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I Have a Bad Feeling About This
A congruence in the pattern of Creation indicates a danger to the Fallen of Prospect. Who are these people, and how will they be involved?
IC Date June 28, 2015
IC Time Afternoon
Players Larry, November, Erzsebet, Laura, Hashim, Sharpe
Location E Street Circle

Begin Log

Larry is driving along a side street at a slow pace, glancing this way and that. A couple of the others are with him. "So, remember how I was keeping an eye out for that outfit from Kansas, see if anyone else was going to try anything against us? Well, I saw /something/ coming up, I don't know if it's the same guys but... Hold up, I think this might be the place."

Up ahead, some sort of house party is taking place. Cars are parked solid for half a block around, even double-parked in one case, and a couple people are hanging out and talking just outside the front door. It's the sort of neighborhood that you can fool yourself into thinking is upper class, as long as you stay away from the actual upper class neighborhoods.

November just said she'd meet them there. She's with Sharpe. Why? Who the fuck knows. November's got all the boys on a string these days. Even poor Hashim who got groped the night before for what might have been the very first time ever. She spots Larry and slows just a little bit

And who might you also expect to find in a house party where the enemies of the fallen are making merry? Erzsebet sits in a corner of the living room surrounded by glass eyed young people. Her dark smile drips with amusement as she sips from a long neck bottle of corona. One of the young men at the table is doing lines of coke off the coffee table to the encouragement of the others. Erzsebet4s eyes look smug as he does more and more and skirts the edge of lethal toxicity. Perhaps he will miscalculate. That would be a shame.

From somewhere in the car, preferably beside Larry, but anywhere there'd been an available place to sit, Laura peers towards the house. "What is it you think you saw?" Detail oriented, Laura doesn't make any assumptions without something to back it. She glances around but unerringly her gaze goes back to the house.

Well, maybe it's just the two of them in the car. In any case, Larry pulls over and squints, trying to get a better look down the road. "Hard to tell, I was taking a pretty general look in the first place. I heard something about vacations, though." He gets out and starts walking that way, waving to November as he spots her.

November parks the car and slides out. She's wearing her 'I'm totally a college kid' outfit. She made Sharpe do about the same if he was willing.

Hashim is driving a car that looks like its more bubblegum and duct tape than car. He shows up where Larry said there might be a lead, his cell on speaker on the seat next to him and he comments to the confrence call "Well this doesn't look suspicious at all."

"Oh, okay." Laura could easily pass for a college student and often does. She's wearing a pair of jeans, again with the blingy pockets and a black t-shirt, he she's attempting to go for clandestine. As soon as Larry gets out, she hurriedly does too and follows along.

Sharpe arrived with November and was of course dressed properly. -Maybe- his clothes were a bit -too- designer, but he can easily pass for rich and white. He was both so it wasn't a stretch

Erzsebet laughs at the man sniffing the coke of the table. "You missed a spot," she teases. "Your not going to leave a mess for other people to clean up are you?" Double entendre...Erzsebet4s favorite hobby. The young man goes back and snorts up what he missed. Sputtering and coughing. His pupils have become quite narrow, much to the delight of the psychiatrist.

A little over a year ago, Larry /was/ a college student - good thing the guys campaigning against him were too hurried and disorganized to make a solid case for lack of experience - but he's dressed a bit nicer today, slacks and a dark polo shirt. Rather than the kids over in the living room and their cougar, it's the oblivious thirtysomething set over by the kitchen on the other side of the house that he approaches. "Hi, we're here about the, uh, vacation thing? Is this the right address?" They confirm that it is, and offer pamphlets about some timeshare program that were clearly printed off of an inkjet printer. The yellow is a bit crooked.

November does this sort of shit all the time. She plays the part of the quiet little mouse, considerably dumber than she ACTUALLY is and just keeps herself sort of in the background. The proper terminology for what she does is 'bait'

Laura plays the fresh faced sorority girl with stars in her eyes. Her smile is beaming as she leans over to get a look at the timeshare pamphlet too. She's a recent graduate herself from the local college. There's a look tossed back at November but mostly she remains near Larry.

Erzsebet wanders over to collect one these pamphlets as well. She hadnt noticed them before as she was too busy encouraging stupidity. She picks it up and raises a brow. Casting a furtive look over at November. She has seen that woman before somewhere.

Hashim is sort of drifting in on the fringes, he stops on the porch to smoke one of his god awful cheap mexican cigarettes and just observe the milling crowd.

Sharpe is very good at looking like he's too good to be here. Who wears sunglasses at night? This guy right here. He milled about and casually observed the others

Laura's eyes widen. The Doctor! She had definitely met her very, very recently and very formally. There's a brief look of panic on her features that she attempts to hide by nuzzling into Larry's chest.

There's milling. There's snorting. There's selling, or at least something that vaguely resembles selling; more of these people are probably here because it's their friend, not because she actually knows what she's doing.

Then, abruptly, there is screaming.

A single, high-pitched scream, lasting for about two seconds before it cuts off with a meaty thud. One of the other slackers is standing behind her, having just plunged a letter opener into the base of her spine. "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" he screams, before pulling it out and lunging for... oh, that guy that Erzsebet was working over looks like a nice easy target. He's still slumped over the table, breathing, but in no shape to make a run for it. The other two /could/, but for the moment they're still frozen in shock.

Erzsebet looks up in shock at the maniac. She came here to do something awful but this isnt part of her plan. She of course doesnt stop the maniac from doing her job for her. Backing away with revulsion she keeps her dark eyes on the killer.

Sharpe lifts his brow at the scream and then hears the shout. He glances around briefly "Right...don't see a game of Fantasy going on...soooo." he of course does what every idiot does. He makes his way -towards- the shouting

November smiles dumbly at Erzy. She slips herself behind Sharpe and then.. oh, no. We really can't have all THAT. November steps out from behind Sharpe and heads right that way with him, glancing around at the group as she moves.

In life there are people that run from blood and screams and those that run towards it. Hashim might not be active duty military any more but some reflexes never go away. Seeing Sharpe and November headed for the stabber Hashim will instead go for the stab-ee to see if there's anything to be done.

Erzsebet calls out over the din as she sees people rushing the murderer. "Don4t kill him," she says sharply. Odd request that. Don4t kill the lunatic making sacrifices to the blood god? Why the hell not? She tries to grab at the man4s hand.

And Larry? Larry does not run. Larry /flies/ into the next room. Well, okay, technically he 'just' jumps the distance in a couple implausible bounds. As Erzsebet clamps onto the loonie's wrist and struggles for his impromptu weapon, Larry changes direction slightly, slamming into the next would-be victim and knocking him further out of slicing range. "Go, /go/!" he shouts, doing his best to shove him further in the direction of the nearest exit.

Sharpe lifts his brow and skids a bit before changing his direction to help subdue the crazy guy

Hashim is trying to give the stabbed girl some first response trauma aid and yells "Somebody get me a towel or blanket or something!" as he applies pressure to the wound. He also applies a little Faith, whispering an invocation to heal.

Too bad for Laura who had been burying her face against Larry. When he flies into the next room, she is forced back and stumbles, losing her footing, but he has successfully rescued her from witnessing the stabbing. There's something going on and it's bad, but self preservation doesn't have her running towards it like the others. Mama didn't raise no fool.

Subdue, yes. That's TOTALLY November's plan. If Erzy's got the guy, she'll hop up onto his back for a chokehold. She's tiny, but she's fierce. Rawr. Like, no really. Do not fuck with November. She cheats.

Erzsebet holds the knife hand with great effort as November tackles the man from behind.

Between the pesky little midget girl playing Dread Pirate Roberts, and the bad doctor struggling with his wrist, Grant stumbles forward half a step and goes down hard onto his knees. "Fuck!" he manages to spit out. Fucking hardwood floor. His fingers are still clutched tightly around the letter opener, knuckles going white with the effort.

Larry is continuing to work crowd control. "Out, get /out/! That goes for you too!" he says, getting back up to his feet and addressing the older group. A couple of them hesitate, but upon seeing that the crazy dude is already being piled on, they nod and make their way quickly outside.

November just tightens her grip around the dude's throat. It isn't about strength. It's about the ability to hold on. You don't need MUCH pressure. "Drop it, dumbass. Drop it or I will choke you out like a little bitch." Squeeze. "Drop. It."

Finally, Hashim's demand for a towel or blanket registers with Laura and she scrambles to her feet and rushes further in to do exactly that. "Looking for one!" She calls back to him.

Sharpe was standing over the two women holding that man down. Well no more room in the pool for a pile up. He just moves to step on Grant's hand and grind his foot down against those knuckes. "Someone needs to drop their toy."

The maniac looses his grip as his body weakens further and further. To the casual observer it would appear he is getting tired. In truth he is made so weak he can barely even support his own weight. Erzsebet secures the letter opener and stands to remove herself from the tangle of limbs. "We need to get him somewhere awau from these." She gestures at the other people in the house. These may as well be referring to shit.

Larry looks around to check which way Laura took off. "We might have another issue," he points out, glancing outside-- where the others are starting to babble to one another, some of them already heading off at speed toward their vehicles.

"Sharpe, ROUND UP THOSE FUCKERS!" She's already climbing off the dude and heading toward the exit to snag a someone.. and also slaps Sharpe on the ass on the way past.

Sharpe steps away and darts towards "those fuckers". How do you round up people? Hmm waving a pistol may work. He pulls his from the back of his pants and sally's forth.

Erzsebet looks for an empty room to take the cultist too. Kidnapping him before police can arrive will cause too many issues.

Suddenly there is Laura with the blanket she tosses towards Hashim and she hurries up to Sharpe when she sees him reaching for his weapon only hesitating long enough for Larry to gently squeeze her shoulder. She gives him a sudden radiant smile before moving off towards the others who are panicking. "Please, this isn't helping anyone." Her voice is nice and calm amid the chaos, but it's boosted a little so she can be heard. "Everyone calm down, walk out of the nearest exit." She even assists in walking over and helping to usher some out if it takes it, a soothing quality about her.

Hashim is adminstering first aid to the lady that was stabbed, using the blanket that he snatches out of the air as an improvised pressure bandage.

And then there's November. "Everyone chill out and slow down! Go sit on the steps and WAIT." She isn't nearly so polite as Laura, nor as intimidating and Sharpe. Just demanding. Typical woman

Larry lets the others head outside first, making sure November and Erzsebet really do have Stabby McStabberson on proper lockdown. Yup, he's not going anywhere any time soon, at least not unless he has reinforcements on the way. Satisfied, he heads out and looks around to see who still looks the most riled up. "It's okay, everyone. That guy was-- well, things are under control now."

Sharpe is really good at waving a gun around...when backed up by a tiny woman...

November flashes her badge. Hey, it's a bounty hunter badge, but even that might work in this situation, and she flashes it fast. That should be sufficient. "Alright. Is anyone else hurt? Everyone good? Hashim, you need anything in there?" Eyes slip to Larry. "Cops?"

Erzsebet bends down toward the strengthless wretch on the ground. "I dont want to hurt you," she purrs in a soothing voice barely above a whisper. "I hate people too. You can trust me. Now........//tell me everything about the Blood God.// We probably have the same goals.

Grant looks distinctly skeptical at first. Erzsebet /just/ got down shank-blocking him, after all. He must have a thing for whispering, though, lolling his head to one side and beginning to gently babble. "It matters not whose blood is spilled, only that blood /is/ spilled. But it must be taken from the vital organs, one by one. In this way is the descending ladder rebuilt, when once it was broken."

Erzsebet nods. "Yes of course the descending ladder. Do go on."

Laura manages, with the others, to get the bulk of the people outside. Once there though, she immediately looks to Larry and November for answers. "Totally beyond my pay grade," she says softly. Yeah this was way out there.

Sharpe rounds up the people and makes his way over towards November, leaning down to whisper to her

Hashim shakes his head and answers November "I've got her stable mostly but she does still need a hospital. Probably surgery eventually." Has torn strips off the blanket to get the pressure bandage held in place. "Just no one try and move her without me or a paramedic."

Those couple of stragglers who were totally overlooked are rounded up with November's commanding voice and brought to sit on the steps. "Good boys. Now, just sit there until I tell you otherwise." The effect should hold for a little bit at least. She grabs her phone and dials 911.

Larry is just keeping an eye out, slipping an arm around Laura's waist as he lets the others talk for a bit. Oh, and Grant has passed out.

Sharpe nods at November and turns back towards the house, he makes his way inside to go check up on things

Erzsebet snort in disgust. "Whoever he is in thrall too I doubt he is allowed to know much. I'll visit him once he's locked up. Wretched ape."

Laura isn't really used to seeing this. It's never been part of her world. "Larry.. someone died in there." As far as she knew! Once more she tries to draw strength from him where hers is iffy. She'll get better!

Larry glances around, then leans over and murmurs to Laura, where the folks without the PC Glow (tm) can't hear. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," he explains.

Sharpe waits to see what's going on now, letting his gaze shift about and keep an eye on the area

Hashim is, as has become customary in PrPs bloody almost up to his elbows. Not as bad as last time because he wasn't yanked mid autopsy but still he's a mess. The patient now bandaged and resting as comfortably as can be expected he comes out to the doorway and asks "Any word on the ambulance? She's going to need some stitches and a transfusion if nothing else."

End Log