deerlike form of the delicate Sidhe they hide from view. They whisper around and hint at the shadow behind them but always with a sense of modest dignity. Long elegant arms have been given the faint outlinings of an elegant cervidae makings against marble pale skin in the faintest shades of dove grey and silver. Long thick hair has been brushed into lusterous billowing osftness that trails nearly to the figure's ankles with little bones, flowers and jewels braided in here and there. From the top of the figure's head two petite but delicate antlers sprout from the Hart's hair and the careful lovely masking paint job has made Amber's already hauntedly lovely face into the mask of a hunted beast. Around her throat hand hanging in the center of her chest is a large opalescent heart pendant.

xxxxxRodrigo wolf-whistles at Clara's back as she takes off, shaking his head afterward and leaning over toward Slaine. "Some people just don't appreciate what ya got to offer."

xxxxxTapdancing? This the Jester can do! Without taps even! Kenna begins to shuffle-slide-step until Keris arrives and greets the Queen. Oh, the look that the Jester shoots at Keris promises such retribution later for him and his suggestions! It's a promise that he can be certain will play out at some point! So, first, one cake ball is tossed his way, the other two are set aside, her hands dusted off. "Acrobatics, hmm?" She asks of the Queen before she prepares herself for performing a bit of cartwheel flip. Maybe it was leftover stickiness-grease from the cake balls she was juggling? But somehow, the flip starts off just fine, but one hand goes off one direction, she wobbles, and ends up falling over, landing on her ass with a loud grunt. That is going to bruise!

xxxxxSlaine watches Clara as she hides her face after that kiss placed upon the poor kinain. Purring out after, "I tasted the rainbow, and it was as I imagined.." She laughs then nods to Rodgrigo, "It can be a common curse."

xxxxx"It's an excellent costume. I feel shamed I wasn't able to throw anything together myself. But you? Well. Impressive.", Uriel replies to Yarden/Gene/Gina, chuckling, and grins as Caelina gives that warning. He takes a swig of his own drink, and then squeezes the Mer's hand. "Come, we should pay our respects to the Queen!", he says, glancing over in that direction- just in time to catch Kenna falling on her ass. He blinks. Must.. not.. laugh.. oh, fuck it. "... Bwahaha!" Blame the alcohol. Please.

xxxxxOswald comes lumbering down the path looking at all the festive goings on and chuckling deeply as he carries a full cask on his shoulder, proportionally to him still a decent sized keg. By way of a costume for the festivities Oswald has acquired a viking helm and furs straight out of the tales. Heading over to the 'Queen' Oswald reaches up to slap the end of barrel and call out "Mead for tribute to the throne."

xxxxxClara cant stop blushing but she laughs and rolls her eyes at Slaine's pun "ok at least buy me a drink"

xxxxxSurely she brought onto herself what happens next. Donning his baboon mask, only to have to dodge cake balls! Food! Wasted. And while the Satyr skids on the grease, there is some sparkly glamour from the Eshu, a hand moved forwards, almost tai-chi like in the direction of the satyr and ooops. there she goes. Okay, thankfully under the mask he does not have to look innocent. And is he snickering?

xxxxxGene Simmons looks at Caelina as if a foreign language had just been spoken to her. "Merry Christmas-Happy Valentine'sDay-Easter-Carnival-St. Patrick's Day-Beltaine to you too!" He waggles his fingers at the pair as Uriel leads Caelina to go pay respects to the Carnvial queen. "Bye!"

xxxxxSlaine does happen to catch a little bit of the performance or flub off, and the mishap, but her hand lifts to her lips, making her own wolf whistle to the Jester. Shouting out to the Jester, "That deserves a bone, not beads!" Clearly considering plucking one off of her from someplace with a grin to Kenna. Reaching over to Clara's waist pulling her closer, and then to Rodrigo, tugging him over as well, to her other side. "May our glasses be full then, and the wine ever flowing." Merry indeed is her tone.

xxxxxCaelina blinks at Gene, tilting her head to one side. "Yes...of course. Thank you, you're welcome, goodbye." is returned as Uriel starts to lead her off towards the Queen. She shakes her head, tilting her drink back to finish it off, snagging another from a tray in passing as they approach the throne.

xxxxxTracy, the queen upon her throne, giggles as the Jester starts her tap dancing.. and then the flip.. and then tumble. She blinks and jumps to her feet. "OH!!" Poor Tracy. She's a CARING queen, afterall. "OH! Someone help her!" But then there's a ten foot frost troll addressing her and she sits back down, blinking up at him all anew. Poor girl. This is one HELL of a trip. Hopefully, she doesn't wake up tomorrow with a needle in her arm and a beer bottle in ... well.. nevermind. Just go with the flow. Not a role.. a movie. This is a movie. Greatly improvised. That's ALL. IMprov theater. And the costumes... they just LOOK more real because she's trippin'. That's all. "Mead...." Yes.... Tracy isn't adding booze to the pill(s) on top so she just nods, beaming brightly. "I have heard sometimes, of evil trolls trying to poison their queen for some nefarious purpose. YOU should take the first drink, then pass it out to the court." She picks up her glass.. or.. another one. More appropriate, and holds it out for him to pour.

xxxxxAmbrosine lingers by herself at the outskirts of the celebration for a moment before she winds a little deeper in. She has a shadow but for today he is out of the way. The Hart wanders over towards the refreshments taking each step and quietly and carefully as the creature she's dressed as.

xxxxxRodrigo is tugged! Oh well, sharing Slaine was his idea in the first place, he's hardly in a position to complain about it now. "Might have to wait till she gets home for that," he suggests, before draining the rest of his glass and casting about for a fresh one.

xxxxxClara laughs, still blushing furiously as she is tugged to Slaine's side but the pretty kin doesnt resist and seems to be having the time of her life

xxxxxCharity has to fight to avoid tending the table, filling drinks, making sure the food is fine. Sure, she's here, and yes, she's supposed to be a GUEST. Oh well, she parties the way she parties... WEll, a new order's been given, even if it was one immediately distracted from. Viv quickly makes her way forward then, offering both hands to Kenna with a small smile. "Here, let me help you up. A better job with the balls than I could have done, given circumstances, I think."

xxxxxKenna half lays there for a moment, her poor ass hurting now. She looks to the Eshu nearby, staring at Keris for a moment before Slaine's whistle and call gains her attention, and the smile is back upon her face. Finding herself offered help up to her hooves by Viv, she thanks the Sidhe, accepting. Hands placed in hers, she's soon up to her hooves again, a hand to dust her rear off a little before thanks are given, "Thank you, my fair Lady. I was just glad they didn't fall down my top.." At least the cake balls would have been held in a nice place! Yet, the laughter from aside has the redhead satyr turning, gaze to find the clockwork Sidhe, "Oh, you think it funny? Let's see you try a flip yourself.. Or maybe we should have the lovely Knight recite some poetry to our QUeen of Carnival?"

xxxxxOswald stands ups so very straight and ever so tall before setting the cask down and giving it a sharp rap to breach it with his bare hands and lifting the top off and hucking it off into the far distance like a frisbee, wordlessly commiting the many dozens of gallons of booze to the party. He accepts the large mug from the 'Queen' and dips it right in and salutes her majesty with it, and a loud "SKOL!" before draining the whole thing in one long swallow.

xxxxxUriel smiles at Caelina, noting that she still seems uncomfortable with Yarden's costume, and he gives the Mer another quick squeeze. "Naught to worry about, love.", he assures her, then soon enough falls in line to go present himself to the Queen. He leans in to whisper to Caelina. "... for Carnival, the Queen or King's word is law." Noting Kenna's words to him, he just gives the Jester a big grin. "Funny's not quite the word. Hilarious, though, does come to mind!", he calls back, then sticks out his tongue in a display of Sidhe grace. Or something.

xxxxxThaddeus clops into the area with a Chimerical creature on his shoulder and layers of beads of all sizes on his shoulders. The creature has the body of a hare, the feet and tail of a racoon, and the wings of a hawk. It's also wearing little piloting goggles. Thad's dressed in his normal attire save the beads... oh and his old steel torc seems to have been upgraded to a bronze one. That's pretty right? He slows to a stop. "What. The. Hell?" He whispers, quite surprised by it all, his little friend just laughing and drinking from a little copper cup.

xxxxxGene Simmons approaches Oswald with a (much smaller) tankard in hand. "Hello," he declares cheerfully, hoping to get the troll's attention. "Mind if I share a drink with you?"

xxxxxViv smiles brightly as she helps tug Kenna up, giving her hands a quick squeeze before letting them go once the satyr's righted herself once again. "Just as long as you're not too bruised and battered by the fall. If so, I'm sure we can find some ice, or someone to kiss things and make them better as need be..." She flashes a quick grin, then turns around to study Uriel as well. "Really, don't you think they should be limericks, if Her Majest is going to ask him to perform?"

xxxxxDrinks! Yes. Drinks to be everflowing! As Slaine guides herself, Clara and Rodrigo towards the table for a drink. She pauses taking notice of the line once more near the Monarch of the evening. Looking to them both, "At some point in time, I should offer my own greetings to the Queen. Have either of you been, or would care a second round?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder, she notices Amber, "Lady Amethyst!" She shouts, "Come, join us!" Reaching out for her from behind Clara.

xxxxxCaelina gives Uriel an odd look, "Isn't it always law?" hmming at him she shakes her head, looking over her shoulder at the tush-wounded Kenna. The arm around his tightens and she leans against his side, then looks back to the throne and the lady there.

xxxxxClara hasnt had a drop to drink but seems a little giddy as the party goes on around her. "Yes thank you" she accepts the offer of a drink finally

xxxxxWith his share of accidents being caused by him. Keris seems content to slip away from the daggers the Jester stares at him, dipping his head at her. A step is taken, another, and hs seeks to slip behind the throne and to the side, out of sight of the queen for now. Hey, apparently the party goers have gotten in the spirit of getting each other in trouble with the Qheen's decrees after all. time to be less visible! Ahem.

xxxxxOswald nods enthusiastically as he takes Gene's tankard and dips it full, passing it back still dripping and sticky as he refills his own troll sized stein. "Please! Make much merriment, it is Carnivale and I still remember your first album, it brought me much joy in a time I needed it."

xxxxxAmber has been idly picking up a few pieces of food and eyeing them oddly before putting them in her mouth. Each is given the same curious once over. Her name is called and she looks up and the Hind smiles and lifts a hand towards Slaine, Clara and the others.

xxxxxJaguar-Man pads onto the scene on bare feet, moving with a boneless efficiency that makes his muscles slide and ripple, lending him a cat-like grace. He pauses near the entrance and lifts his head to survey the scene.

xxxxx"Yes, always.", Uriel agrees to Caelina, then points a clockwork finger to Tracy, then leaning in to whisper to the Mer. He glances back at Kenna and Viv, and chuckles, shaking his head. "I wonder what sins the art of poetry has commited upon you both, that you'd wish such a dire fate upon it as my attempts at commiting acts of verse. For shame!"

xxxxxTracy grins. This is great. This is.. it's just incredible is what it is. She nods to Oswald as he does as she bids, then turns her wide-eyed gaze to Uriel. "What do YOU do now? Limericks? Do you know any GOOD limericks? Something that's more than 'There once was a girl from Nantucket'?" SHe squirms a little in her seat, leaning forward and sshe reaches up to touch her... wait.. Where's her crown? "Where's my crown?"

xxxxxGene Simmons' face lights up with a grin to illuminate the dark side of the moon. He takes the dripping tankard and lifts it high in toast to Oswald. "Beer! Beer! Beer! We students do adore you, Beer! Beer! Beer! We love to see you foam!"

xxxxxGrace has been quietly sampling the drink at the refreshment table, and she seems to be talking to herself. Remonstrating, perhaps? She lifts her cup to her lips, and looking up, spots (no pun intended) the Jaguar Man. She lets her lips curl into a smile, and she sets the cup aside, before making her way in that direction, her mask-on-a-stick being waved at him.

xxxxxCharity is swaying to the music, by the refreshment table. She has a mug of mead, taking frequent sips, as extra rosy cheeks would suggest.

xxxxxThanking Viv with a quick kiss, the satyr dances off back towards the Throne, her gaze looking around. Waaait.. where did that Eshu get off too? Hrm. So, instead, the Jester snorts at Uriel. "It'll be your turn.. just wait." And then, she's there at the Queen's side, reaching down to pick up the crown that had slid off the mortal's head when she looked up, up , up at Oswald. "Here it is, your Majesty.." And so it's place back upon her head.

xxxxxClara lifts her lovely arm and waves back Amber with a grin

xxxxxCaelina bends her head, nodding as she listens to Uriel, a little more understanding crossing her face. As they near the Queen she sinks into another bow, "I hope your majesty enjoyed the desserts." then looks to Uriel with a raised eyebrow as she straightens slowly back up, trying not to smile.

xxxxxSlaine's hand lifts up to offer a blown kiss towards Amber, then smile to Clara as she accepts the drink. Looking at her a moment, then over to Rodrigo, "I see the evening is going as you planned.. Have you met with the Queen yet?" She asks him quitely.

xxxxxViv beams at that kiss, turning to watch the Jester head back toward the throne -- possibly as much out of curiosity as to enjoy the view, as it were. She grins in quick triumph then as Tracy takes up the call for a limerick, but then when she's at least briefly distracted by her lack of crown, she laughs and blows a kiss toward Uriel. "You may be lucky this time." With that, she decides she truly does need a drink, and so wanders in the direction of the refreshments -- and Charity, blue eyes studying the woman curiously from behind her mask as she crosses the room.

xxxxxOswald grins and salutes back at Gene before taking a healthy swallow from his own mug and he turns to start beckoning others over to the giant's giant barrel "Mead for all, chilled to perfection and sweet as a new spring morning."

xxxxxAmber smiles at Clara as well but she turns ehr head and she smiles towards Slaine and then steps back a little and murmurs, "Have a good carnival." The tall young woman turns to flee for the exit.

xxxxxClara sips her drink and sways to the music, enjoying the throng of fae then she blinks as Amber runs away

xxxxxRodrigo squints curiously at Slaine. Planned? He didn't plan anything tonight, he just /does/ things. "Nah, not yet. Wanna head over? Man, Red pulled in a live one /this/ time..."

xxxxxCharity walks on over toward the mead barrel bigger'n her. She stares at it, "My, now that is a thing of beauty." she grins at Oswald. "And might even be enough for the Carnival. Mind if I try a drop?"

xxxxx"Why hello Charity!" Gene Simmons greets the boggan when she comes up. The KISS bass guitarist lifts his tankard of mead and grins wide before drinking deeply and smacking his lips. "Happy Carnival!"

xxxxxThe Eshu uses the crowd to hide! Or something. Or just one piece of the bits of wall from the ruined keep to evade the satyr for now. Oh, he knows he is save from retribution thanks to the rules of Carnival, but he knows she would try to get him into trouble with the Queen and he will frustrate her more if he is sparse now. Ahem. By the way, it allows him to cricle around and see who else arrived. The Boggan girl, for example. And where did the Redcaps end up?

xxxxxUriel winks at Caelina, then turns to give the Queen (and her Jester) a deep bow. "My Queen. Though I fear my skills at poetry would bring you naught but shame, if 'tis truly your wish, then I shall compose a small limerick or two, in your honor." He pauses a second to compose his thoughts.. and finish off his drink. Because limericks, as all great writers know, are fueled by alcohol. "Ahem. Let's see.. Ah, yes. This one's a classic:
The satyr they call Liazaelyn
You must keep her in close quarantine
Or she sneaks to the slums
And promptly becomes
Disorderly, drunk, and obscene."

xxxxxLong, limber strides carry the Jaguar-Man over to Grace's vicinity. He pulls her against him and kisses her fully on the lips without preamble. It last for a while and is definitely not a PG kiss. He brings his head back a bit, grins at her, and says, "Have you seen my girlfriend, I seem to have misplaced her."

xxxxxOswald looks between Charity and the barrel and grins "You may have as much as you can stand, either in your mug or head first and I promise not to drop you in." Then the big troll takes another swig of his mug and is refilling it when he hears Uriel's limerick and busts up laughing, a big rolling belly laugh that peals out like cheerful thunder.

xxxxxClara murmers to Slaine then nods and tries not to let Amber's quick departure bother her. Sipping her drink she then has to grin at Grace and the man kissing her "looks like they're having fun" she chuckles "Do you think our Queen will remember any of this?"

xxxxxThad/Tarbh stands there watching all the revelers in some sort of stunned state. Sure he enjoys a party, but he's still fairly reserved for a Satyr, and is almost never seen in the dreaming. His companion flies off when his mug is emptied, first lowering his goggles for safety and then flapping his hawkwings to go find something to put in his little cup. Thad moves then at least, clopping closer, trying to see and hear and figure out just what sort of party this is...

xxxxxThe Jester grins, leaning down to murmur to Tracy, "The Knight there should pay his respects in limericks.. yep..." And then she's offering Uriel the sweetest of smiles, only to stare at the man as he rolls out a limerick worthy of a trophy. "Well, my clockwork Knight.. it seems you have hidden talent.. another, please!" And she urges people to ask him for another! She does step back, looking about, then then says, "I have forgotten the Queen's tankard.." Who cares if Tracy already has a drink!

xxxxxSlaine tilts her head as Clara speaks in whispered tones, turning to murmur back a response, then a wicked grin as she nips the poor kinain on the ear as her eyes seek out a face in the shadows. Turning once more to look to Rodrigo, "Then by all means, lead on sweet cheeks." Falling silent as Uriel spouts his limerick, another cheer and whistle. "More more more!" Her hand throws up in a fist as she chants out. Shaking her head to Clara on the last as she looks on to Grace, curiously.

xxxxxCaelina covers her mouth with one hand, laughing brightly as Uriel pulls that one out so quickly. She's smiling warmly at him, then looks over at the Jester as she calls him 'my knight'. The smile fades out and her arm around his tightens, the Mer moving closer to his side to look up at the Sidhe.

xxxxxStepping through the rath from the club, Anabelle arrives wearing an elegant purple flapper dress and a feathered headband. The outfit actually suits the petite boggan kinain to a T. With a ready dimpled smile, she joins in the festivities, looking about before heading towards the nearby tables to look over the offered food and drinks.

xxxxx"You show us everything you've got," Gene Simmons waggles his tongue at Charity and laughs. "You keep on dancing and the room gets hot.... You drive us wild, we'll drive you craaaa-zy." The KISS star sways his hips back and forth in time to whatever music is currently being played. "Would you like to dance?"

xxxxxJaguar-Man looks Grace over, considers. "She's got quite the imagination," he replies with a grin. "A great dancer as well," he adds, nodding towards the dance floor as a suggestion.

xxxxxOh! There's her crown. Tracy is starting to get all overwhelmed by all the attention. She isn't quite used to such.. positive... attention. Not at all. So she sort of just flops back into her seat for a bit, offering her glass to someone.. whoever's nearby, and murmuring "Water, please."

xxxxxCharity fills a mug, takes a quick drink and a nod to Oswald, impressed...going to have to see aobut a recipe later. Then she waggles her brows...and there's a LOT of brows involved, "I'll take my leaf..lea..going to go dancing!" taking Gene up on the offer.

xxxxxConvenient, then, that Viv is still by the refreshment table, having decided to stick around and polish a glass off before heading anywhere -- the easier to grab a second to follow soon after, while watching the ebb and flow of people and trying to decide where to dive in next. She's just nearly finished with that first glance as she catches sight of Anabelle's arrival, and a slow grin tugs up her black-painted lips. "I'd offer to do the Charleston, but I'm not even sure that's the right period for that outfit -- much less that I could pull off the dance."

xxxxxRodrigo is nearby, by that point, Slaine evidently in tow. "Here's some water!" he says to the Queen, handing her a glass that at least looks like the right /color/ to be water. Who knows what it really is, though.

xxxxxAs Kenna is successfully dodged, Keris appears to make his way to the tables with the food as well. He did not even manage to grab a single ale or bite, despite getting food - tossed! - at him twice! Pulling his mask off his face again, the Eshu seems quite content with not having anyone to twirl or entertain right now. Yep. Just listening to passing by conversation.

xxxxxKatya eats and drinks, and gazes upon the Queen and the rest of the party. Yup Redcap here you go, much the food, quaff the booze, and stay quiet enough not to get kicked out. Party on.

xxxxxMusic continues to play, provided by the odd little chimera who's chirps, thrums, and clucks create quite the music. It is a strange mix of music, from folksongs to rock to even the occasional waltz. They take requests, so all one has to do is ask them to play something, and it's a done deal!

xxxxxClara joins Rodrigo and Slaine as the man gets the queen a drink. The pretty brunette flexes her shoulders to make the wings splay playfully and smiles "Are you having fun your Majesty?" she asks the queen

xxxxxSlaine is moving quickly with Rodrigo as she is in tow. And well there is of course a caboose to this train, and that is Clara! A smile is offered to the monarch for the night, followed by a completely proper curtsey. "Your Majesty..."

xxxxxAnabelle looks up from the table when Viv's voice speaks up, that smile of hers ramping up, though there comes a blush to bloom upon her cheeks, "Viv!" So, the kinain makes her way to the Sidhe's side, laughing as she goes, "Not sure I could manage the Charleston either, honestly." Another nearby gains her attention, and she tilts her head, peering towards Keris, "Oh, Mr. Keris.. yes?"

xxxxxOswald laughs and grins as Charity's cup gets filled and he dips his own full again before he takes another long swallow and survey's the party with a deep chuckle as he stands there next to the barrel that's almost waist high on him.

xxxxxGrace grins at the Jaguar. "Dancer, huh? I'm good, wanna see?" She takes up the invitation with a bit of a slur. Drinking some of that brew, likely. She takes him by the hands, and pulls him towards the dancing area.

xxxxxUriel grins sheepishly, shaking his head, as the others call for another limerick. He gives the Jester an amused look, but when Caelina comes to cling to his side a bit more, he simply gives the lovely Mer a tight, reassuring squeeze. "Another, you ask? Well.. if I must, but only because my Queen so demanded." He pauses, and looks down to Caelina, winking at her.
"A bather, whose clothing was strewed,
By winds that left her quite nude!", the Sidhe says, and them smiles impishly.
"Saw a man come along,
And, unless I'm quite wrong..", he says, and then pauses for effect,
"You all expected this line to be lewd."
xxxxxAnd with that, he steps back hoping to grab another drink, because he's had about as much of the limelight as he's willing to take, tonight.

xxxxxViv laughs. "WEll, at least we're both in good company there, with the dance." She looks up long enough to listen to Uriel's second limerick, laughing brightly at the punchline before she whistles in approval. Then, as Anabelle turns toward Keris, she finishes off her drink, and exchanges the empty glass for two new ones -- the second of which she gently presses into Anabelle's hand, without interrupting.

xxxxxBlack-spandex-silver-studded Gene Simmons offers his arm to the the sweet curly-haired Charity. It's hard to dance when you're lame, but by the name of Rock 'n' Roll, that's not going to stop him! "You say you wanna go for a spin! The party's just begun, we'll let you in! You drive us wild, we'll drive you craaaaazy!" He serenades the boggan as he leads her to a side-spot of the dancing area where there's less likely to be "traffic jams."

xxxxxCaelina looks up at Uriel with a soft smile at the squeeze, but as he winks she can't help but become a little wary. As he starts to recite the smile returns, along with a blush, and she laughs as she buries her face in his arm. Her head lowers after the giggling starts to fade, at least enough for her to drain her second glass of...whatever it is.

xxxxxKeris laughs as well at the sidhe's rhymed words, dipping his head in acknowledgement of Uriel's skill at crafting them, only to have his name be called out and he glances up from the food he had been putting on one of the plates he snatched up on the way. A blink. Two. Before he grins. "The Bee-girl.", he says, glancing briefly at viv, then back at Anabelle, before he shakes his head. "And it is Antar on this side of the coin, dear. I have not seen you in quite some time. Been badmouthing any of my favorite ice-cream lately?".

xxxxxClara sips her drink and looks about watching the crowd with a delighted grin

xxxxxTipsy or not, a boggan's nature remains true. She matches 'Gene's' steps, following him to the part of the dance floor less traveled and thoroughly enjoys herself in the process. She giggles at the serenade, spinning and 'rocking out'...

xxxxx"This is a good thing then. We know our limits." Anabelle offers to Viv before listening to the words spoken by the nearby Sidhe. Laughing as she offers her own applause, she turns back to speak to Keris, "Antar. Sorry. I do not think we exchanged that name before." When asked the last, however, she clutches at the drink passed to her, soon to nod her head. Then shake it. "No. I have been too busy with the pizza joint to critique anywhere's else that was subpar." Oh, ouch.

xxxxxJaguar-Man gives a nod and a grin to Caelina and Uriel as he follows Grace towards the dance area. Slaine and Clara get a smile as well, if they happen to glance his way. Charity gets a wink and Gene Simmons? Well, Genie-boy gets goosed. Must have been Grace.

xxxxxUriel smiles, pleased at the reception to his rhymes.. which is good, because he was running out of them! Mental note: restock the Emergency Limerick Reserve before the next big party. He seems particularly pleased at Keris' approval, nodding back at the Eshu, before leading Caelina back towards one of the drink tables so he can grab himself a refill. "Well. That was a bit more lively than I expected.", he tells his companion, smiling sheepishly.

xxxxxViv peers curiously then between Anabelle and Keris. "Wait, what's this about 'bee-girl?' I have a sense there's a terribly interesting, or terribly embarassing story behind that, and right now that's exactly the sort of thing I want to hear about." She gives such an /innocent/ smile after she says it, too.

xxxxxCaelina nods to Uriel, swinging by the giant barrel of mead to fill her own glass from. She beams a bright smile at Oswald, "It's good to see you." in passing at Uriel heads towards the drink table. "They were very good. I told you that you had the heart of a poet." She winks at him, then leans up to plant a kiss on the Sidhe's cheek. "I had no idea the numbers in the city had grown so...lots of faces I haven't seen before tonight."

xxxxxSlaine offers an applause for Uriel and the final limerick. "Bravo! Meaningful! Stupenda!" Well, she can assume it must be something deep, not sounding at all like she is mocking. Glancing over her shoulder, ah, drink! Plucking one from someone who walks by, whatever they had is taken and a kiss blown to them before lifting it to her lips.

xxxxx"Subpar.". Keris echoes the word, eyes narrowing a litle at the short stuff, his chin lifting a little. "I have you know, that ice cream....it placated and charmed dragons better than...", and he glances at Viv then, with a faint smile curving his lips, "...most virgins could. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.". Only then does the smile break fully as he glances at Anabelle, chuckling. "I hope nonetheless that your little store is flourishing?". As Viv manages to snag on the bee-story, he laughs softly, shaking his head. "Ah. It...is neither, really. At least not for the young Anabelle here. It is more a tale of heroism. And I believe the good woman here does not even know I know of it. ", he smirks now. "But if you wish to embarass your our lovely companion? Well, I could recite one of the songs a..satyr friend taught me once.". Yep, he smirks now.

xxxxxClara finishes her drink and laughs as Slaine snitches someone elses "We really only do this once a year?

xxxxx"I do. It's in a box and I'm slowly attaching gears and levers to it until I can get it to produce sonnets on demand.", Uriel quips at Caelina, and swipes a drink to take a long draught. As there's some more cheering at his earlier limerick, he grins and lifts his drink in Slaine's direction, before turning back to his companion. "As to the latter.. I fear that's likely my own fault. I am something of a homebody by instinct. We should go out more.. the County and Duchy are quite populous, and there are many we sould meet.", he offers.

xxxxx"Dooo, doooo, dooo, doooo, doooooo.... Tonight I wanna give it all to you in the darkness..." Charity has her own personal suitor in the form of Gene Simmons. One hundred percent. No holding back, not an iota. The part of the Kiss bass guitarist is embraced to the hilt. And then some. "I was made for loving you, baa-by, you were made for loooving meeee..." Attention completely focused his dance partner Charity, the passing couple Grace and Jaguar-Man don't register on the radar at all...until SOMEONE pokes Gene Simmons. Yelp. Flinch. And then CARRY ON. More loudly than before. "I was made for loving you baa-by, you were made for loooving meeee..."

xxxxxCharity is blushing and beaming. She doesn't get to just have fun at a party very often. She winks back at the Jaguar man, then....breaks into a surprised giggle at Gene's yelp, slapping both hands over her mouth.

xxxxx"Then I guess it placates your palette, but one as sensitive as mine..." Anabelle might have had a few drinks before getting here to settle some nerves. As for being a heroine, she blinks, then blushes further, "I.. no.. I didn't know. you.. How do you know of it?" She questions then, confused and curious. Of course, she hasn't seen the satyr she helped yet! To Viv, she merely murmurs, "I helped someone once. That's all." But when Keris speaks of a song? She looks to him curiously.

xxxxxSlaine smirks from behind her glass, "This one, yes, is once a year, but there are many more holidays throughout. Maybe I'll throw a party at the mansion..." She mentions then watches the Queen, with her glass, wondering if indeed Rodrigo gave her water or not...

xxxxxClara is usually fairly self controlled but now she actually bounces in excitement "oh please do, this is fabulous! I've never seen so many in one place at the same time, this is awesome!" she laugsh then blinks and looks at her glass "What was in this?"

xxxxxViv looks between the pair she's chatting with at the play back and forth about ice cream, but she doesn't interrupt yet. Not until Keris suggests a song, at which point she grins again, eyes bright behind her mask. "Oh, when you put it like that, I think we almost /have/ to hear it, don't you?" She peers sidelong down at Anabelle then as she demures on her possible heroism, and only murmurs, "I think that may be another story I want to hear sometime, anyway."

xxxxxCaelina shrugs, taking a long drink of her mead, licking her lips at the end with a sigh. She visibly shivers, though she's grinning by the end. "Very tasty and sweet." Shrugging she takes Uriel's hand, and once he has himself something to hold him over drags him back out towards the other people. "That's because you work so much. I've been neglectful in my duties, I should be getting you out more. Look, Grace!" And they're going that way.

xxxxxKeris nods his head, then deadpans at Anabelle. "I was spying on you.", he claims, before glancing at Charity and Simmons, then laughs softly. "Apparently the good man knows some of it too.", he claims, only to glance as Viv encourages him. For a moment scrunches up his nose. "It is a shame with so many more talented at singing.", he turns, glancing at Slaine, wherever she might have run off to, before he glances at Viv. "So I might attempt my dilettante-ish rendering of that song -- almost as lacking as my palette accroding to Anabelle here -- if you...", he glances at Viv, "...sing the refrain along. And get as many as sing it too. It is only one line. You'll get what it is.". Impish grin? Cue it now.

xxxxxOswald smiles and waves back at Caelina eventually, having been distracted by a turkey leg produced for him from somewhere to go with his giant mug of Ale "Your lord, he is quite a poet. Though to see him about town you'd not know it. Because with you on his arm, his words are all gone. And his shit eating grin there to show it."

xxxxxGrace totally did not goose Gene, in fact, she's doing her best to avoid direct contact with same. But, they do pass close on the way to the dance area. She hears her name, looking around quickly to see who it might be, and she waves to Caelina, before turning back to her partner. Gene's been belting out the numbers, and this is suitable enough to dance to. She turns to the Jaguar, her eyes smouldering and places her hands on his shoulders.

xxxxxCharity's blushing and beaming seems to please Gene Simmons greatly. Her merriment, her joy, her temporary respite from anything remotely resembling work or duty or obligation or chores was his goal, after all. Gene slows to a stop and then steps in to murmur something to his dance partner.

xxxxxAnabelle looks from one to another as they speak of this song, the poor kinain not a clue what song Keris is speaking about. "Certainly, you have me curious about this song now." She states, only to lift her chin, "It is a wonder you did not get the runs from the ice cream for the milk was souring when it was made. It was also not quite balanced on the flavorings." But that said, she turns to Viv, nodding, "Later, certainly." She will tell the tale of her heroism later, if the Sidhe wishes to hear of it. Nothing much in her mind!

xxxxxClara sets aside her empty cup and hugs Slaine "see you after a bit" she says and goes to find more dancing, the kin will dance til she drops or the sun comes up or both

xxxxxUriel acks as Caelina drags him over in Grace's direction, then blinks at Oswald's words as they pass. He laughs brightly, and lifts his drink in the Troll's direction. "Well said, good Sir! Well said!", he calls.

xxxxxSlaine considers, as she looks down to her glass, the drink is some green and blue swirled drink. Leaving a blackberry and mint taste upon her lips. Licking them, she looks down to Clara's drink, swapping it with her own. "Hunter might like the idea of planning something, should pop a bug into his ear. A chance to bang out with the others, I will think upon the theme of it." Lifting Clara's glass to her lips, a sniff and sip is had, "Mmm, elderberry with a twist of.. Basil or something like that."

xxxxxViv tilts her head for a moment at Keris, then shrugs lightly and grins. "If you want to hear my caterwalling, I suppose we can do that. I try not to torture people even at karaoke, though, so...do consider yourself warned ahead of time?"

xxxxxJaguar-Man slinks after Grace, shoulders already moving in tome with the KISS song that Gene Simmons's sister has started up. He waits until Grace is facing him then grabs her by the waist with both hands and launches into dance and song. "Tonight I wanna see it in your eyes, There's something that drives me wild, And tonight we're gonna make it all come true, 'Cause girl, you were made for me, And girl I was made for you, I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me, And I can't get enough of you baby, Can you get enough of me..." he sings, moving his body against Grace's with a couple of 70's style rocker hip gyrations before grabbing her right hand with his left and launching her into a series of counter-clockwise spins (there's a slight wince when he does this) then pulls her back into his original hold flow around the dance-floor with rock-disco dance moves. The two seem like they dance together a lot.

xxxxxCaelina blushes and grins at Oswald's addition to the poetry, wrinkling her nose at hiim as she laughs. Apparently the mead is what she needed, the nip of courage, because she continues walking out after Grace and Jag, though she stops a distance away as they settle into their dance. Glass in hand she turns to step up against Uriel's chest, "I can shuffle my feet if you can." looks like she wants to dance too.

xxxxxKeris laughs, nodding. "It is a Tavern song, really. It is meant to be sung when one has more than two trolls should drink, my dear viv. I think you can outdo them on the wrong notes and the cajoling? I dare you to.", he tells the sidhe, daring to wink, before he glances at Anabelle as she declares her curiosity. "Very well. As you _wish_.", he tells her, smirking. Waiting for the Jaguar-man to finish his own belting.
"I love boggan girls, so should you
Think you won't fit? Brother, you do!
Soft and warm as a fresh-baked bread
those sweet little girls, Almost to nice to eat!

And, oh, they're fine pillows if you don't mind the snoring,
but the best part of having a boggan girl...", he pauses there, giving a nod to Viv to let her now that is the chorus,
"Is the breakfast she makes in the morning!". Not a singer is the Eshu, but his voice can carry and is suited for the more talkative singing like that. He waits for a moment before he goes on with the second stanza.

xxxxxMaybe because they have danced together a lot. Grace moves with the Jaguar-Man with just as much slink and sway and enthusiastic hip gyrations. The rock-disco moves are crazy fun. She sings along as well, grinning madly.

xxxxxCharity is a little flushed from wine and the serenade, but that's nothing to the blaze that comes to her cheeks at Keris's lyrics. Well, and gales of laughter escaping from behind her hands, though there is a slightly indignant, "I do NOT snore." then consideringly, "But I do serve a fine breakfast..."

xxxxx"She does," Rodrigo confirms. He doesn't /actually/ know from first-hand experience, but hey, how could he be wrong?

xxxxxUriel chuckles, shaking his head in amusement at the merriment going about, thne smiles back to Caelina as she offers him a dance. "And the best part is most everyone is too drunk to remember.", he says, and finishes off his drink, placing the empty glass on a narby table before moving back to take Caelina's hands in his own, and leading her out to dance. With the music as raucous as it is, and the drunken revelry about, the two of them are in luck: neither's a good dancer, but then again no one is expecting them to be, and he simply leads the Mer out into a cheerful series of spins and steps, simply letting himself enjoy the evening and having fun with it all.

xxxxxAs Keris starts in on his song, Viv simply stares at him, eyes wide behind that mask of hers. But by the time he makes it to the chorus, her grin is wide enough to put the proverbial redcap to shame. She also seems to pick up on it quick, able to sing along with the last line of the chorus before he's finished. "...she makes in the morning!" It's belted out loud and proud, followed by a gale of laugther. She doesn't /dare/ look down at Anabelle. Not yet. There's got to be a second verse, just as good as the first, after all.

xxxxxTracy is still just watching, wide-eyed, disbelieving. She has moments when she's just fine and can almost accept all this, but then other moments when she gets all awe-struck again. This is a LONG trip. Usually, they don't seem to go on this long. She sips the water that was put in her hand at some point, watching the goings on

xxxxxAnabelle peers at Keris as he looks to her. With a smirk like that upon the Eshu's face, she should be prepared for what comes, right? And yet as his words are sung, the blush steals over her cheeks, darker and darker, her eyes widening slowly in time. "Oooh.. I don't snore!" She likes says this about the same time that Charity does from the dance floor. This makes her glance over her shoulder to Charity, and a quick smile is given to the Boggan she spies there. Then she turns back, bracing for the second verse. As for the Sidhe at her side? A hand steals out to poke Viv in the side. Poke.

xxxxxLucky satyr, two glasses now one in each hand! Slaine stands there near the Queen, and Rodrigo, who had offered up Tracy a drink as requested. Now if it was water, that is entirely an answer from Rodrigo.

xxxxxKeris grins as the comments come flying in. Well, it is a bawdy tavern song, it is to be expected, so the pause always last until the last comments have died down, before he begins the next stanza, "
xxxxxGo a round or four if you fancy some fun,
xxxxxTry to tire one out, it can't be done!
xxxxxBut once you get up, she'll put it back in!
xxxxxDon't get the idea that her bed is boring...

xxxxxBut the best part of having a boggan girl..
xxxxxIs the breakfast she makes in the morning!"
xxxxxSecond verse? Yes, there it was. And apparently th Eshu has three more to go. Just ignore the fake-wide eyes at Charity, the shrug of his shoulders as if saying: Hey, I did not write this!

xxxxxGene Simmons bows to Charity and thanks her for the dance. Then he finds a fresh tankard and visits Oswald's troll-sized keg for more mead and finds a place out of the way to sit and nurse the beverage alone.

xxxxxCaelina drinks her mead quickly before Uriel sweeps her off, handing off the empty glass as he spins her out. She's laughing as she twirls back in and what she (severely) lacks in skill she makes up for with enthusiasm. At least there's no stepping on toes or falling over, so Uriel's toes have that to be grateful for.

xxxxxSlaine does turn her attention towards Keris as he continues the lyrics of the Secrets of the Boggan girls in bed. A smile on her lips, she shouts out, "Does the same apply to the Boggan Boys?!" Giving Rodrigo a little nudge with her shoulder, he's been awful quiet afterall!

xxxxxCharity grins back at the other boggan as she hears her comment echoed. At the end of the dance, she curtseys, merrily, despite her blushes, back to the rocker. Mead, that's the answer to this conundrum. She struggles between abashedness and humor, having NO comment to that last verse.

xxxxx"I was made for lovin' you baby, You were made for lovin' me, And I can't get enough of you baby, Can you get enough of me... I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me, And I can give it all to you baby..." Jaguar-Man sings to Grace, grabbing her by the wrists and bringing his feet in so that his torso and head are arced away from Grace. With the two of them like that they can shift into a joyful spin to finish up the last few notes of the song.

xxxxxViv seems entirely immune to pokes in the side. Or at least, not deterred by them, even as they smear a little of the silver painted swirls there. Viv grins her sweetest, butter-couldn't-melt smile down at Anabelle -- even as she croons the next round of the chorus right at her. "But the best part of having a boggan girl is the breakfast she makes in the morning!"

xxxxxRodrigo rolls his eyes, leaning an elbow casually against Slaine's shoulder. "How the fuck should I know? /I/ never sucked one off." Yes, thank you for bringing the class, Rod, whatever would we do without you.

xxxxxStraight to the tables with the drinks and food. Carolyn picks up a goblet of brandy and drinks, then starts to circulate slowly about, to see who she can see. She moves very deliberately, but also not very steadily, already in her cups, at least to some degree

xxxxxAnabelle listens to the second, even knowing that it's a tavern song, can't help but blush. This poor kinain is going to pass out if her face continues to turn so red! Surely, it can't get any darker! At times, it seems she might say something, but in the end, her lips close, and she just continues to stare at the Eshu. There's... more?!?

xxxxxKatya is hanging by the food table, drinking and stuffing lovely organ meat into her mouth. Chairty always makes the best offal.

xxxxx"You drive me crazy!" Grace warbles back to Jaguar-Man as they spin out the last few bit of the song. Peals of breathless laughter follow, as she tugs to bring them upright once more, slowing the spin. Her arms wrap around his neck, and she gives him a very enthusiastic kiss.

xxxxxOswald is leaning on his giant barrel of mead and laughing his giant viking frost troll ass off. When someone comes over to get a drink he finishes his mug and drops it in the barrel to float to drift as he scoops them out their dosing before retrieving his now full mug. This does mean that his 10 1/2 foot tall two thousand pound self is drinking a rather lot but he can take it....probably.

xxxxxSlaine's question make the Eshu laugh, giving her a shrug of his shoulders too. "If you do not know, dearest, then who?!", Keris wonders at the satyr, before he continues with two more of the song."
xxxxxGirls come in every size and flavor
xxxxxand every man's got a taste he favors
xxxxxSome men like the tits and some like the legs!
xxxxxBut I like the boggan girl's rye toast and eggs!

xxxxxOh humans are fine and satyrs worth exploring!
xxxxxBut wait 'till you've had a boggan girl
xxxxxand the breakfast she makes in the morning!

xxxxxI've head that their size is unnerving indeed,
xxxxxbut they come to your waist, how taller d'you need?
xxxxxOh, most pass them by but a few realize!
xxxxxThat everything on 'em is sweet and bite-sized!

xxxxxThere's plenty who'll take all that muffing your scoring!
xxxxxBecause the best part of having a boggan girl
xxxxxIs the breakfast she makes in the morning!"

xxxxxAt least Charity and Anabelle have almost survived it, right? Only one more to go.

xxxxxPut a sword or a firearm in Uriel's hand, and the Sidhe is a study in grace and beauty. Ask him to dance, and he's far less graceful. Perhaps it's he alcohol, or perhaps t's the company, or perhaps it's both, but much like Caelina, he makes up for his lack of skill with happy enthusiasm, the couple cheerfuly bouncing along to the Eshu's bawdy song.

xxxxxCarolyn makes her way to Keris, drawn by the singing. "Didn't...didn't know you could shing. Sing." She has another sip of her drink, and smiles a greeting to Slaine.

xxxxxJaguar-Man sweeps Grace up into his arms for the kiss, and does one... two... more spins before setting her back on feet once more. He grins at her then tucks the pinky of each hand into the corners of his mouth and whistles approval at the Boggan song.

xxxxxSlaine grins over to Rodrigo, laughing at the nudge as she lifts one drink up for a sip, then the other as a chaser. A lick of her lips and hearty laugh, "It is only the boggan girl I have had such a taste. Breakfast in morning is best served in bed!" She singsongs out her response to Keris, offering a lift of her glass towards Carolyn.

xxxxxCharity is gasping with laughter, shaking her head. But she can't help listening to the very end.

xxxxxEvery time it comes around again, Viv is more than happy to sing along with the last bit of the chorus. The next time around, even, she turns and waves her hands in the air as if trying to conduct an orchestra -- or at least get some of the rest of the crowd to sing that crowning line along with her and Keris.

xxxxxAnabelle might laugh. Later. Right now, she's too busy blushing. Maybe the song is right? She doesn't /dare/ look aside at Viv, nope. Hands brush against the fringe of her flapper dress. Oh wait, she's got a drink in one. GUUULP!

xxxxxKeris finishes with the last stanza then,
xxxxx"When the picking are slim, and the crowd disapproving,
xxxxxA clever bard calls it a night and gets moving...
xxxxxTime to find a boggan-girl and hope he can schtup her,
xxxxxsince hasn't had lunch and he can't pay for supper...

xxxxxSome call it a living, and some call it whoring!
xxxxxBut I'd starve without those boggan girls!
xxxxxAnd the breakfast they make in the morning!".
xxxxxOnly then does he glance at the red-glowing Anabelle, giving her such a concerning tone. "What is the matter? Was the palette of the song too...spicy?", he wonders, grinning. Teaches the kinain to insult his favorite ice cream. Twice! And his tastebuds. He then glances at viv. "You were an amazing chorus, dear.", he grants her.

xxxxxCaelina laughs, blushing away herself as the song goes on, but three drinks in and she's too fuzzy to have the grace to act embarrassed. When the song ends she turns to bump playfully up against her Knight, her hands lifting to clap.

xxxxxGrace is giggling, by the time she is set down, and she nuzzles up to the Jaguar-Man, even as he whistles his approval of Keris' song. She giggles through the last verse and chorus, watching Charity, and how she's laughing as well.

xxxxxUriel winks at Caelina as she bumps against him, and gives a round of applause again, though the sound is odd when with comes from one hand flesh and one hand brass. Still, he cheers out his approval, laughing with amusement, before leading Caelina back towards the crowd, and food, and drink.

xxxxxGene Simmons has gotten to his feet again. He unloops the guitar prop from his shoulder and puts it down out of the way. Then he drains his tankard of mead and carefully sets down the empty drinking vessel as if afraid he might chip or break it. He straightens and without looking around heads off away from the masses.

xxxxxCharity has to get some air after that. She needs, if nothing else, to cool her red face. But she grabs her tankard, refilling it first, before taking a brief respite from the party.

xxxxx"Maybe thash th' shekret," Carolyn mutters to herself. She applauds the end of the song.

xxxxxRodrigo sighs, shaking his head. "All right, all right, I got one-- but I need some help with it. Who knows--" He goes around the place, whispering to different people until he finds a few, and then with a shit-eating grin he starts in on the first verse...
Oh, the year was seventeen seventy-eight.
xxxxxxxxxxHow I wish I was in Sherbrooke now.
A letter of marque came from the King.
To the scummiest vessel I've ever seen.
xxxxxxxxxxGoddamn them all! I was told.
xxxxxxxxxxWe'd cruise the seas for American gold.
xxxxxxxxxxWe'd fire no guns, shed no tears.
xxxxxxxxxxNow I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier.
xxxxxxxxxxThe last of Barrett's privateers.
<OOC> Rodrigo says, "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0CvSIhF_tA (only has the tail end, alas)"

xxxxxViv twirls back around, still conducting, as she finishes singing along with the final line of the song again. The gesture turns into applause from her as well, and with a huge grin she steps around and plants a kiss on Keris' cheek. "I'm no boggan girl, and don't ask about my breakfast...but the least I can give as thanks, I think. I think I may have to ask you where to track that satyr down later, to properly give them a tip for such a thing." Only then does she chance to turn back around toward Anabelle, studying her for just a moment before she grabs another drink off the table, offering it as she tries not to grin /quite/ so much at the shorter woman. "Looks like you finished your drink, there."

xxxxxJaguar-Man grins as the song ends. He lets out another whistle, loud and boisterous, then notes Carolyn... and Gene Simmons heading out. He notes this to Grace with a nod of his head.

xxxxxSlaine applauds at the end of the song. Oh wait! She can't! Double fisting drinks makes it hard, so she makes a loud clopping of a hoof. Grinning as Rodrigo now tosses his own hat into the entertainment.

xxxxxAnabelle lowers her drink, the glass empty. Likely a good thing, for as the last verse starts, she sputters a little, suddenly glad when the thing finally comes to an end. And so to the Eshu, she dips her head, "Touché, Antar. So now that my cheeks are heated... I still think your ice cream could be better." HAH! Clearing her throat, she looks to Viv as the Sidhe approaches with the refill. "Thanks. I think I might need a few more of these."

xxxxxGrace looks to where Gene is sliding out of the place, then glances up to her companion. "I hope she'll be okay," she says softly, Carolyn also gets a curious look, but then she's watching and listening to Rodrigo.

xxxxxAnd to think, the poor Eshu is sober still! Still, with Viv leaning to kiss his cheek, he does turn it so she may, only to laugh. "I will thank him when I meet him again. We tend to run into each other on the road. Oddly, he seems to have trouble staying welcome at Boggan-run freeholds and Taverns. I have _no_ idea what he does.", he claims, smirking. Anabelle's sassy return despite everything, Keris nods at that. "You still owe me a 'better receipe' for it.", he reminds her. As for the applause, he dips his head in thanks to those that do. Or at least in their general direction, until Rodrigo starts to chime in, and he laughs. Pirate songs. Yep, somehow that seems to fit the Nocker.

xxxxxRodrigo is keeping up the pace, and it's a good thing too, because the shanty does go on for a bit.

Well, Elcid Barrett cried the town
xxxxxxxxxxHow I wish I was in Sherbrooke now
For twenty brave men, all fishermen, who
Would make for him the Antelope's crew
xxxxxxxxxxGoddamn them all! I was told
xxxxxxxxxxWe'd cruise the seas for American gold
xxxxxxxxxxWe'd fire no guns, shed no tears
xxxxxxxxxxNow I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier
xxxxxxxxxxThe last of Barrett's privateers

(OOC: chorus bits omitted past this point for brevity)

The Antelope sloop was a sickening sight
She'd a list to the port and her sails in rags
And a cook in the scuppers with the staggers and jags

On the King's birthday we put to sea
We were ninety-one days to Montego Bay
Pumping like madmen all the way

xxxxxViv laughs softly at Keris. "Whoever would have thought such a thing, that he would find himself unwelcome when so clearly appreciative of all their arts." She winks, then takes a sip from her own drink, throat a little raspy even after that much singing. As Rodrigo starts to sing as well, she turns and looks his way curiously, a grin tugging her lips as well as she realizes the theme. Can't go wrong with piracy. She doesn't try to sing along with this one; instead, she leans in toward Anabelle and says more quietly, trying not to interrupt, "You ask, I shall provide, m'lady. It's not like the bar's running dry here. And I'll even make sure you get home safe."

xxxxxCaelina is leaning up against Uriel's side as the next song starts up, her head perking over his shoulder. The grin she gives is wide and a bounce comes back into her step. "I know this one..." comes out in an exaggerated whisper to the Knight she's started to list against. Her steps are a little wobbly, one foot crossing over the other. All booze and no food makes the Mer something-something.

xxxxxSlaine smiles as she listens to Rodrigo, swaying from side to side as she drinks from both of her glasses. Soon enough they are finished off, and she saunters over towards the food, to find herself a feast to delight in there.

xxxxxJaguar-Man gives Grace a kiss. "I'm going to check," he indicates to her. "Back soon," he adds, then slips out, giving a clap to Rodrigo before he's gone.

xxxxxUriel is not the most structurally stable of Sidhe himself, but he can stay uprigt nough to provide Caelina with something to lean on as she goes a bit wobbly. "Do you now?", he asks as she mentions knowing Rodrigo's song, and laughs. "Come on.. let's get something to eat, maybe find a quiet spot to sit once the song's done?" And when Rodrigo ends his ditty, he grins, clapping for the Nocker before making good on his offer to Caelina: food, and wandering off somewhere quieter.

xxxxxGrace finds herself alone for the moment, as her Jaguar leaves her side. She makes her way back to the tables, to find another cup, and goes in search for drink to fill it with.

xxxxxKatya eats, munch munch munch, drinks, chug chug chug, people watches, leer leer leer.

Rodrigo sings:
On the ninety-sixth day we sailed again
xxxxxxxxxxWhen a bloody great Yankee hove in sight
xxxxxxxxxxWith our cracked four-pounders we made to fight

xxxxxxxxxxThe Yankee lay low down with gold
xxxxxxxxxxShe was broad and fat and loose in stays
xxxxxxxxxxBut to catch her took the Antelope two whole days

xxxxx"Name a day, and come by the pizza joint. I'll have you some ice cream that will have you swearing off any other places." Anabelle says, her tone ringing with just enough pride to make it honest. "Any flavor you want." She adds before a sip of newest drink is put into her hand, the sip actually savored and found pleasing. The smile returns, complete with dimples then at Viv's promise, "I'll just have to cling and make sure I don't fall off?"

xxxxxRodrigo throws in the last bit of the song

xxxxxxxxxxThen at length we stood two cables away
xxxxxxxxxxOur cracked four-pounders made an awful din
xxxxxxxxxxBut with one fat ball the Yank stove us in

xxxxxxxxxxThe Antelope shook and pitched on her side
xxxxxxxxxxBarrett was smashed like a bowl of eggs
xxxxxxxxxxAnd the main truck carried off both me legs
xxxxxxxxxxSo here I lay in my twenty-third year
xxxxxxxxxxIt's been six years since we sailed away
xxxxxxxxxxAnd I just made Halifax yesterday

xxxxxSlaine smiles as she piles up a plate, watching Rodrigo sing, the conversations between Keris, Anabelle and Viv. A good night. And yet, she has not burst out in her own song. Maybe sometime tonight she will. Or maybe not. Either way for now, she takes a tearing bite out of the leg, of whatever it is she has in her hand.

xxxxxWith the song winding down, Keris is in the same position as Slaine was: No hands free. So he does whistle for the Nocker, and friends. Boys2Clowns. Ahem. "Halifax is not THAT bad, you know?", he calls over to him, before he finally stops beside the bone-shaman, tilting his head at her. "You discovered your inner hunter, did you not?".

xxxxxViv whistles in appreciation as Rodrigo's song winds up as well; she may have had one hand free, but trying to applaud like that, with as much as she's had to drink, was likely going to lead to problems away. Anabelle gets another grin, though, as she replies, "Exactly. ANd I can drive slow. Or, you know, we can find a cab and play it extra safe, since I've probably had enough that me driving is just as bad an idea."

xxxxxKeris prequels, because his typist is half asleep, before heading off he nods to Anabelle. "I will send you my letter with my demands then.", he fakes half haughitly, before he grins at her. And then really goes.

xxxxxSlaine makes a few more stomps of her hoof, while she chews and holds food at this point. Clearly approving of the song. Swallowing, offers a smile over towards Keris as he stops beside her, "I've always had the hunter in me, I am just not that good at it." She laughs, offering up the leg, "Care for a bite? Whatever it is, it is good."

xxxxxRodrigo whews, stumbling out of the limelight and reaching for the first drink he sees, which may or may not have been claimed by someone else already. Oh well, their fault if they're not maintaining constant vigilance! "I asked about that," he answers Keris, "they said it's 'cause that was enemy turf for him. So, y'know, an extra 'fuck you' on top of the /other/ 'fuck you, you're a cripple now'."

xxxxxAnabelle nods to Keris, "Send them to Joe's." She'll be certain to get them then! Turning to Viv, she chuckles to the Sidhe, still quite flushed, "Well... I should likely check in with Henry quick, if you wanna go out for a bit?" She gestures to the rath back to the mundane club. Can't use a phone here!

xxxxxGrace is still drinkless, but the cup makes applause hard to do convincingly, so her own hooves are made to create the noise of approval. Oh, look, there's something to drink! She finds a container, not quite empty, and upends it over her cup.

xxxxxViv tilts her head for a moment, then chuckles quietly. "If only to make sure that bastard doesn't come up with some excuse to pull you back into work for the rest of the evening, yes." She quickly downs the rest of her drink, and sets the empty glass down on a nearby table, ready to follow.

xxxxxSlaine lifts her hand up waving her leg of meat as Viv makes her departure with Anabelle, "Goodnight Viv!" She then looks over towards Keris, speaking up. "So.. Did you hear the one about the moose?" Leaving it hang there a moment, clearly.

xxxxxAnabelle smiles, though the blush darkens a little, "Yes, I do not plan on returning to the shop tonight. I told Henry he better not call unless the place was burning down." A roll of her eyes, and after downing what is left in her glass, begins to head out of the freehold, back to the club with Viv.

*** A few poses were lost here.***

xxxxxRodrigo waves off the rotten luck, after all it's all about a fictional character anyhow. "I heard that one too!" he calls out, "only the one I heard was about some guy named Bruce." So the retort song, then.

xxxxxGreyson enters the Carnival more than fashionably late, likely placing him firmly in the straggler catagory. He's a dark shadow amongst the brightly colored festivities, skulking around the edges as he looks over the people gathered with rapt curiosity.

xxxxxSlaine shakes her head, another bite into the leg, chewing it up then swallowing with a grin, "T'was the valor and strength of Eminence of Blades.." As Rodrigo chimes in, there is a big grin from the satyr, "Why Rodrigo, you have indeed heard of the Moose! Shall I sing to tell tale, or shall it be more of the Bimbo instead?" Turning her hand she licks at the back of it as some juices dribble down, watching the arrival of Greyson.

xxxxxKenna, dressed tonight as the Jester, returns from the direction of the market with a small package in hand. Her gaze sweeps over those that linger as she heads for the table of drinks, pouring one in a fancy glass. Something else is added to it, and she soon heads back over to the throne where Tracy sits, "My lovely, beautiful, Queen... a drink? It is pure ambrosia upon your tongue, the finest mead you will ever taste." And so, the spiked drink is handed to the mortal.

xxxxxTracy is still sitting upon her throne, looking tired, but still fully entranced with every move, every song. She's delighted. The queen couldn't be happier. The Jester gets her attention immediately and she peers at the drink briefly. "Just one... right? It can't hurt..." The crazy ass drugs would surely do more damage. She peers at the cup for just a moment and lifts it into a toast. "For my loyal subjects, I thank you for hosting this beautiful, wonderful, magnificent party. Thank you for putting up with me, thank you for making this a night to remember..." She pauses. "Even if someone did spike my drink and it's all just a dream." She lifts her glass and tips it back, downing it like a pro.

xxxxxGreyson weaves his way around the perimeter of the gathering, catching sight of Slaine looking his way. A smile or a smirk, both look the same on him, and he turns to glide over in her direction. His claw-tipped fingers lift, uncurling to hold his hands out towards her once he nears. "Dearest Slaine, you look...breathtaking this evening, if I may be so bold."

xxxxx"Just one, it won't hurt, I promise." And for a moment, the Jester seems fairly serious, and then she smiles as Tracy downs it all in one go. Perfect! Taking the glass, she chuckles, "I should likely see that you, our Queen, gets home safely soon. Is there anything else you would like to command of your subjects before you leave our presence?" She wonders, though even as she hands off the glass to a chimera, she takes out another package, a necklace to be offered to Tracy, "Please, accept this token of our gratitude and pleasure at having you here tonight..." It's a pretty thing, with beads of obsidian, garnets and moonstone upon a chain of silver with a pendent.

xxxxxKeris glances between Nocker and satyr. Moose. Bruce? Okay, so the rhyme is obvious, but the Eshu can't help but to think he might be missing something crucial between the pair. "To hear you sing would likely be quite the delight." . Yep. Let's not talk about the Bimbo. Whoever that might be. As the Jester returns, Keris blinks at the toast of the Queen, glancing between her and the checkered satyr for a moment, only to have to raise his glass again, in toast. He himself is clad in sand-colored jedi-ish robes, the baboon mask left behind somewhere. As the sluagh drifts near, Keris dips his head in greeting.

xxxxxTracy smiles at Kenna as she finishes the drink. "Eat, drink, be merry, and invite me back again in about 8 months." She sighs. It's a sad little sigh. See, she might not realize what's up.. not really.. but she knows that none of this is real. Things like this DO happen to her. But not for a few weeks now. Normally, the things she sees are brought about by her own doing. Not like THIS, of course, but she knows that in the morning it will all fade away to nothing. Funny how really good drugs and being enchanted by a fae are just about the same thing. She blinks at the necklace, reaching down to touch it with a little sigh. "Oh, it's ... beautiful." Tracy's eyes are already starting to droop a little bit. She yawns, smiling up at the Jester and leaning in to give her a nice, big hug.

xxxxxThe Jester smiles, "I think that is one command you can be certain can be followed tonight by all." She returns the hug, murmuring something to her before she gestures, to help her to her feet, "Let us go thne, your Majesty. Your carriage awaits you..." And so the Jester sees Queen Tracy out, before she has to be carried out!

xxxxxAnd where has Locke been all this time? No doubt turning the banquet into a baren landscape. Those chimera that were dashing about trying to keep the tables stocked had to be near crying for joy when the Redcap finally leaves them be and starts to wander back over toward the the celebrations again. A deep resounding bellow comes from Beast, the drake doesn't seem to be roaring... nope that was a burp from the creature. The pair of them lumber over Locke quite content from his perch as he looks down with a tilt of the head eyes wandering over the group catching upon the Queen and her Jester then drifting a bit further to spot Slaine again, looking her over in that garb before letting out a rasping chuckle as he watches the celebrations.

xxxxxGrace has wandered near to where everyone else seems to be, her cup held cradled in her hand, and against her breasts. The other hand holds her mask, now forgotten, and not held before her face. She lifts it to wave to the departing Queen.

xxxxxSlaine smiles upon Greyson as he approaches, setting aside her food just behind her now, the Satyr wipes her hands off upon the tablecloth before placing one in Greyson's own offered. "Thank you, Greyson.. Most bold indeed." Her smile grows more as she looks over to Keris about to respond, halting after hearing the Queen is departing, "HAIL TO THE QUEEN! Remarkable Evening!"

xxxxxKatya waves to the queen as she's going. "Love the hangover Queenie!" she shouts the poor mortal. She turns her wide toothy grin on Grace.

xxxxxGreyson watches the Queen get escorted out, a sigh slipping out before his whispered voice, "And I've missed it all haven't I?" He curles his clawed fingers around her hand, bending to press a kiss against the back of Slaine's knuckles, looking behind him at Keris' comment. An eyebrow raises as he turns back, the Satyr catching his attention once more. "Were you going to grace us with a song?"

xxxxxTracy is easy enough to lead out. She takes a look over her shoulder at everyone and everything around and then moves quietly on out the door.

xxxxxGrace looks up at the sound of her name ... and realizes that no one was actually talking to her. She waves her drink at the man anyway, and takes a draw at it.

xxxxxKeris lets the sluagh greet Slaine, chuckling at the question. "I suppose she has been holding out on us so far, so I think it is kind of required. Surely it cannot be a merry evening for us all if she does not sing, and that was the Queen's parting command, right?". See. It all makes sense. Still, as Grace seems to confused and unsteady, he shifts a bit in her direction, offering her some of the finger-food from his plate, wordless, even.

xxxxxGrace peers at the finger foods - is that a pinky? but shakes her head. She's gotten a bit melancholy and is possibly on her way to maudlin. Maybe further drink should be kept away from her. Or maybe she needs more.

xxxxxLocke lets out a yawn and shakes himself out before pushing up to his feet, the drake not seeming to car that the 'cap has his boots on his scales. Hell the beast doesn't seem to notice it. Hopping down he lands with a thud and he shakes himself out for a moment as he looks around. He spots Grace and can't help but chuckle at her reaction and the Redcap nods back her way in turn, "Evening Grace." His husky voice rasps out to her with a bob of the head.

xxxxxSlaine nods a little to Greyson, "It was rather loud, but yes you missed it all." Watching as he kisses her upon the back of her knuckles, laughing with a nod, "Indeed, I have not sung a song of my own this evening. So many have been sung that are good." Her hands now smooth at the fur and bones upon her hips. Swaying a little from side to side, her voice, saucy as all get out as she begins to sing.
xxxxx"When I was a young girl I used to like boys,
xxxxxI fondled their tights and played with their toys,
xxxxxBut me boyfriend ran off with a salesman named Bruce,
xxxxxYou'd never get treatment like that from a Moose!
xxxxxSo it's Moose, Moose, I like a Moose,
xxxxxI've never had anything quite like a Moose,
xxxxxI've had many lovers, my life has been loose,
xxxxxBut I've never had anything quite like a Moose!
xxxxxNow when I'm in need of a very good lay,
xxxxxI go to me stables and gets me some hay,
xxxxxI opens me window and spreads it around,
xxxxx'Cause Moose always comes when there's hay on the ground!"

xxxxxHer hands lift up and urge everyone around to join her in singing the chorus, So it's Moose...

xxxxxGrace waves her drink towards Locke, a bright smile across her face. "Ev'ing Locke." The words a bit slurred, and then Slaine is singing, and Grace can't help but giggle.

xxxxxGreyson laughs silently, his head ducking underneath the webs of his hood. He refrains from trying to sing, it wouldn't exactly do any good, but he does lift his hands to clap lightly along with the beat of the song.

xxxxxA voice that is almost never heard doing more than ordering food, bitching, or cursing lifts up in song. "So It's Moose, Moose, I like a Moose, I've never had anything quite like a Moose!"

xxxxxThat didn't take too long. Thankfully. Kenna the Jester returns to the party after seeing the mortal back home and tucking her into bed to sleep off her Enchantment. Ah, the spiked drink! Upon entering, she hears the last of the song, and snorts, looking about till she spies Slaine who's singing. Then next she looks about, finding both Keris and Grace, and heads in their direction, singing along with the chorus as well.

xxxxxFinally gets a sip of ale! And food! Only to end up staring at Slaine as she urges for chorus singing. Oh, cruel world. Now he has to taste his own medicine from before. Swallowing hastily, the Eshu at least managed to sound off the last half of the chorus along with...well, whoever else sings along. Which apparently includes the Redcap! Go figure. Keris peers at the source of the voice.

xxxxxWith each verse, Slaine urges and coaxes everyone to sing the chorus. There is a huge smile on her lips as she sings out, loud, and proud. Her hips swaying as if ringing out the experience.
xxxxx"Now I've made it with all kinds of beasties with hair,
xxxxxI'd make it with snakes if their fangs were not there,
xxxxxI've made it with walrus, two ducks and a goose,
xxxxxBut I've never had anything quite like a Moose!"
xxxxxLeaning in close to Keris, she makes a twist of her body beside him gesturing a bump and a grind with the next, her nose wrinkling up as she is clearly amused.
xxxxxNow gorillas are fine for a Saturday night,
xxxxxAnd lions and tigers, they puts up a fight,
xxxxxBut it just ain't the same when you slams your caboose
xxxxxAs the feeling you gets when you humps with a Moose!

xxxxxLocke chuckles at the slurred voice from Grace, "Been in the cups, hmm?" He asks her with a bit of amusement showing in his features. His eyes flick over the others as he leans back against the side of Beast while the others sing but it doesn't seem like this Redcap is going to try and give it a shot. His attention catches upon the figure of Kenna as she comes back and he gives her a little nod in turn before looking back over toward Slaine as she sings, just listening to her sing admist the din.

xxxxxKeris on the other hand was paying attention to Grace, it seems, but as she grins instead of being melancholy, he seems to relax a little. The next chorus comes, and suddenly Slaine is right there! A blink, hands brought to the sides so that no Ale or food is spilled, unsure of what the satyr has planned. Only to find the bone-shaman bumping and grinding against him. Okay. Yes. That is not something the Eshu had expected, and after surprise washes over his features, he ends up laughing. Okay, so he might be missing this chorus!

xxxxxGrace looks back down at the cup she holds cradled to herself. "Yep," she tells Locke, as she looks up at him. "Can I have some more?" she asks, as she draws the cup away from her body.

xxxxxGreyson tilts his head, watching Slaine as she walks to Keris, his smile spreading a notch as the Eshu gets the up close and personal treatment. His arms fold, tucking his hands underneath as he watches her dance and sing, hmming softly under his breath.

xxxxxKenna begins laughing as she watches the surprise wash across Keris' face, the grin almost a smirk, "Go, Eshu.. go.." But, she moves to Grace then, to curl an arm around the other redhead satyr, "My dear, dear sis... " A kiss then to her cheek, "You and me will talk later about your friend who was here.. as the KISS person?" But right now, Grace seems well in her cups. To Locke, she nods, "How have you been tonight?"

xxxxxSlaine turns away from Keris after that last, smiling broadly as she sings, her eyes drifting around to the others. Victims, possibly. Stopping at the food table, she bends over and wiggles her backside, as she sings over her shoulder.
xxxxx"I've tried many beasties on land or on sea
xxxxxI've even tried hump-backs that humped back on me!
xxxxxSharks are quite good, tho they're hard to pull loose
xxxxxBut on dry land there is nothing quite like a moose!
xxxxxSauntering over to Kenna, a wink and a smile, wrapping her arms about the Jester and Grace as she rests her head upon the 'Jester's' Shoulder, glancing down, a peek, why not? Singing out more
xxxxx"Woodchucks are all right except that they bite
xxxxxAnd foxes and rabbits won't last thru the night!
xxxxxCows would be fun, but they're hard to seduce
xxxxxBut you never need worry should you find a moose!"

xxxxxGrace looks over as Kenna wraps her arm around her. She wraps her own arms around Kenna and buries her face against her checkered outfit ... then there's more arms around them both, and Grace just bursts into tears. The song was definitely not that bad!

xxxxxJaguar-Man returns a short while later (maybe 15 - 20 minutes later), he scans the area for Grace.

xxxxxA chuckle rolls from Locke at the question posed to him by Grace, "Go for it. I'm not your keeper. Drink until you pass out if you like." Those words offered to her with a bob of the head when he speaks. Though he looks back to Kenna with a grin on his lips as his eyes roam over the sight of her in motley and he nods a time or two, "I'm alright. Gotta say I like the outfits I've been seeing and the food is damn good." He tells her with a smile before Slaine is wrapping them up in their arms and he looks to the three satyrs a chuckle rasping from him again in turn at the reactions from it all but he just listens when Slaine brings the song closer.

xxxxxKeris gives Slaine another laugh, before she moves off, shaking his head. The songtext makes him tilt his head hover on the second-to-last line of the song, a blink is given, before he shakes his head. Of course, whatever thoughts that were are shattered then as the song rings to a close and Grace starts the waterworks. For a moment he tilts his head, studying her, the smile fading, but there are already to pairs of hands around the 'youngest' so there is little to be done for him.

xxxxxKenna stands there, hugging Grace, and soon finds that Slaine joins them making it a group hug. Her song has the Jester laughing, though when Grace busts out in tears? She blinks in surprise, soon looking a tad worried! "Grace? Sister? Whatever is wrong??" Might she even glare at anyone who she might think has somehow the cause of Grace's tears??

xxxxxWell, there was going to be more to finish the song, but then there are tears. Like gushing tears that come out from Grace, and that trips Slaine up. Blinking, she looks over to Kenna, then back to Grace as her hand comes up to pet the back of the crying Satyr's head. "I'm sorry.. I.. " Looking for some answers, to the immediate vicinity. Doesn't look like the song will be finished afterall! Yup, Satyr hugging time.

xxxxxGreyson turns to watch Slaine as she moves from one group to the other, listening as she moves on to the next part of the song. Then Grace pops and he lifts his head to look over at her, confusion adding a crinkled brow to his features.

xxxxxKatya until the sudden unexpected tears there was a big grin on the redcaps face. She doesn't stop eating even if she's looking at the satyr hugging.

xxxxxGrace sniffles, as she tries to stop the tears. "My friend," she whispers, as though that's the explanation. "I didn't do it," she says, "It had to have worn off already, shouldn't it?" She looks around, almost in a panic. "It was days and days ago, and I didn't use that much Glamour." She looks back to Kenna, looking up into her face earnestly.

xxxxxLocke blinks a couple times when Grace breaks down but it's a small smile pulling at his lips, the Redcap can spot drunk tears pretty easily and that's what they look to be. The only shifting that of the large drake behind him as it lays down it's heavy head turned to watch those that move about still. He tilts his head to the side while Kenna takes care of her and should her dark look be cast his way he simply holds his hands up in a show of innocence.

xxxxxKeris tilts his head at Grace as she speaks of glamour and it not wearing off, before he glances back at Kenna with a longer look. "When did you open his eyes, dearest Grace? How long ago?". Perhaps it was a special constilation! It sure becomes more and more likely, at least in the Eshu's mind.

xxxxxReally, one would think it's every hot blooded man's wet dream to see three lovely curvaceous satyr girls all close and hugging, right? That image might be spoiled with one of them crying. Kenna looks a little confused at first before she ohs, "Wait.. you Enchanted her?" She questions, just to make sure before that slight frown comes to her face, "There seems to be a rash of this going on here lately.." A look shared with Keris before she shakes her head, then hugs, "I'm not upset, sis.. ran into her out there, and she'd been crying and just talked to her and was talking about going to visit her and dance with you?" The words come quickly by the Jester satyr.

xxxxxJaguar-Man finds Grace in tears and people conversing about enchantments. "I took her to the rath," he says, loud enough to be heard by Grace and Kenna. "She got to her car okay," he adds.

xxxxxGreyson finds a spot out of the way to lean up against, becoming a bit of a shadow now that the party seems to have faded the rest of the way out. He watches the Satyr's console the distressed one, then looks at Jaguar as he approaches the group.

xxxxxGrace looks over at Keris, then back to Kenna. "About a week ago. Just before Mona's Dream Dance. We saw that," she tells both of them. She brightens a little as Jaguar-Man appears once more. "Could that have left her Enchanted for longer? It should only have been a day." This last addressed to Keris and Kenna, then she's turning a little to hold out a hand towards the Jaguar. "Was she okay?" she asks, "Will she be safe to drive home?"

xxxxxKeris tilts his head once more, trying to order the stream of time in a way that might make sense. When finally the Eshu speaks it is careful, but devoid of the impish teasing that he displayed the rest of the evening. "It is possible. The Dream Dance releases plenty of glamour. Perhaps she....took more than you realized.". Another glance is given to Kenna there, before he shrugs. "Perhaps she was bound to us by blood or pact or oath before. Or her family was. And you infusing the first spark, it carries on and she is one of the kinain that now awakened.". Another pause, before he finally sighs. "The only other alternative would be that the Mists are thin for some reason. Thinner even than on Samhain itself. That...would be very troubling. But then news of other places would have reached us by now, I am pretty certain.". If the Mists were failing, that would spread like wildfire through Concordia if not across the globe. "So, I do not think you did anything _wrong_, Grace. You may still have caused her to remain seeing, but you could not make her see us forever by just sharing a bit of your magic.".

xxxxxJaguar-Man gives Grace a smile and steps closer to take her hand in his. "I took her on a trip," he replies. "She wanted to go home after that so I took her back and made sure that she got to her car okay." He shrugs to the last part of what Grace asks him. "As well as she can be at the moment," he states.

xxxxxAnother hug is given to Grace before Kenna might loosen her hold to allow Grace to go to Stone. Nodding to Keris' words, she is quick to agree, and echoe, "It's not your fault, though it seems that she is likely the second though, that this has happened to in so short a time..." She doesn't wanna think about thinning Mists at all. Too much on her head right now!

xxxxxGrace gives her sister another hug, before turning her attention now fully to the man in the jaguar paint, her arms curling around him to hold him close to her.

xxxxxJaguar-Man gives a grateful look to the people who have been comforting Grace while he's been away. He slips his arms around her, gives her a soft smile and kisses her forehead. "She was worried about you," he tells her. He glances around then back at Grace. "Home or more drinking and debauchery?" he asks her. The last part of that may be a joke.

xxxxxAs the sluagh slips away, Keris tilts his head breifly to track the shadow, his lips pursing for a moment, but finally nods at Grace once more. "Well, her wardship is over, so we cannot _keep_ her from drinking more.", he states, the teasing tone coming back, "...but we can surely point, laugh and play loud music when her head hurts tomorrow.", he half-threatens.

xxxxxKenna looks to the sluagh as well, making note to find out his name and all another time. With Grace moving closer to Stone, she chuckles, "Indeed.. that is true." Whyever is there a grin at the Eshu's words of the morning? "I'll just tease her later as well, is all.." She shooes them off, "Go have some fun, though if it's fun you want, you might want to not give her more drink, or she's liable to pass out on you."

xxxxxGrace looks pretty confused. "Why was she worried about me?" she asks, but as Stone suggests options, she looks over his shoulder, then back to his face. "Home," she says, thereby depriving the Eshu from his diabolical plan to cause her distress upon the morrow.

xxxxxJaguar-Man grins at Keris and Kenna both. "Because I'd left you alone," he indicates. "I think that you've got a good friend there," he tells her. "She just needs some time to process," he states. He glances over at Keris. "Unfortunately I have limited experience in this kind of stuff. Okay if we bring her by if things don't get better?" he asks. The question is directed at Keris but it's really for either K in the room.

xxxxxPoor Eshu is so misunderstood! Did he not lay open her options clearly, and let her choose! And what does he get for it? Being called the devil at the Crossroads. Tsk. Still, as Grace picks the 'right' choice, Keris does not seem to be too put out, eyes turning to glance at Stone for a moment. "I look forward talking to you some quiet time. Song and dance and swims are fun enough, but...", he shrugs, "...a quiet talk over tea or mocca?", he suggests, before he grins. "Blessed and safe roads, to both of you.", he wishes then, in farewell.

xxxxx"I'd like to meet her later, certainly. I know she wished to talk to me again and all. Perhaps do some dancing." Kenna offers, then leans in to give Grace a quick hug and kiss to her cheek, "Don't worry too much, okay? Give me a call soon, or come by the studio. I still need to introduce you to the two newest to my gang." A grin appears then, "And.. the offer I made to you before your Saining." To STone, she nods, "Again, eventually would like to get to visit with you more than 'hey' and 'later'." She steps back, soon to catch the Eshu's arm, slipping hers through his. Nope, he's caught now.

xxxxx"I'd like that. I'm in the area on a regular basis," Jaguar-Man tells Keris. "Or at my food truck or my sister's club, if you ever want to stop by there. Your song Boggan girl song would probably go over well there," he states with a touch of a smile. He looks around, searching for a familiar face he saw earlier but doesn't see now. "Did Carolyn get out of here okay?" he asks, sounding concerned for her wellbeing. He glances at Grace, grins. "Am I carrying you?" he asks her.

xxxxx"The Grey Walker can take care of herself.", Keris seems pretty certain of that, smiling faintly. "Or her thunderbird would make us all deaf by now.". Literally. Cig's offers are nodded to, only for the Eshu having his arm taken by the Jester, and he turns his head to study the redhead, lips curving upwards a little. Caught? Pfft! He was letting himself be caught. Yep. That's his story and he is sticking to it. "Yeeees, Jester?", he wonders, oh so innocently.

xxxxxKenna smiles sweetly up at Keris then, laughing, "I have a few things I wish to show you.. a drink or two?" She offers to the Eshu before turning to Stone, "She'll be fine. Talk to you later?" She asks, then lets him take Grace off home as she turns to tug the Eshu aside. What few linger-ons here, will find themselves with whatever food and drink is to be had, the chimera continuing to play till none remain.

xxxxxWhen Grace seems to have passed out from drinking the Jaguar-Man lifts her up and drapes her over his right shoulder, chuckling. He nods to the comments about Carolyn but something flashes across his features at the thought of her. His mood from a moment ago returns just as quickly though. He adjusts Grace over his shoulder, gives a wave, and starts to head off. "I think that Grace will likely want to sleep in this morning," he states. "Come by for breakfast if you're awake. It's the cottage just before you reach the beach," he indicates. Then he's heading out, carrying Grace.

xxxxxGrace smiles a gentle and grateful smile to Keris, even as she wraps herself in Stone's arms. She nods solemnly, probably in answer to all the questions and well wishes from others.

***Scene fades***