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Always finds Trouble
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Information Hooks

Name: Mimi Sheffield
Age Apparent: 18ish
Nationality: Americanish
Occupation: Drifter.
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Faction: Highest Bidder

Appearance ● ● ● ●
Strength ● ● ● ● ●
Dexterity ● ● ● ● ●
Stamina ● ● ● ● ● ●
Streetwise ● ● ●
Survival ● ● ●
Medicine ● ● ●
Performance ● ● ● ●
Lack of Scent
Large(+1 die to social rolls involving garou)
Overly Curious

Garou or Fera?
Mimi's...something, but what she is she holds close to the vest. What she does? Is tag along, listen and generally try to wiggle in to participate. And she'll work on both sides of the fence, if given half a chance. After all, pranking the wyrm as as easily done from within as it is without. Hit me up, if you'd like a little additional color for your adventures.

Struggling Artist
Aside from taking the occasional odd job, if a request comes her way, Mimi's currently working as a 'dancer' at the gentleman's club called the 215. Perhaps you've seen her there? Or just at any of the various hotspots around town. When she's not working, she still likes to go out.

Have you seen this girl?
Mimi's memory really /is/ terrible and she often forgets people she doesn't see on a regular basis. Of course, she's working on this, but if you'd like to have known her from some point before, page me or @mail, I'd be happy to work something out.

Have one you want to keep? Or someone else's you like to know? Just...pay her and point her in the right direction! She's also extremely overly curious and a complete busy body with a penchant for meddling.

Soft Hearted?
Mimi can read almost as well as a second grader and there are...still things that mortals are fond of like cars and television remotes and technology in general that she's completely clueless about; not...that she'd admit it.

Thief? That doesn't need doors, or can just get you through them? This girl right here, could help you out, for a nice consultants fee. Don't worry, she's cheap. You just might have trouble getting her to let go of whatever she's been sent after, if it catches her eye.

Rodrigo of the Screwdriver "I just, love your ears and your smile and and and you know, for a whatever you are, you're pretty fuckin' awesome to me."
Andrei 'Thunderstruck' Kazavoski "Eat your face or actually listen when you talk. You're a moody som'bitch but we work well together "
Greg 'Slipstream' Landers "You taught me a lot, about well...a lot. Guess what, I'm not going to forget it."
Eliza, Not Yael "I like you. You're different and understanding and there's only some days, in which that confuses me."
Leandro 'Blood in the Streets' "You've got the easiest personality to get along with out of the three and well, you tip the best when you come by work."
That Guy, Jared "I still think we could make an assload of money dancing together."
Chrissy, of the Collar "You're a dangerous lady and a damn horny one! I still want to touch it. Talking to you is always a fucking education."
Cheapest way in the world to travel.
Please don't pick on me bout my ears, mk?
Sometimes you've just got to roll in the leaves.
It can't always be happy, can it?
I like rabbits. Mmmm, rabbits.
It's the legs, right? No? The skirt?
I wanna know...everything.
Whatcha see is not always what you get.
I had a blond phase. O.o
D'you wanna play dress up?
Airbrushed tattoo is, airbrushed!
I'm sorry, what were you saying?