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Name: Dr. Erzsebet Klaussenburg

Position: Director of the Klaussenburg Psychiatric Hospital.

Angelic Name: Mastriel

House: Devourers

Faction: Raveners

Concept: Psychiatrist


Theme Song: Angels and Demons --Melissa Otero-- [1]

History: The Unholy Union

About the Player: User:Faqirah

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Luciferan.png "Remember that guy who convinced us all to rebel against God? Remember how it resulted in our prison on earth and being replaced by the apes as His favored children? We should really find that guy again! I bet he has some more brilliant ideas to benefit us all! Or just kill yourself.
Faustian.png "Your love for the apes sickens me. History shows that they will turn on you. What God hath created to replace us, you would tend this garden? There are only two kinds of mortals, witches and pigs. To think that a significant amount have the strength to be witches or ever could is laughable. The access to the divine spark should be guided toward our transcending this plane, but you waste time guiding worthless pigs so you can feel powerful."
Cryptic.png "I don't expect everyone to rally to our cause, but at least some have the sense to stay out of our way."
Reconciler.png "Masochists of the highest order. God hath created us to be the example for the apes in the folly of not serving him. Your self loathing pleases him most of all. Better that you should be killed so that your stain does not represent us at all. Maggots.
Ravener.png "The foolish see monsters and mindless beasts. Yet we are The Way, The Truth, and The Darkness! Open your eyes and resist!
Mortal.png "Its not your fault. Unfortunately misery loves company and God cares when even the least of you is harmed. May your pain rise to heaven to blacken his eyes."
Vampire.png "Interesting creatures but cannot be thralled. Less tragic then they believe.
GOD You knew this would happen. Otherwise you would never have created us. That means your a sick bastard who likes it. Allow me to amuse you.

Misa She was my favorite girl. A hunter. Damn her eyes for poisoning Lana against me. You kill us and its noble. We kill you and its evil. Im glad your gone.

Dixie How precious! She feels sorry for me....ME!!!

Ronni Don't let the sweet face fool you. She's wicked!

Katya Low Class. Butch. Go die somewhere.

Chambers (looped recording) "You better not get that thing anywhere near my ass. I mean it!" Your misery was very amusing.

Foster Worm. Must you convince the apes to serve God so that you can siphon His worship to yourself? For every thrall you show the way, you convert thousands to Him. Perhaps this is your way of kneeling.

Bijou Her dark rebirth is in a shell that I shattered with my own hand. This made her precious to me. And though I avenged her death and sent all of those they loved to hell with them, it doesn't fill the void.

Sara If I beat you over the head would you get it? Probably not. Not a good candidate for law enforcement, but might be fun to play with.

Michal Go home and beg forgiveness from a merciless God. Everything about you is a sham. Tell me more about your guilt. It gives me pleasure. How does sin taste?

Cherazart Large Peppermint Mocha___$3.25

Ripping her eyes open to the hypocrisy of God's children___Priceless!

Yuri For a man of law your delightfully wicked. High price lawyer and worth every cent.

Davis I got something I know you need.

Conrad People don't like me. He seems drawn to evil. Good news. I've got plenty. How far will you sink?

Becky She loved me despite my curse. I was tempted to leave this dark path behind. Then she was murdered. The ones who did this, their fate cannot be described in words.

Velok Killing me would bring you too much pleasure? Awww! I bet you say that to all the girls! You think you are righteous but sending sinners to Hell really serves me. (Revelation 22:11)

Fabian There can be no love with terror and revulsion. Can you hear Him laughing?

Alisandra Ironic that the first step down the spiral to one of healing and catharsis. I hear your prayer daughter of Eve!

Alisha She lights the way. All things are possible. The truth in the darkness.

Asdis Tonight we ride on black wings and the tears of mankind.

Amadeus Hunter....Hunted? God is very far from this place.

Lana Im not giving up the endgame for your misguided challenge. Now listen here you stupid ape!

Aine Alisha's cabana girl. Makes a delicious cup of coffee.

Rachel The wheel turns and you come back to me. I will be your mother now.

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RP Hooks
Mental Health__Are you involved in the field of behavioral science and psychiatry? Do you seek help for your derangements IC but would really rather continue to suffer OOC? Come play with me. I can help you.

High Society__Erzsebet is just between well-off and rich, she's looking to increase her presence in high society.

Excess__Indulgence is a state of being, whether its a taste for delicacies, carnal delights, pleasure from other's pain, narcotics, or any other manner of sin; Erzsebet has probably already done it at least twice.

Dark Themes__I need them. Don't spare me the unpleasantness. Its why I'm here.

Bad Press: You may have seen one of these slanderous posters hung up about town. Need an excuse to abuse, make fun of or hate me? Look no further! [2]

Ravener__Part of being a Ravener is to tear everything down. I do bad things IC. I do things to deliberately make people unhappy. I hope they will become suicidal so that my brothers and sisters without bodies can get in. I like to enthrall people to ensure their damnation. If I like you as a RPer that means I will probably target you. If you have trouble seperating mush actions from real actions, please don´t roleplay with me. Yes I am going to try and hurt you.

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Apocalyptic Form ^





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Pratibha Lal: A Supervisory Medical Examiner Investigator for Prospect County.


Joseph Greeley: The "Not So Honorable" Judge.


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