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I Have a Bad Feeling About This 2
A congruence in the pattern of Creation indicates a danger to the Fallen of Prospect. Who are these people, and how will they be involved?
IC Date September 13, 2015
IC Time Evening
Players Larry, Erzsebet, Hashim, Utau, Brienne, Soleil, November
Location Broadway and Sunset

Begin Log

Interesting bit of lore, Patterns is. On a good day, it can warn you when something dangerous is about to happen... or does it draw you into the path of danger, instead? In any case, Larry passed word around that something important was going to go down here tonight. 'Here' turns out to be a club, one of hundreds littering the city, word of mouth filling in for a proper advertising budget. A few dozen people are dancing under the laser lights. Next to the bar is a TV room, the big screen ignored in favor of a half-undressed guy getting his back lightly whiped by a twentysomething in black leather and silver studs.

Erzsebet in a bondage club? Gasp. Hardly surprising that the infamous psychiatrist is here enjoying the show of the apes tormenting eachother. "Harder," she taunts the performers. "Make me believe!" That bemused smile taints her face as usual.

Hashim is not usually at this sort of place but if there's word something's going down he'll show up and probably wait outside till there's someone he knows to go in with. His scars attract attention in this sort of place, good or bad depends on your perspective.

"Oh look," murmurs Utau in a droll tone as he passes into the club irreguardless of his small size, "Marriage counciling." He moves in a way that is, simply, cat-like. Quiet, stalking, relaxed like a predator before the pounce yet not projecting that he is such.

A bondage club. Interesting, that. Brienne had gotten the information and had arrived, dressed in black leather pants and a black cashmere sweater. Her hair is in an updo with a few tendrils falling romantically down to frame her features. She looks more like an angel playing at looking the 'bad girl' part. Her boots are black as well. The only splash of color other than her white blonde hair is a gold necklace worn around her neck and a tennis bracelet spanning her wrist. Catching sight of the now familiar face, Hashim, Brie offers her arm. "Would you accompany me so I don't have to go in alone?"

This isn't exactly Soleil's kind of place, really. Not normally, at least, but nothing is normal any more, is it? The actress, clad in a comfortable (but extremely fashionable) looking pair of sweatpants and a dark-colored hoodie, pulls the hood down and slips her sunglasses off as she slips in, blue eyes casting about to take in the scenery. Interesting.

Hashim nods and offers a odd looking grin at at Brienne (to be fair all his grins are odd looking with half his face messed up) "Glad to. I can even glower and loom menacingly as required. Hashim Balawi by the way."

And this is why Larry is hanging around near Hashim today. Who's going to notice him? And while he could probably weather being noticed, he'd rather avoid it if he can. "Utau?" he calls over to the other man. "Shut up." He just spotted the doctor. "There was a thing a few months ago, this might be related. Or not."

Brienne smiles, which hopefully is not odd looking at all, "Glowering and looming menacingly are bonuses I would be grateful for," she glances at Larry and laughs when he calls over to Utau, but her attention goes immediately back to Hashim. "It is a pleasure, Hashim Balawi. I'm Brienne Hilton." She pauses a moment before adding. "No relation to the hotel Hilton's."

Speaking of creeps that Hashim needs to protect poor Brienne from, Erzsebet moistens her lips as her dark eyes track the angel in leather pants who seems so much more delicious than the farcical act on stage. She smirks as she sips pina colada through a straw.

Sighing, Utau shuts up as 'asked' by Larry. He pauses and runs through his usual visual mantra. Ambush points, escape routes, exits from the escape routes, cover along the way, security in general. To say the least the S&M show interests the ex underworld assasin very little. He's seen... more authentic anyway.

Luckily, nobody really cares about the woman who looks like a movie star in here. She slips over to Larry, making certain to keep her head tipped down toward the ground, in order to keep the recognition levels to a bare minimum. The press will definitely notice her visiting a place like this.

Hashim snorts at Brienne in ammusement and nods to her as they enter together "I did catch that when you were meeting the others. In case it comes up there's an olive drab field pack with red straps that weighs about forty pounds in the trunk of my car. If I toss you my keys that's why."

Definitely the press will notice and Brienne does look over and realize who was here. She offers Soleil a smile before looking back to her escort. "I have never been in a place like this. It's.. interesting." She feels eyes on her and looks over to notice the woman from the Sushi bar the other evening. A crooked smile is given to her, she doesn't really know her, just of her, and she's reserving judgment. At the snort from Hashim, she grins in response. "I'm a good catch," she winks, doing the double entendre deliberately. "I am also good at running, so I'm your girl, if you want the bag in a hurry."

Erzsebet rises and drifts over to Brienne and Soleil and their scarred protector. The fellow Rabisu gets a slight raising of the eyes in recognition. "See now the sushi bar seemed like a chance meeting but now a bondage club. If you all are so intent on following me around just give a ring on my phone. I don't bite you know, usually." She extends a hand to Brienne. "Im Erzsebet."

The actress peers quietly at Erzsebet, still keeping her head down. The press might notice, but she slipped out well enough that probably only tabloids will get ahold of the pictures. At least, that's what she is counting on. Blue eyes turn briefly to peer at the fellow getting whipped briefly, one brow raising, before she turns back to the others.

Headed for a few of the clubgoers of the more Asiatic variety, all the while angling himself so that he keeps a view of his companions even if it makes his route more circuitous but all-the-same more like natural mingling, Utau does a half-bow, half chin-up sort of gesture not uncommon amongst the Japanese American crowd. "Oi," he says "Genki wa? Kono basho de, saidai nandesuka? Kyomibukai mono ni shutoku suru ni wa?"

When Erzsebet approaches, Brienne tilts her head, readily curious as to the woman. "Ah a chance meeting would indicate leaving things to fate. I would never presume to allow anything to decide my fate but myself, but I'm afraid chance and fate keep pushing me down and trampling on me." Vague, of course. Her hand slips into that of the other woman and a smile appears, "Erzsebet," she tries out the name. "Brienne Hilton. I wonder if you are here for the show?" Her brows raise to indicate the BDSM going on over near curtain number three.

Erzsebet feigns a yawn. "You know I did come for the show and I dont know why. I really cant fathom why I thought there would be some flavor beyond vanilla here. I mean look at them." She might as well be kissing his back for all the effort she isnt putting into that. The fear is what makes it sweet but these two...they just want a show but..." She indicates the weirdoes in shadowy corners who are probably touching themselves. There are always "those guys" in any sex club. "They like it so...thats what brings in the dollars right? Now I know some people say sadism isnt real if the other person likes it but they fail to understand that its because the other person is so wretched that its a joy. Of course who am I to talk. If I reveal the secret that subs would stop drinking the koolaid and Id be bored again. Your really powerful for letting me abuse you. Yeah sure. And then there is the ones who actually know they4re worthless. Its interesting at least."

The Japanese girl that Utau speaks to blinks at him, responding as she tucks a stray lock of rusty-mauve hair behind one ear, "Ano... ta da... So. Ma, Otokosan wa, soko ni sono baso de no supankingu ga arimasu... neh?" She bites her lower lip, blushing and looking away, "Anata wa sore ni shite iru baai. Uweh... "

Sighing, Utau responds, "Tch. Naku, kanari watashi ga nani o imi suru no ka. Hakujin wa koko ni kimyona nanika o yatte imasu ka?"

The Japanese girl with the rusty mauve hair, giggles nervously and shakes her head as she responds "iiiei, tsujo yori mo kimyo arimasen."

Whereas Utau, posture leaned slightly forwards and redbrown hair half-covering his face quirks his mouth to the side. "Hauuuuuh? Hon to ni? Tch. Okage de gari. Bai bai." With that he begins to head back towards his group, circuitously enough to be mingling with the crowd.

Hashim raises his eyebrow right back at Erzsebet as he ponders if she's the 'bad thing' that brought them here tonight. Otherwise though he just remains in position behind Brienne's shoulder, looming silently.

For anyone who was getting bored with the show on account of it being too tame, it looks like things might be about to pick up over there. The girl in studded leather hands off the cat o' nine tails to one of the onlookers, turning to open up a little black hard-shell case instead. It's about the right size to stash a flute, or a bag of Slim Jims.

No such luck, Brienne has her other arm still linked with Hashim, because she had claimed him for the evening. Erzsebet earns an arched brow look and amusement once more dances in her expression. "In other words, you want them chained to the wall and completely at your mercy?" Pause. "Kinky." When the performance picks up, or something looks about to happen, she directs her gaze over there.

Erzsebet doesnt answer but does give Brienne a secret smile as she turns to look at what is about to happen. "Oh looks like they are going to go for something harder. Maybe I talk too loud....maybe thats a good thing."

The actress turns her attention toward the show, brow raising again as it appears that something is going to be happening soon. Blue eyes examine the little black case, eyes still hooded as she shoves her hands into her pockets. She would look like a hoodlum if it weren't for the fact that her outfit is clearly designer brand, considering the name brand printed across her rear end. Soleil remains the quiet, brooding one, though, just...watching and quietly questioning everything.

November slips inside. This is the kind of place where you don't really want to touch anything, so November sticks her hands in her pockets once she's managed to get herself in the door and looks around for Larry

There he is, over there with Soleil. Or somewhere in that general vicinity, anyway. "Utau's speaking the language of his people," he says to November, keeping his own voice down. "It's adorable."

Erzsebet looks petulantly at November. "You never called." She grins and turns her attention back to the show on stage.

A respectful nod is cast toward November by Soleil, before her attention is back upon the stage. Soleil seems to be quite happy to follow November's plan of action, keeping her hands shoved into her pockets as she avoids touching anything. Who knows what has gotten where, and who knows how good the cleanup crew did...she'll definitely pass.

"Our little boy is growing up," November murmurs to Larry, glancing over toward Utau and just.... not touching anything.

Brienne notes the secret smile from Erzsebet and her lips quirk in response. "Maybe you do." Her smile turns more full and she glances up at Hashim. "You see what I do? Looks like the show is getting good." As November joins, she flashes her a smile, "Good to see you."

The case is opened, revealing a knife with a curved gunmetal-gray blade and rough oaken handle. Mistress Sapphire takes it out and draws the point across her own arm, leaving behind a significant blood trail against her pale skin. Her erstwhile spanking victim hasn't noticed, and those in the audience paying proper attention seem to think it's just part of the show.

Hashim sees the knife come out and frowns as he appologetically disentangles himself from Brienne and moves over quickly to intercept the wrist of the hand with the knife in it, giving it a twist but all he manages is to get a hold of it.

Erzsebet calls out. "Dont just start cutting. Tell us about yourself."

Mistress Sapphire tries to swing the blade down, only for Hashim to finally snatch it away. "No, I need that!" she screeches, turning and reaching to try and grab it right back. "He has to pay for what Mr. Johnson did to me! They /all/ have to pay!"

Reaching behind himself, Utau slowly slides a stark white ceramic knife from a sheath beneath his shirt. He keeps the slim survival knife held close against his forearm in a J-stroke posture; but the moment that blade is in his hand there is something like a pulse, a low thrum. A primal sense... like a predator's breath on the back of your neck, hungering for your living flesh. Even as this happens, Utau, with a already low center of gravity has his head down and is running for Sapphire.

Brienne just follows with the others but when Utau breaks into a run, she casually goes to the bar, because this is still a business, and drawing attention to oneself like that is neither prudent or wise. She stands nearby, close enough to help if needed, but she does not interfere between those with blades now, who look very much as if they intend on using them.

Blue eyes widen slightly at the sight of the blade, and widen even more when Hashim is suddenly grabbing the lady's wrist. With raised brows, Soleil glances around, then back to the Mistress with a slight frown. As everyone else begins to move, the actress...stays where she is. Kind of an asshole move to pull, but she never said she wasn't one. It's certainly easier than needlessly putting this rather valuable body at risk. Besides, it appears that the others have the situation under control.

Larry, on the other hand, does his best to cut through the crowd and get over there where the action is. "'scuse me, pardon me." Things seem to be under control for the moment, but that could still change quickly.

When he arrives at the point of violence, Utau doesn't whip his knife around at her, instead he uses Hashim as a fulcrum point to spin into a backfist and strike her across the jawline with his treebark tough knuckles. "DOWN girl..." he calls.

Sapphire lunges for the knife one more time, falls short, and just collapses down to her hands and knees. "It's not /fair/!" she cries out, pounding fists into the ground. "I was bending over just like this, the first time he saw me in that cheerleader uniform, and now I'm right back there! I might as well still be in braces."

Erzsebet asks curiously as if there weren4t a fight going on. "So when you have braces, does that make the party in your mouth taste any different. I mean objectively there has to be some sort of tinny flavor. And if you were bending over just like that you clearly wanted something I mean honestly, your right. You should still be in braces. You should be dead. It would be better for everyone if you were dead. God hates you. And now your going to hell because well, sorry Im trying to murder some random stranger because of what uncle handsy did doesnt pave your way to the kingdom. I wish you had that cheerleader outfit for this."

Soleil's face darkens, and she mutters something under her breath with a casual gesture. It doesn't work as well as she would like, unfortunately, and the only thing that happens is a spark traveling over the woman's clothing -- nothing nearly enough to catch her on fire. The actress shrugs, and turns away nonchalantly, a frown on her face. Well, this isn't any fun at all. Though that confession is kind of amusing. The part of her that is Soleil is partially amused and partially disgusted by the stabby lady.

Hashim is playing sharp thing keep away with the crazy cultist lady. He mutters something as he shifts his grip and only the other Fallen present really have a clue that anything just happened

"IALPRG NOASMI OL!" <<Enochian: FLAME COME!>> growls Utau, closing his eyes and extending a hand towards Soleil as he bares his teeth. Though it is not loud, someone might feel a bit queasy hearing a native speaker evoking in Enochian. "NIIS OLANI OAI OIAD, OL OIAD!" <<Enochian: FOR I AM OF THE STARS!>> He narrows his fire golden eyes as he says to Soleil as even the embers on Saphire's clothes die away, "Try that on one of the flock again, and YOU will burn in fires so hot you will beg for the tender ministrations of the depths from which you rose."

Erzsebet chuckles as the fallen seem to turn on themselves. At least the Raveners are solid in not giving a shit about the apes. She takes another sip of her pina colada. Maybe he is just mad about the attention but then his proclamation screams hunters please kill me now.

Erzsebet stands. If the Elohim are going to kill eachother how is that not a win for her unless she gets involved. So she finishes her drink and walks languidly away from the chaos. No one needs to be a witness for the police or a suspect, especially not the infamous evil psychiatrist who trolls her patient rosters for sex. She leaves with the ghost of a smile tugging at her lips.

This is about the point at which Larry reaches Sapphire, taking hold of her shoulder and encouraging her to get up and go over to collapse at the bar. Clearly she's had a long night. "Utau, SHUT UP," he calls out. "Or have we forgotten that this poor innocent sheep was two seconds away from committing a felony?" Speaking of which, let's get rid of the audience. "Sorry, guys, I think the show's over for the night. Drinks are on me!" He takes out a sheaf of large denomination bills from his wallet, going over and handing them to the bartender out in the main area of the club.

Soleil's face darkens. "She who was so close to murdering another with joy in her heart is not /deserving/ of your pity or love. She would have just as gleefully murdered others to obtain that goal." She hisses as quietly as she can. "You speak too rashly, before you even know my intent." She shakes her head, turning to order a drink from the bar with a scowl upon her features.

Hashim just sort of looks at Utau like he's a little crazy and seemed like he was about to say something but chooses not to when Larry does. He returns his attention to the lady he was grappling with as she rambled. Once her movements slow he reaches over towards the case to put the knife away.

"Let he whom is without sin cast the first stone," says Utau, though far more softly. Though as usual, when Larry barks an order, Utau DOES obey. He may be a hotheaded idealist, but he does obey orders. He slides his ceramic blade back under his shirt and into its sheath, closing his eyes. "Is she secure, Hashim?" he asks softly as he steps closer, but just at arm's reach of Saphire.

The moment Utau sees the flash of a weapon he oesn't bother to go for his pown, he simply reacts. His stance shifts, shoulder-width, slide-step, wweight dfistributed sevety five prcent to the back leg, he steps in and rolls hs hip over striking downwards at the gunman's knee but bouncing off the shin. Simultaneously he pulls th eparalelle punch this is often a killer attack in Karate; hsi brutal form of Shotokan no exception. The Awase Zuki is struck as Utau puts his whole uper torso into the hit, the lower punch striking softer to the abdomen but the upper catvching the man in the mandibular tip in a move that will NOT feel good in the morning.

Hashim is not a creature of fancy words or elegance, the style of fighting his vessel knows best is no muss. No fuss. Hammer fist to the back of the head as the gunman doubles over from getting hit in the gut. Utau sets, Hashim spikes.

The quote of scripture prompts an almost FURIOUS expression upon Soleil's face. "Fuck God and his tenets," she mumbles under her breath with a sneer, grabbing her drink and taking an angry gulp. She could say more, but she doesn't feel so inclined to make a scene -- especially not in here.

Anyone paying attention to Spanking Boy's stance and expression, as opposed to just 'whoops he's armed', would notice a sea change. Done playing the laughingstock, he's all grim and business now. "You /failed/ him!" he yells at Sapphire. Before he can turn the tables completely and pop a cap in her ass, though, he takes a kick (big deal, that spot was already dulled from the whipping) and a couple sharp punches, and the pistol goes skittering across the floor as he collapses unceremoniously to the ground.

Hashim points over at the gun "Nobody touch that." Nodding to Brienne "You make sure please." Then he turns his attention back to the guy he just knocked out to get him laid out on his back with as little movement as possible, checking his vitals and such to make sure nothing's seriously broken.

Brienne nods and moves to protect the area, careful not to touch anything and not allowing any of the onlookers to either. She's silent for now, but she is alert and attentive, curious as to what was going on with it all.

Guns! Guns happened. Soleil is still angry, but the gun was rather shocking, so she's a bit less...scowl-ey, at this point. She frowns at the commotion, sipping at her drink -- ready to help if need be.

Stepping over to Mistress Sapphire as Hashim handles Whipping Boy, Utau says to her in a calm, soft, voice "Tell me about Mr. Johnson. Obviously from what you said before, this man is not him. It sounds as though he is connected in some way, however. And it sounds as though Mr. Johnson did something unspeakable and cruel to you when you were still a young girl. I do not want you to have to relive that. I just want to know who Mr. Johnson is. What happened. Who your victim here who tried to shoot you is. And why he would say you failed Mr. Johnson."

Sapphire, no longer under the influence of Erzsebet's evocation, is keeping her mouth shut. It's all she can do to shoot Utau a silent broken glare. And Whipping Boy is still sacked out unconscious on the ground, so he won't be talking any time soon either unless someone makes an active effort to revive him. Larry is doing no such thing, instead camping out by the gun to make sure no one /else/ grabs the darn thing.

Hashim is satisfied when he finds the guy hadn't been killed on accident and then takes a moment to look around. Nodding thanks to Brienne when he realizes that she actually did as he asked then he looks over to Larry and asks "Do you want to call this in?"

Brienne has been guarding the gun so when Larry joins in, she gives him a sardonic smile, "Thanks for the help," she offers and smiles at Hashim, remaining where she is still until everything is a good to go thing.

November is running a little late. That happens when you're a Slayer. Doing Slayer-y things. Takes up a lot of time. But NOW she enters, careful to keep her hands to herself and looks around, heading for the big party.

Shaking his head as he murmurs something strange under his breath, Utausmiles faintly to Saphire. "Look. I am on your side. I know what it is like to be kicked when you are down. I know what it is like to want revenge against someone who has... hurt... you." He closes his eye sfor a moment and then opens them again. "I am not sure how much I can do for you. But I can promise you that I WILL do what I can. I can do nothing unless you give me a little more to go on, however."

Sapphire's head is still slumped down across crossed arms, but she does at least turn her head to regard Utau. "You can't help me," she says. "No one can help me. Nothing left to do now but wait."

"What are we waiting for?" November wonders as she strolls forward, just enough to hear the conversation going on. She wrinkles her nose. "What was burning?"

Looking to Nova, Utau jerks a thumb to Soleil, then points to Saphire, and then makes a gesture of his fingers wiggling upwards. Pantomimimg a fire? An explosion? Okay, he's not good at Charades. Sue him! "You never know," he says to Sapphire, "Until you try. Believe it ot not. I have been in a situation ver similar to yours. There are things that can be done just by being there."

Hashim is satisfied when he finds the guy hadn't been killed on accident and then takes a moment to look around. Nodding thanks to Brienne when he realizes that she actually did as he asked then he looks over to Larry and asks "Do you want to call this in?" (re)

Larry nods to Hashim. "Already did, cops are on their way. I should make myself scarce before they get here, though. Anyone else need a drink?"

Meanwhile, Sapphire is continuing to shake her head. "You don't know what I'm dealing with. No way you could, unless--" Yeah, no, she's still well and thoroughly deflated for the night, if not the century.

"She tried to pull her out of a hat? She doesn't look like a bunny." November is still rather confused as to what's going on, but she takes it in stride. She lays a hand on Saphire's shoulder, giving her a pat. "So what are we waiting for? C'mon. You're among friends." No clue. At all. but that usually works.

Hashim glances over at Sapphire and asks "Wait for what?" then he looks back to Larry and nods as he adds quietly "I probably should too, especially after the digging around I did after last time. I propose a collective adjournment where we can bring the others up to speed?"

"Right," says Utau, "Because pulling her out of a hat answers all sorts of questions about that a burning smell is." He looks back to Saphire, smiling still as he says simply "Let's just say you are not alone. Like she said, you are among friends." Cops. Yeah. Utau checks his cellphone, timing how long it's been since the incident started and tbe worst case scenario for how much time he has left to slip away without spending the night in a cell for 'questioning'.

Considering when Larry placed the call, and how far the place is away from PPD headquarters? Probably not much longer.

"Count me in," Brienne offers, volunteering herself to be brought up to speed. She's still doing as asked but she straightens, looking at the others. "Yeah we should probably get out."

Figuring on any further information being a lost cause, Utau gently pats Saphire on the shoulder and walks onwards towards the group as he murmurs just within hearing range of November "Shinobi super-highway it is."

The actress has an alibi, at least. She's been by the bar all night, and hasn't gone anywhere near the crazy lady or the fellow with the gun. She looked properly horrified at each occasion. She's innocent, surely. The idea of escape is appealing, and she pushes off of the bar after draining her beverage; after a moment, she moves over closer to Larry, frowning. "Anyone know if there's a back way out? There may be paparazzi out there." It's a fact of life for a lady like her.

Yeah, Larry is going to have to leave the gun behind, and so he suggests that the bartender keep an eye on it instead until the cops arrive. Money does help a little in that regard. "I thought I saw something, yeah," he replies to Soleil. "As long as we stay a couple steps behind the others, it should be okay."

November shrugs at Utau, giving him a grin. "I'm obviously worse at Charades than you are. C'mon, chica. Let's get out of here. Like.. now. Before the cops come. My badge won't hold anyone back for long."

Hashim closes his eyes and murmurs a quiet invocation, opening the eyes of the living world. When he looks up he nods at Larry and heads off to take point "This way, I've got eyes on a short-cut. Might smell a bit but it'll get us discretely back to where we parked."

End Log