2018.12.02: Once Upon A Time Charity Auction

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Once Upon A Time Charity Auction 2018 - The Crown Museum - Theatre
Sunday Night Once Upon A Time Charity Auction for Children's Cancer Ward
IC Date December 02, 2018 (reran on January 13, 2019)
IC Time Night
Players Amy Arianna Aubrey Caerus Constance Daemion Devin Ferdinand Guivre Heathen Idris Jackson Abioye Jade Jazmin Jolene Jordan Katharina Madeline Martha Merek Mikael Oleksiy Paige Phoenix Sae Sharpe Sonya Silvana Vivianne
Location The Crown Museum - Theatre
Spheres ALL
Theme Song Once Upon A Time - Rescue Me [1]

Once Upon A Time Auction 2018

December 02, 2018 (reran on January 13, 2019)

Once Upon A Time Charity Auction 2018 (Please feel free to update this page for those who left after I did since I was not there to get the complete log - Jolene)

As you enter into the Main Room of the Crown Museum; the room is transformed into a winter wonderland. Frosted trees with thousands of tiny twinkling lights flicker throughout the room. Even the walls have been bathed in deep blue fabric to keep the setting as if you have stepped from the daylight into the darkness here.

Posters placed periodically at various entrances, welcome you to the "Once Upon A Time Masquerade and Auction." These Posters also lists items up for auction this evening. For those who wish to participate in the auction a website has been set up. Please wait for the announcement that the Auction has opened before submitting a bid. And Bids should be submitted to Ms Amelie Renoir. (https://coh.spork.com/index.php?title=Once_Upon_A_Time_Auction_2018).

Further in, a table has also been set up to accept Monetary as well as toys for the children. (Please @mail Jolene to let me know what your donations are.)

A state-of-the-art DJ Booth has been set up for the evening, and the music here is true to the theme of the evening. A Dance floor is set up for those who wish to dance as well. The DJ's booth is setoff to the southwest corner near the dance floor and is accepting any requests that may come. Behind the DJ Booth is a Big Projection screen playing videos of the music. Some of the video's also have lyrics for those that want to sing along.

The dance floor is a 24 x 24 dance grid made of dark blue snap together interlocking floor titles, that seem to disappear as well, into the foggy floor and as you step onto it, the tiles light up to show scenes from different fairy tales.

Banquet tables have been set up with drinks and food, catering to the guests as well as the dietary needs of the patients, so everyone can enjoy the evening.

There is also a professional photographer offering to take pictures of this evening free of Charge for all those who wish to commemorate the evening.

For the Younger guests and inner child in all of us, there is also a face painting booth with temporary tatoos that can easily be washed off and come in a variety of fun whimsical styles to choose from.

For tonight's Gala she is dressed as Tinkerbell with green fluttering transluscent wings that sparkle, golden blonde hair that is pulled up in cascades of curles, and a sparkling green and yellow dress, that spills down to show off her figure only coming to midthigh and she carries with her a magical wand to grant wishes with this evening. Her cheeks have just a hint of rose to them and on her feet the traditional heels of Tinkerbell.

(appearance 5: Playby: Anna Popplewell) (Costume for the evening: https://tinyurl.com/ybyxnogm)

Jackson steps in dressed as prince, with a tight fitting outfit with bells on the ends of his pants, his shoes are curved upwards like elf shoes. His face is hidden behind a maks of a grinning skull, his shirt is a tight against his body, all of it a deep crimson color.

Vivianne is here, dressed as Rapunzel! Noel is a shadow behind her, dressed as Mereda. The little brunette is now a blonde, with luxurious golden tresses bound up! Movie magic is glorious magic. Both women are helping Jolene set up in whatever capacity is needed, and it is likely Vivianne's other retainers, dressed in tuxedos for both genders, are helping as well.

Devin makes his way into the room, at a slow, ambling gait. He looks around, taking in the costumes and lovely outfits. Madeline comes sweeping in like the queen she is and looks about with a smile from blood red lips.

Oleksiy arrives, stepping in with the Lady Katharina on his arm. He smiles a bit as he enters looking about to see who is here.

Martha comes in not long after Devin, her height and well hair color making it hard to hide who she is, tonight Martha's long Hair is upswept with little tendrils coming lose and curling about her face framing it. As to her dress she went with a lovely green silk and velvet representing the Green to which she Matched with her make up to make herself look almost fey in appearance. then there is her mask an amazing piece of art all it's is alive or looks like it her mask.

Katharina holds onto her husband's arm, dressed in her spectacular yellow gown. She is truly a picture straight from a fairy tale.

There is a fluttering fairy recognizable as Tinkerbell moving about the room greeting guests as they arrive, the dj booth is playing fairy tale favorites from the sound system with videos to match across large screens in the main room, banquet tables are set up with a myriad of food for different pallets and listed with ingredients to avoid food allergies. The beautiful little fair sports her magic wand and fairy dust and offers hugs to those who arrive, as the guests start pouring in. "Good Evening and welcome to our winter wonderland. Please enjoy the evening and if you can give, give generously. Thank you all so much for your support."

Mikael comes in, dressed like the Mad Hatter. He is carrying a wardrobe bag, and has a few of the Bourbon and Bedlam band with him, all of them carrying equipment. He veers to the side, away from the crowd a moment to make sure that they are headed in the right direction, and then he turns back to move over to the group with a bright smile on his face. https://coh.spork.com/images/d/d4/Mikael9.jpg

There was precisely one person here who is even vaguely likely to know who Marya Morevna is. Well, maybe two. And yet here she is, as Paige, her hair in a braid, crown upon her brow, and wooden sword at the hip of her dress. Smiling as always as she arrives, a wave of her hand and drift towards wherever the clump of people are forming. She knew where her targets would be.

Madeline turns and sweeps over to the Hatter with a whisper of silk and smiles "well well, you looks so dapper" she laughs, gowned as the Queen of Hearts

A Fairy is joining Tinkerbell in representing the Fairy folk with bejeweled wings, she flutters a little into the area and she smiles with a small wave here and there, it was what fairy things did right? A chuckle as she lets her eyes flicker from one creature to the other happily

Mikael sweeps a leg slightly behind him and bends low at the waist into a flourishing bow to the Queen of Hearts. He captures her hand as he rises, and brushes his lips across it, "Bonsoir, and you look enchanting, Your Highness."

Devin makes his way slowly up the ramp, to the second floor, a gnarled wooden stick helping him keep his step as he goes up for the better view. He passes several along the way, saying nothing as he makes his way. Madeline laughs warmly and touches Mikael's cheek so as not to leave blood red lip prints yet.. too early in the evening

Idris, looking every inch the film adaptation of Snow White's Huntsman but for that he's a bit too young and left the weapons at home, steps in and quickly signs the guest book with a fountain pen handily drawn from his pocket, stepping then to the side to get out of everyone's way as he surveys the room.

Martha moves to Devin, "Well you sure clean up well, now to Find Jolene in this, and some others." craning her neck to see about the place looking for people she wants to visit with, "I do not see Amelie either yet." Jackson is watching it all, his hands are over his chest his body is jingling, as he pushes off the wall, to make his way over to make a donation, he slides a check into the hands of the girl taking it, and then he is moving in the crowd, trying to get lost, trying to watch to hear, to find people, worth knowing, this is where he thrives in groups. "Prevyet." Devin replies to the lovely young-looking damsel speaking to him. A slight nod as he listens.

Oleksiy asks Katharina, "So. where should we head first?" his expression shows interest at all the people and things about him.

Madeline turns and smiles warmly at Katharina and Olek "Bon soir mes ami, so glad you could join us tonight'

Heathen makes his own way into the museum, wearing a handstitched purple and black ensemble. Making his legs appear to be octopus tentacles, with 2 more adjustable tentacles waving in the air behind him. His upper body bare chested, save for a light purple paint and a gold medallion, and hair dyed an ocean blue. https://goo.gl/images/jNRRcq

Katharina shrugs to Oleksiy, but Madeline approaches them first, "Good evening, my dear friend. So good to see you tonight. You look amazing, just please, do not order someone to cut off our heads." She giggles and she teases her friend.

Martha grins to Baba yaya Devin, "Well it is busy, and love the mad hatter, then oh is that who I think it is?" tiling her head to take in the purple and tenecales.

Tinkerbell continues flittering about the crowd offering a gracious curtsey to Ursula and smiles at him, giving him a kiss on the cheek before she hears her name being spoken by Martha and flitters over to her, to squeeze her hand. "Someone mentioned my name?"

"Ah a pity, one, but not two." Paige comments seemingly to the air as she finishes her little scan. A hand reaching up to adjust her crown as she settles for standing off to the side.

A Fairy looks over to the Octopus and she makes her way closer to him, "Love the outfit, it loks great." she says as she looks about "it is pretty crowded here."

Martha smiles and moves to clap three times for Tinkerbell. "Yes that was me, and well this looks fun allot of costumes, and great looking ones." then shake of her head at some of it all. "So long time, we need to make some time for some hanging out soon."

Oleksiy smiles to Madeline "Thank you for the invitation. It’s wonderful to see you this evening."

Devin Lifts a hand, a gnarled and warty looking paw with bent, crooked old fingers and wickedly curved black nails reaching slowly for Tinkerbelle's fair skin as if to admire or collect, one may perhaps not be sure.

Jackson watches the others, as he makes his way around now looping around, and then he is moving to the back trying to blind in again, trying to remain for now unseen, he has had too large of a impact in the city, he prefers the dark, the quiet. But he can't do that work he needs to do if not in social, but his eyes dart this way, and that debating on who is under the masks.

Vivianne, as Rapunzel, is drifting about here and there, helping greet people, with a gorgeous redheaded Noel trailing behind her. Lavender silk and chiffon, bodice laced in simple elegance, there is simply no one else the now-blonde could be. The petite woman is all smiles, and greets those she knows warmly, and those she doesn't just as warmly.


Heathen gives the fairy a small bow. "My thanks, my dear. Flattery will get you places. But getting a hook up with a Mr. Pan will still cost you." he offers with his best 'car saleseman' lear.

As the guests start to mingle, Idris makes his way through the crowd to inspect the refreshments, assembling himself a light plate, moving on to look over the auction items. Every so often he looks toward the door, as though expecting someone.

Jackson moves around back and forth as he moves towards Vivianne, as he looks at them for a moment, then he moves towards the drinks, to pick up a glass of wine, sipping it with a little chuckle, he is going to try and mingle, but his nerves need to be steady first.

Mikael , the Mad Hatter gives little bows to each person that he comes across, but the elaborate bows are reserved for the ladies it seems. He gives a deep flourishing one to Katherina, which includes Oleksiy. "Bonsoir, I hope the eve find you both well?"

Tinkerbell smiles at Martha and nods before she heads over to greet the Queen of Hearts and give her a hug, and a gentle squeeze of her hand, "Good evening Your Majesty." She smiles brightly truly in great spirits this evening." before making her way towards the always reclusive Devin and in that costume, "Beautifully done! I should have done a contest for best costume. You would have one for certain!"

Madeline, the Queen of Hearts smiles and nods to each as they arrive "Welcome, please do enjoy yourselves"

Devin's hand moves slowly so he purposely "misses" when Tink happens to move. But otherwise says nothing, just a low cackle and grunt as if frustrated by his slow movement failing him.

Amy's outfit isn't that different than normal, but most people are just ignoring her. The crowd occasionally parts conveniently for her, but nobody really takes notice of her. She's not invisible, but she's just background. She makes occasional runs through the appetizers and meanders a bit but has no intention of making any bids. She's mostly just there to snag some free food and then leave without being noticed.

A Fairy chuckles "well luckily it was not Pan I was looking to hook up with".. She smiles and inclines her head to Heathen, "do you dance? or would that too require a bit of a deal?" she asks waggling her eyes at him.

Katharina gestures to Oleksiy for them to continue to look around. "Perhaps introduce me to a few more of your friends here?"

The wine is lifted high, as he sips it and then Jackson is moving towards the group, with a nod of his head. "Hello, Hello, very lovely party." His voice is soft, that same odd musically, that gives him away, it is something wrong with it, as he nods his head, with a little chuckle, as the glass is lifted back to his lips, his body is relaxed.

Heading into the event is Sonya, Jade and Jordan, who all traveled together. The young Korean eSport champion is wearing a shimmery red and gold dress of multiple layers that billows out about her feet like fire. On her back is a pair of fiery wings made of red, yellow and gold feathers. It appears that she has came as a Phoenix. She is on one arm of the large man, while Jade is on the other, quietly talking to each other as they head towards Idris near the auction table once they spy him. She moves gracefully along the floor, humming to herself as she offers her friend a smile. "We finally made it."

Heathen offers his hand to the fairy, "I believe I can indulge in a bit of whimsey and offer a spin about the floor."

Jordan steps in, looking as if the clothes he wears are totally out of his element. He tugs at his collar with his free hand, looking over the crowd of assorted fairy tales. "Uh... I think I missed the mark in terms of dress code..." He offers over to Sonya.

Oleksiy chuckles a bit to Katharina as he walks with her, holding his top hat in his right hand politely, "well... " he offers "IM not sure who you know, or dont. " he makes his way over to Paige though leading Katharine with him "I only recently met this young lady. But she seems earnest and smart." he stops near Paige and smiles "Paige.. Can I introduce you to my wife Katharina, Katharina, this is Paige, Who is a bit of an Internet star, as I understand."

Mikael moves to Tinkerbell, and gives her a flourishing bow as well, "Bonsoir, you look beautiful this eve." He leans in and whispers something to her then.

You sense Mikael asks in a teasing tone, "Might I ask for a wish and it comes true?"

The crowds not really something she enjoys swimming in, Amy has her fill and with her pockets filled with bits for the road, she walks out, her personal mission a success.

Tinkerbell smiles as he whispers in her ear and giggles, as it tickles, she gently squeezes his hand and nods to him. "Your wish is my command My friend."

In a gown sewn from some material intended to mimic malachite -- and which succeeds fairly well at it! -- Jade is rather less eye-catching than Sonya is, and, fortunately, she's just as happy about that. "Not to worry," she says to Jordan; "I think you're still doing a good deal better than I am." She flashes a smile at him and then goes to back to looking slightly overwhelmed.

Katharina bows her head, lifting a bit of her full skirt in a small curtsy to Paige. "A pleasure to meet you." He voice like a song, enchanting as she says each word. "Internet star? I am not overly familiar with that, but I am learning."

A Fairy smiles softly as she moves out to the dance floor with the Octopus, she smiles as she tries to dance along in his arms gently moving from one thing to another, a soft gentle shift of her hips to his as she spins and moves to the music.

The Queen of Hearts steps over to Jackson and smiles "enjoying yourself?

"Everyone gives me far, far to much credit Mister Oleksiy." Paige nods, hand reaching up to fix her crown after. Legs slipping into a curtsy as she is introduced, bright smile across her face. "I am only a second year in college, I believe true fame would have to wait until after I graduate. But it is a pleasure to meet you Mrs Katharina, you have been spoken of in only the most glowing of terms."

A perfect song for Beauty and the Beast plays on through the Main Room, Beauty and the Beast 2017- Ballroom Dance Scene (Tale As Old As Time) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-VeQqV-KTI

Hearing Sonya's voice, Idris looks up from the table of auction items, where he was writing in a bid. "You made it indeed. Welcome. You two look great," he offers to Sonya and Jordan, and then to Jade, "And you as well, though I don't think we've met."

"This is Jade. Aidan's girlfriend." Sonya says, leaning in to kiss Idris on the cheek, one after the other. Mwah! Mwah! The phoenix brushes a whisper to his ear, then smiles as she settles back. "She and I have become close and I asked her to join us. I thought it would be an enjoyable evening since Aidan would rather be at the gym rather this eventful night. Look at all the costumes. Wow." She breathes out.

"I'm, enjoying this. I had a ticket for a while ago, need to drop off my donation, with that I should be going, not gonna break too many rules." Jackson's speaks softly, with a nod of his head, and then he looks at the others, with a nod. "Now then, my queen, I have work to do back home, I hope to see who all of you lovely people are in person."

Heathen takes the hand of the fairy, a hand adjusting the fake tentacles as the new song starts., chuckling at how... appropriate the new number is. His steps are confident, and skilled, keeping his partner close enough to know the paint is expensive, and dry, and doesn't wipe off easily.

Jordan offers a wave to Idris. "Looking good yourself, Idris. How are things?" He asks, keeping close to Sonya - it's clear the big to-do has him a bit on edge.

Jade tells Idris: "Pleased to meet you," her smile slightly awkward, but at least she seems friendly. Then again, she doesn't kiss him on the cheek, either! Of course, they /have/ just met. She tells Sonya and Jordan: "I'm going to go see if I can get a drink. Can I bring you anything, assuming I can find you again?"

Oleksiy chuckles just a little bit to Paige "Well, is school going well? Everything settling in for the new semester?" he smiles a bit "If you need any help, let me know, I have a bit of contact with the school. Did you come alone?" he asks with some mild concern.

Madeline turns about the room as her golden skirts swirl and smiles "please do not forget to look over the auction items, all proceeds go to charity"

Rapunzel and Mereda are dancing to the song in a beautiful waltz. It can't be helped. The taller redhead leads, with graceful movements, making sure she doesn't lead her little petite partner into anyone else. The little blonde Rapunzel--actually Vivianne--winks mischievously at Heath, as he moves by with his fairy partner.

Idris smiles back to to Jade. "The pleasure's all mine." He lifts the plate he's holding. "I'm all set, thank you for asking."

Tinkerbell steps up onto the stage with the DJ, and takes the mike for just a moment with the music lowered only a bit, "Ladies and Gentlemen I want to thank you all for coming this evening and for your support for such a worthy cause. I can't tell you how much this means to me. "The Theatre will be opening soon for performances by many talented artists this evening and we hope you will join us. The Auction will be beginning soon and I will ask you to send your bids to our very talented Auctioneer Amelie when she announces she is ready." OOC the auction list is https://coh.spork.com/index.php?title=Once_Upon_A_Time_Auction_2018

Caerus enters in and says at the door, "I think I double parked my carpet outside. If the comps come in and ask, send them to housekeeping." He grins brightly and takes a look around, "Wonderful party!" He starts to wander amongst those gathered here.

"School is doing quite well, it is as hard as one imagines to fail an art degree Mr. Oleksiy." Paige keeps smiling, though her shoulders roll into a small shrug and a sigh. "Though I am sure my second will show at some point, I merely have not wished to disturb Miss Madeline." Devin makes his way through the crowd, with a slow hobble and occassionally stops to observe someone or something that takes his interest for the moment.

Madeline hears her name and drifts over to Paige, Katharina and Olek "Did someone wish to see the Queen?" she jests with a warm smile

Giving a grin to her friend, Sonya shrugs her shoulders upwards. "Perhaps just a soda." She says to Jade, wrapping her arms about Jordan's once more as she senses his discomfort. "Idris, what have you bid on so far, or plan to? I have my eye on a few things." She says with a cheeky grin.

Martha is not good with this silent bidding thing, "All my employees order from his place all the time, like every Friday Italian night." then she spots the sea scape and smiles, and stares at it for a bit.

Jordan nods to Jade as well. "Water would be great, please." He offers, grinning a bit. As Sonya keeps close, it's clear he takes some comfort in that. "Bidding? Oh..." He looks over the auction items. "I think I will just spectate for that." A wry grin.

The Mad Hatter is making the rounds, pulling little trinkets from his pockets and handing them out to this one and that one. Chocolate coins, litte keychains shaped like fairies and elves, and occassionally he just sprinkles shimmering confetti on people. He is grinning from ear to ear, and giving flourishing bows to the ladies.

Heathen gives Rapunzel a saucy wink in return as she dances by, admiring his partner's .. wings. "I should let you know, I /do/ believe in fairies."

Idris grins to Sonya and Jordan, pointing to an item on the table. "I thought I might see if I can win this one and donate it on, with a special request about the curriculum."

Tinkerbell steps down from the DJ booth and begins to head towards the Theatre hoping to attract the crowd that way tossing a bit a fairy dust along the way. She smiles back over her shoulder at the Mad Hatter in rather wonderful spirits this evening. She is also curious as she hears something said by Idris, but off she goes to the theatre, through the courtyard.

Final sounds checks are being completed by tinker bell and she winks to those coming in, preparing the mike to be handed off to Madeline. The winter wonderland theme spills over into the Museum theatre as well. And then she looks down with a bit of concern at a vibration at her hip. What is this Tinkerbell not smiling? She will have to investigate further when she has a moment.

Madeline steps up onto the stage, pretending to direct the guests to their seats with her golden fan The Queen of hearts stands at the edge of the stage "Welcome welcome, please find a seat" she smiles

Merek has come with magic assistance to keep him from being too noticeable. He has on his buttoned up black shirt with his pants on as well, emerald soft tones that also manage to decorate it as well. He finds a nice place to settle in to watch the proceedings.

Mikael , the Mad Hatter, murmurs something to Tinkerbell, motions to the band members that came with him, and then heads backstage.

Martha comes in with a look about the place then with a sish looks about for a seat, then just sits no real words or anything for now.

Mikael whispers "We're going to get ready for our first number, Mademoiselle. Should you need anything just let me know."

As the crowd filters in and everyone takes their seats the warm voice of Tinkerbell fills the air. "Tonight, is a once a year event benefitting the Children's Cancer Ward, all proceeds of the Auction will go to research and care for our youngest residents. So, I encourage you all to dig deep and give generously please. Tonight, our beautiful Queen of Hearts, will be taking the stage to introduce our performers. Please give her a warm welcome and round of a applause!"

Arianna works on finding herself a seat. Maybe something near the aisle. Takes a bit of effort to get the skirts into the seat. But then she's settled back to watch the show. And joins the applause for the announcement of the performers.

Heathen can't really sit in this outfit, at least not in a chair, so hangs around the edges and the back,

The masked jester is back now, this time he has a hat on his mask on, he is moving slowly, as he looks around the area, trying to see them, as he looks at the others, he is quiet, Jackson has returned now, he went out to make a few calls, but now he is back as he moves over to grab a glass of wine, and he sips it slowly, leaning against the wall.

Vivianne and Noel both applaud the Queen of Hearts warmly, not far from Heathen themselves.

Leading the pair to a seat, Sonya and Idris sit down next to each other. The Phoenix pulls her dress in closer against her legs as she straightens up, smiling at the sight happily. She leans in against the man's shoulder, sighing happily. "This is fun."

A Fairy makes her way in, she applauds for the queen, she is positioned so her jeweled wings are not pressing right into her back, a smile etching her lips as she listens. The Queen of Hearts upon the stage twirls beautifully and smiles at the pretty Fairy "Welcome one and all! I do hope you've had opportunity to peruuuuuse the auction items. There are a few baubles and bangles there even a Queen might desire. So.. don't forget to put in your bids early.. and often"

Idris wraps an arm around the Phoenix, listening to the early announcements and waiting for the performances to begin.

Heathen applauds the ladies on the stage, even as he makes his way backstage himself, whispering to staff as he goes.

Madeline in her gold and crimson gown straightens her crown a little and smiles "Welcome again one and all, tonight we begin with a lovely solo performance by Sister Constance Osti, backed tonight by her band. Please give her a warm welcome" she gestures to the stage and steps out of the light

It would seem Mereda and Rapunzel have disappeared from where they watch, applauding as they go, also disappearing backstage.

Jackson watches it all, as he looks back and forth, with a little smile, as he he leans against the wall, one leg is lifted up to rest there. He sips his wine, and then he enjoys the show.

Oleksiy steps in with Katharina, and looks about, taking in the rather large crowd. He makes sure to move where katharina isnt going to be bumped into , and offers "Looks like most of the seating is full. A nice turn out."

Katharina nods, "It is wonderful. A wonderful charity to be supporting as well."

The sister dressed as a black gown, takes the stage with her guitar in hand and begins to pluck away to a familiar tune. Her voice low and Smokey adds to the song about the story of a young witch. The band jams lightly in the background bouncing in time to the song as Connie leans into the mic and sings low and sweet into it.

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_aYibUx1B8) Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and Wouldn't you love to love her? Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and Who will be her lover? All your life you've never seen A woman taken by the wind Would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win?

Connie keeps her eyes closed and sways as the layers and layers of black corseted to her making her a magnificent wicked witch swaying with eyes closed in time to the tune she sings. Backup singers harmonize with her almost perfectly. (7 success for the performance)

As she listens to the music, The Phoenix leans in against Idris with a happy smile as they sit in a row with two spots reserved for Jordan and Jade. Jordan arrives with Sae on his arm, and drinks in hand. He offers a quiet wave to Idris and Sonya, moving over in that direction to offer the drinks they had asked for. A wink to both, before he steps back, allowing others to see as he finds another set of seats.

Masquerade balls. Bah! There's no masks! Dressed in a full two toned dark and light green tuile ball gown, Sae arrives on the arm of Jordan dressed as Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog. Glancing about, she hrmms and nosewrinkles a little. "Uh... woah."

Mikael peeks out from behind a curtain to smile as Constance performs, but then ducks back out of sight.

Jackson watches it all, with a nod of his head, and then he is clapping over and over with a exicted look at the others."Very very good." His voice is soft, as he speaks softly, that musical tone, caryring his voice, that odd sound of throat damage still there.

The Queen of Hearts stands along the wall of the stage just outside the light, smiling at the performance

Merek shifts up the mask which he brought with him to keep him from notice as well, a black and also a silver with some feathers upon it. He makes sure to put in his bids for what he is looking for also.

There's a curious look from Sonya as she glances to Jordan and Sae, looking at the seats she had reserved for him, then back. She reaches for the drink with a quiet thank you, though she gives another glance over from the entrance searching for their fourth.

Walking into the place is... a giant of a man wearing just some of the most fanciful clothing, even when they're not in such an event. It's just normal for them after all. He wears a large, black top hat that has a red ribbon that wraps around the base of the cylindrical part of the hat, and it sits easily on his head. A long overcoat with twisting patterns and colors of all kinds but there is a lack of any dark colors in the jacket. Under his jacket there is a simple Cyan colored vest and a white long sleeve shirt under all of that. On his hands are a pair of soft, white gloves. Over his eyes sit a pair of round sunglasses liken to what Ozzy would wear, he does not remove them as he wanders into the room with a young woman hooked in his arm.

She is a small thing compared to him, standing at a even five feet tall. She has long, brown hair, a fake beard, and a plastic axe. Her outfit might envision that of a Lumberjack, just a plain old one... If it were not for the fact that she carries with her a blue Ox. Does American folk tales count? She does not know, and does not care. She just loves the story. Daemion unhooks his arm from hers, and allows her to go off on her own, to do as she pleases while he moves to look around the place, a big smile is seen on his bearded face.

Jackson looks down at his empty wine glass, with a little chuckle and then he watches the show, he is losing himself in the relaxing of the wine, as it washes over him, the music, the show so much too take in, his back against the wall trying to hide.

The lights dim on the stage as the song ends. Constance beautiful voice leaving a soft echo in the ears of the audience before she stands to take curtsey in that beautiful gown she is wearing tonight.

Jordan takes a sip from his water, offering a round of applause as the song ends. Of course, mindful that he does not spill the water!

Martha notice Jackson and is just curious she quietly slides out her seat and makes her way too him with a tilt of her head, a little nod, and a mischief filled smile.

As the song concludes, Sae pauses and claps her gloved hands in applause as well. Still standing next to Jordan with her arm on his, she peers about seeing if there are any others that she might recognize.

Jackson looks over at Martha, he is dressed as a jester with a hat, and a little bit of a mask but it is easy enough to see the ghoul, his name been used so often and in court as of late, and he looks at her with a nod of his head, as he lifts the empty glass in greeting.

Martha whispers something to him as she looks about the place to see who all is about this night. She is sort of paying some heed to the Performances, and nods slowly with more interest in him now. The softly whispered, "Nice, and well allot of good performers here tonight." leaving it at that for now.

Sonya gives a soft round of applause once the performance ends, then leans over to nudge Idris gently. Rising upwards, she offers a smile. "I've put my bid in earlier." She says to him. "But I'm going to take a few calls." She inches past him out of the row, walking off as she takes her phone out of her pocket, flipping it to silent before tapping along the glass.

Jackson nods at Martha, as he looks at the show, his hnads sliding into his inner coat pocket, to remove a black card with no name on it, just a number on it, offering it to Martha."Here you go, if you ever need help, or wish to speak." His voice is soft, as he watches clapping again at the show.

Guivre slips into the theater with a curious look around as the crowd is -just- starting to disperse. He has a curious expression though as he catches sight of others in costume.

Oleksiy seems content at the moment to stand aside out of the way with Katharina, listening attentively to the entertainment.

Martha nods and takes it with nod, then pocket's it into her Dress yeah it is custom with a hidden pocket or two. Then a hmm as she waits for the next part of the show.

Madeline as the Queen of Hearts smiles, the gems set in her dress sparkling. She looks over the crowd "Are you enjoying yourselves so far? After this next performance please take a moment to put in your bids on the various items up for auction. And now.. I admit the Queen is a bit partial to our next act, the skill and grace of the dance combined with the skill of music makes for a thing of Beauty. I now present to you Phoenix, dancing to a duet by Monsieur Heath Taylor and Mikael Rousseau" she says then steps back once more out of the light Idris stands, pats Jordan on the shoulder, and quietly makes an exit following Sonya.

Jade, accompanied by Paige, finally arrives in the theater -- and almost immediately starts looking round for a place to sit. She takes the first available chair, without bothering to make sure it has a good view or not.

Jackson pushes off the wall, as he moves, he nods towards Martha, with a smile. "It was nice meeting you, I need to get home before I get in much more trouble." With that he starts towards the door trying to blend into the crowd, hoping he is not found out, as he slips out the door.

The darkened stage's lights slowly come up and show Mikael sitting at the side of the stage at the piano, his fingers moving over the keys with practiced ease as he does the lead in for Heathen who begins starts to sing with obvious emotion in his voice. Then he rises and joins in with that strong, clear voice of his. At the center of the stage the lights fall on a lone male, the beautiful redhead Phoenix and he begins to dance as the two other men sing, his movements exquisite and perfectly timed. They flow with a dazzling grace, moving with a clarity in every motion.

Heathen: "Hello, it's me I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet To go over everything They say that time's supposed to heal ya But I ain't done much healing..."

Mikael: "Hello, can you hear me I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be When we were younger and free I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet..."

Together: "There's such a difference between us And a million miles Hello from the other side I must have called a thousand times To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done But when I call you never seem to be home

Hello from the outside At least I can say that I've tried To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore...oh... oh... anymore..."


Merek watches as the performance is proceeding, and also checks to put in another of his bids. He keeps to the crowd while also trying not to get into conversation. He also seems to write up requests that if he wins, that it be a quiet donation of his bid. He looks to the people as they perform.

Jordan blinks as Sonya and Idris depart, canting his head as more of his water is sipped. He looks confused, to be certain.

Guivre finds a quiet place to lean where he can watch the performance and not draw too much attention to himself in the process. He has his shoulder propped against a wall and his hands casually settled into the pockets of his long jacket.

From the side of the stage Tinkerbell is smiling brightly for the performers first for Sister Constance offering a warm hug when she had departed the stage and now as she listens to her friends Mikael, Heathen and Phoenix begin to perform on stage.

Pursing her lips as she peers up at Jordan, Sae leans in over to mutter something softly to him.

Arianna watches the performance with some fascination, with the trio working together. Smiling a little as she watches and listens raptly. She has to shake herself slightly at the end of it to join in on the applause. After the applause dies down, though, she does get up to walk out purposefully toward the exit.

Mikael walks out closer to the dancer as he continues to sing alone then, turning to watch Phoenix as he continues with those amazing leaps, rolls and acrobatic moves across the stage. His movements mesmorizing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSVIxOEop0o

"Hello, how are you? It's so typical of me to talk about myself I'm sorry I hope that you're well Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened

It's no secret that the both of us Are running out of time

So hello from the other side I must have called a thousand times To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done But when I call you never seem to be home Hello from the outside At least I can say that I've tried To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore

Ooooohh, anymore Ooooohh, anymore Ooooohh, anymore Any...more"

As Phoenix does his last stretch upwards, Mikael's voice holds the word 'more' and fades away. The lights of the stage go dark.

Madeline steps into the light, applauding and inviting the three to please step into the light to take their bow

Caerus moves over to a seat and slips into it. He smiles at the performers and applauds. He says to the person next to him, "That is great isn't it?"

Heathen does step out, still in purple, but the majority of the outfit hidden beneath a cloak as he takes a quick bow with the others.

Guivre applauds with a broad grin as the number comes to a close and the performers step forward to bow.

Mikael steps out with his arm around Phoenix, and gives a bow, his smile radiant as he hugs the redhead against him as he rises.

Madeline applauds warmly and pretends to give them her royal approval with the gold and ruby fan.

Phoenix bows along with mikael, then turns to slip backstage again rather hastily.

Paige claps from her spot, bright smile towards the ones on stage, followed by a little wave.

There's a slow nod as it looks like things need to be done. Sae nods and unwraps her arm from his. "By all means tend to your obligations. Do have a pleasant evening." Jordan gives a thankful nod to Sae, smiling a bit and stepping back. "Catch you later." He assures, before heading out for the exit.

Katharina applauds for the performers! "They were quite entertaining." she says to Oleksiy.

Aubrey is late which might not be another new for her as she wanders in and takes a look around the area. She waves to a few people as she finds a quiet area to observe from.

While applauding, Jade leans over to murmur something to Paige, keeping her voice low. She's a bit more relaxed now, though not much.

Oleksiy nods to Katharina "The entertainment is incredible, all of them" he claps along with her in agreement.

Tinkerbell is very impressed by the wonderful performance and claps enthusiastically for them. She is always impressed with them, but they have truly outdone themselves tonight.

Madeline smiles and steps out to the center of the stage, her costume glittering "Befre our next performance please take a moment to refresh your drinks, meet your neighbor and bid generously on the items up for auction (page Amelie with your bid)

Martha pushes from the wall and heads for her seat and again looks about with a smile as she sort of got caught up in some of the performances, she forgot to stop wall leaning.

A flurry of activity as one of the band members from Bourbon and Bedlam takes off out of the courtyard to get some forgotten item, coming back in a few moments with a large makeup box.

Martha is well some fae looking woman in green, who looks about more then anything but really is not socializing all that much tonight, then again she often does a bit of this at big big events the quiet watching thing.

Oleksiy looks at Katharina for a moment his brow furrowing just a little, and he murmurs to her. Only a second later he guides her out of the room. Madeline steps down from the stage to socialize and moves to kiss Martha upon the cheek, leaving a perfect red lip print "bon soir cher"

Guivre is very much in people watching mode and he retains his place out of the way, being simply dressed tonight and not exactly in a costume like many of the others. He smiles vaguely at the crowd and pushes off the wall to go and take a look at the things up for bid. He wanders his way over slowly with a wandering lazy stride... almost intoxicated.

Mikael hasn't even poked his head out from the curtain lately. He must be very busy backstage doing something.

Silvana makes her way into the room trying not to bump into anyone with her dress. She takes a moment to look around as if looking for someone. She gives little waves to some familier faces before she begins to make her way over towards the wall. Phoenix remains backstage with the others as well.

Khalid makes his way inside and takes a look around.

Martha spots Khalid and gets up heading that way, "Evening, how is your little friend?" of all the strange greetings to Khalid.

Khal is dressed in some approximation of The Sorcerers Apprentice, by way of Disney, with the tall pointed hat (mouse ears and all). His player is too lazy to desc - so there!

Madeline moves through the crowd then back up onto the stage when the next act signals they are ready.

Khal offers Martha a shy smile. "H - h - h - hi! And I'm not sure. Did you say he - he - he hello? To my little friend?" Aha! Its The Sorcerers Apprentice meets Scarface!

Martha stops and realize she has been smooch and lipsticked in passing and looks about, then seeing Madeline, "Evening Madeline, so a bit out of it tonight, time is not as smooth." then looking about she realizes she missed Madeline somehow and was kissed "Well yeah and that could be a good mashup, and did some lovely lady kiss me and run recently?"

Silvana looks at Martha and smiles at her before looks at Khal and offers her arms to him with a smile

Khal arches an eyebrow beneath his sorcerer's hat, "Le - le - le - lemme see." He inspects Martha's cheek, then dips in to press hi sown kiss /exactly/ atop Madeline's, taking some of the lip mark away with him when he withdraws. "For later. You never know what spell components you'll need for this or that working," he explains by way of his action.

The Queen of Hearts smiles "Welcome back, I hope everyone found the bar and the bidding. Now, next on our stage a beautiful song from Tinkerbell, Jolene Addison, our organizer tonight" she gestues to the next performance

Guy considers making a bid and then ends up wandering off to find himself a seat... he's isn't going out of his way to focus on interacting with anyone this evening. He does have a slihtly sway in his step as he goes and a little bit of a lean in posture when he takes his seat to watch the stage. Martha gets a wave when he notices her but everyone else is off doing things.

"A ki - ki - ki - kiss from a rose on the grey." Khal smiles crookedly and pauses, explaining to Martha before looking to Silvana. "Like the Seal song, y'know? I bet it'd juice up all kinds of sorcery."

On the screens behind the stage, scenes from Once Upon A time through the movies seasons start to play as Tinkerbell takes the stage. The scenes show the characters struggles and triumphs. All the while Tinkerbell's voice fills the theatre, pouring her heart into this performance. Her eyes are closed and her grip on the microphone is tight as she taps her foot against the bottom step of the stool she is sitting on, with a single green spot light on her.

Once Upon A Time - Rescue Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rih4Bi-Z0A

This waking nightmare lingers When will the mirror stop telling lies I don't know where I've been or where I'm going But I can't do it alone I'm reaching out

Rescue me Show me who I am 'Cause I can't believe This is how the story end Fight for me If it's not too late Help me breathe again No, this can't be how the story ends I'm wrapped up and waiting for you I've lost so much more than I'll ever know The past, the truth, forgotten Find me now, before I lose it all I'm crying out

Rescue me Show me who I am 'Cause I can't believe This is how the story ends Fight for me If it's not too late Help me breathe again No, this can't be how the story ends

The lights slowly dim on the stage to allow as she takes her bow and let the next act to set up and begin as it is announced allowing Tinkerbell to quietly exit the darkened stage.

Martha looks at him, "Well it is better then being chased down by a bunch of brewers and crammed in a bottle of booze so people can let you out and chase you all over again." never she is dressed like the Green fairy from one of the Victorian brands of Absinthe. "Well being the Sorcerer's apprentice you would know Khal" with a green and softer smile for him, We should find seats or walk the garden if not sitting for the show." looking back as it starts again her voice low and soft as not to interfere with those watching the show.

Madeline smiles from the shadows, watching Jolene sing and when she bows the lady applauds brightly before stepping into the light once more, setting all the gems in her costume to glittering "Brava!"

Silvana nods to Khal "That it would that it would" she looks around again as if looking for someone. When Martha speaks to Khal she looks at him and lowers her arm that she offered and lightly pats his arm as she looks like she will be leaving his side as she perhaps sees who she is looking for.

Aubrey turns her attention towards the stage and shifts her basket to her other hand as she lifts a flask to her lips. She takes a long drink before tucking the silver canister into her apron.

Khal nods to Martha, "Ok, Is it a secret garden? And if it is - is it more Quincy Jones or more Bruce Springsteen?" Seal, Quincy Jones, The Boss. Khal is three for three on his music references!

Martha stops as the Door with Khalid just to listen to Jolene, and nods, "Yeah she is good." then softly still as not to interrupt, "she is like my heart, or is conscience?" with a bit of a sheepish grin, "We are soo naughty without her sometimes." in a whisper to Khalid. Then "Not sure." to his question.

Tinkerbell steps behind the curtain and watches the crowd and the stage be prepared for the next act. She is also periodically checking to see how the bids are going.

Madeline smiles to the crowed and waves her gold and ruby heart shaped fan "is everyone enjoying themselves? Ready for another wonderful number?"

Khal nods to Martha. "Like Jiminy Cricket - that was my second choice for an outft for tonight."

Silvana makes her way over to Aubrey and smiles at her "There you are, too me a moment to see you" Martha giggles and looks back to the Stage then grabs his hand, "Garden soon some let's sit and see what all they have next." moving to find a seat with the poor young man she drags about with her to get a good spot.

Guivre gets up between the performances and quiet slips out into the Courtyard, perhaps looking for someone he spotted in there earlier? Whatever the reason he seesaws his way off into the night.

Khal reaches up to hold onto his sorcerer's hat as he dragged around by the taller Martha. Eeeeep! He trails along, firmly tethered.

The Queen of Hearts gestures with a smile "And now please enjoy a song by Lady Vivianne and Noel, with a number from "Rapunzel" she applauds and steps out of the light

Aubrey turns her head and offers Silvana a smile but remains quiet for the performance.

Two women quietly take the stage, one a petite blonde dressed as Rapunzel--Vivianne--and a taller redhead, dressed as Mereda, presumably Noel. The two look to one another, with quiet smiles, waiting for the first strings of music to begin.

Vivianne's voice lifts as the first soft notes of the intro begin. By the first few notes, it's quite clear.. the heavens are assuredly missing an angel. Dulcet notes, brought forth by an impossibly beautiful voice, wrought with pure emotion, are forged into a melody and performance the likes of which few will ever witness in their lifetimes. There is no mistaking it, the dominant emotion is love in its finest, unadulterated form, given wings and a voice. Who or what it is for, remains a mystery, but the performance breathtaking and stunning regardless.

Noel's sweet voice fills in for the other half of the duet. While she does not possess quite the talented angelic voice Vivianne does, her voice is beautiful and light nonetheless, filled with adoration. There's a guitar playing gently out of sight, accompanying the stunning pair of ladies.

"All those days watching from the windows All those years outside looking in All that time never even knowing Just how blind I've been Now I'm here blinking in the starlight Now I'm here suddenly I see Standing here it's all so clear I'm where I'm meant to be

And at last I see the light And it's like the fog has lifted And at last I see the light And it's like the sky is new And it's warm and real and bright And the world has somehow shifted All at once everything looks different Now that I see you.."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYbHzzWmKUs (Performance: 14 successes.)

Paige looks down and over for a moment, to Jade. A concerned look, and then a soft motion of her hand upwards. She does however, return her attention to the stage for a moment to give a clap and a bright smile. No denying that performance.

As the final notes die down, the women curtsy gracefully as the lights fade, allowing them to exit off the stage gracefully and the next act to be set up.

Madeline step back into the light applauding the pair "Brava!"

As the final notes die down Tinkerbell is no where to be seen as she has stepped behind the curtains to compose herself after such a beautiful performance, trying not to ruin her makeup this evening. She is applauding from off stage though and taking deeping steading breaths.

She's applauding, Jade can't quite conceal a certain degree of discomfort in her expression. She murmurs something to Paige, although for the moment she remains in her seat.

Caerus applauds.

Madeline smiles and gestures for Vivianne and Noel to please come forward and take their bow

As the final notes die down, the women curtsy gracefully as the lights fade, allowing them to exit off the stage gracefully and the next act to be set up. <repose for Maddie>

Paige finally nods, motioning to Jade to follow after the bowing, giving another concerned look as she leads out.

Madeline applauds until the ladies withdraw then turns back to the crowd "I do hope you're having a wonderful time tonight because we have another beautiful number coming up."

Caerus applauds, "Wonderful!'

Once Paige is on her feet, Jade follows suit, having, perhaps, a little trouble in the elaborate ball gown she's worn for the evening; she follows the other woman toward the exit, casting a quick glance back.

Tinkerbell peaks her head back around the curtain after awhile of touching up the bit of makeup she is wearing tonight, her cheeks a soft rosey hue.

Madeline says, "Please welcome to the stage doing a beautiful number from Cinderderalla by Mademoiselle Amelie""

Walking out from backstage, the lady in the beautiful blue dress steps out with her dazzling smile. Amelie, dressed as Cinderella, takes a moment and begins to sing with the delicate enchanting music, her voice soothing like a lullaby from a fairy tale. The lights encapsulating her with an aura of beauty and fascination, as if she is just a dream herself.

o/~ A dream is a wish your heart makes... o/~ When you're fast asleep... In dreams you lose your heartaches...

Have faith in your dreams and someday... Your rainbow will come smiling thru... No matter how your heart is grieving... If you keep on believing... The dream that you wish will come true...


Madeline stands just out of the light watching with rapt attention, lost in the song

Amelie slides right into the repeat for the song, this time with a bigger smile as her native tongue is what she sings. The pure joy and rapture she feels as she dances from note to note, eliding syllables and hitting impossibly gorgeous tones, pales in comparison to the love that radiates from her out to her audience as she sings:

Les reves qui sommeillent dans nos coeurs.. Au creux de la nuit.. Habillent nos chagrins de bonheur.. Dans le doux secret de l'oubli.. Ecoute ton reve, et demain.. Le soleil brillera toujours.. Meme si ton coeur a l'ame en peine.. Il faut y croire quand meme.. Le reve d'une vie, c'est l'amour ~o

Meme si ton coeur a l'ame en peine.. Il faut y croire quand meme.. Le reve d'une vie, c'est l'amour ~/o

Madeline draws a kerchief from her pocket to dab at her eyes, not wanting to ruin her make up then she smiles, applading

Amelie curtsies deeply to the audience, overwhelmed with the applause, and simple pure love of the song. As the lights dim and go off around her, she quietly exits the stage.

Poor Tinkerbell is going to lose it as she steps back behind the curtain and out of sight again. It is so hard, her hand on her chest where her heart is, stunned from the sheer beauty of the performance. She is struck with awe and wonder. She has never heard anyone sing with such beauty. She thought she had but now she isn't so sure.

There is enthusiastic applause from Vivianne and Noel, who have returned to the back of the theatre once more in time to catch the incredible performance by Amelie. The petite Rapunzel leans slightly against the willowy Mereda, both women bearing radiant smiles.

Silvana claps as everyone else does before she excuses herself away from Aubrey and moves over to Caerus and lightly touches his shoulder.

Caerus looks up and spots Silvana and stands and leans to speak softly with her, "My, you look lovely! Would you like to sit with me, or perhaps I could stand with you...that is some dress."

Paige returns, though not to her seat. Eyes watching the stage as soon as she enters, but without anyone else to watch over, she is heading to where she last saw Madeline. Brushing off her skirts as she goes.

Madeline catches her breath and steps fully into the light "What a treat from all of our exceptional entertainers tonight. And there is still more to come. Please dont forget to put in your bids for the auction" (page amelie with your bid)

Finally, Tinkerbell composes herself and steps out for just a moment, "Ladies and Gentlemen I really want to thank you all for coming out and showing your wonderful support to this evenings cause. There is still plenty of time to bid and show your generous support to the cause. This is a once a year event but I have seen some true generosity from our community and hope you can offer just a little more of your heart towards helping the Children. Please I urge you to remember why we are here tonight and give from your hearts! Thank you all so very much!"

Merek also applauds with the others as well, while he shifts a bit to move into the crowd while he seems to listen also.

The Queen of Hearts smiles over at Tinkerbell "What an evening - and now we have Heath Taylor with his lighthearted version of Ursula's song 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'. Silvana looks at Caerus and smiles "I figured I would come say hello, love the outfit" she smiles.

As the lights come back up the stage has been altered to resemble an underwater kingdom. Video screens at the back display softly shifting water, and around the stage floor lies seaweed, shells and rocks with aquatic looking plants on them for an ocean floor.

Mikael languidly moves out onto the stage, in a manner that would appear as if he is moving through water. He heads over towards the piano, now looking as if he is a merperson. Detailed and beautiful artwork done in body paints cover his entire body, and his long blonde hair has been slicked back, thick with paint and so adhered to his body that he barely appears to have any. His ears are elongated and slightly pointed at the ends, and his neck and throat show gills. He sits down at the piano, which is now covered in seaweed and underwater flora. https://coh.spork.com/images/c/cd/MerBeing.jpg

Heathen comes out onto the stage tentacles wavering and bouncing, leering at the various fantasy folk gathered around the stage with an almost hungry look, appearing from the far side of stage from that of the merman, who finally gains his attention and focus as their paths get closer.https://coh.spork.com/images/8/88/HeathUrsula.jpg

"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch But you'll find that nowadays I've mended all my ways Repented, seen the light, and made a switch To this"

Heathen's arms widen elaborately, and his hands indicate himself with a sly smile.

"And I fortunately know a little magic It's a talent that I always have possessed And dear lady, please don't laugh I use it on behalf Of the miserable, the lonely, and depressed (Pathetic)

Poor unfortunate souls In pain, in need This one longing to be thinner That one wants to get the girl And do I help them? Yes, indeed! Those poor unfortunate souls So sad, so true They come flocking to my cauldron Crying, "Spells, Ursula, please!" And I help them Yes I do!

Now it's happened once or twice Someone couldn't pay the price And I'm afraid I had to rake 'em 'cross the coals Yes I've had the odd complaint But on the whole I've been a /saint/!"

Heathen gives an exaggerated "Ohhhh!" as if to agree.

"To those poor unfortunate sooooooouls" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB-tX827vw4

Caerus says to Silvana, as he looks down to his pohone, "We should bid on a few things to help the cause."

Silvana smiles at Caerus and nods "I do love to help out" she takes her phone out "Some lovely things I see. Oh I like this one" she shows her phone to Caerus.

Madeline laughs in delight as she watches the pair

Tinkerbell looks out into the crowd to see their reaction because after almost crying from the previous performances. She can't help but laugh as she watches Mikael and Heathen this time. She is also looking for Sharpe too to make sure he is ready as well.

Heathen smirks, stroking his chest, and asking as he turns toward the piano, "Have we got a deal?"

Mikael at the piano stop playing, and seems to be shuffling around papers to find his cue cards before he states, in a dead pan voice appearing to be reading the words as if he is just now seeing them for the first time, "But if she become human, she'll never see her father or sisters again"

Heathen looks about, and then as Mikael starts to play again he replies smoothly, in an overly melodramatic voice, "But she'll have her maaan!"

And Heathen body movements become even more exaggerated and flamboyant as he continues with the song. "Like every good Disney Princess should!

Life's full of tough choices, isn't it? Oh, and there is one more thing We haven't discussed the subject of payment"

Mikael reads, "But I don't have-"

Heathen: "I'm not asking much, just a token really, a /trifle/ What I want from you is your... voice"

Mikael abruptly stops playing, the stage goes silent for a few moments.

Heathen taps his foot as he turns glaring towards the piano as if it seems someone missed their cue?

Mikael comically shuffles cards, and finally reads off again, "But if she gives you her voice, she won't be able to...."

Heathen cuts the statement off, "She'll have her looks, her pretty face And don't underestimate the importance of body language, ha!

The men up there don't like a lot of blabber They think a girl who gossips is a bore Yet on land it's much preferred for ladies not to say a word And after all dear, what is idle babble for? Come on, they're not all that impressed with conversation True gentlemen avoid it when they can But they dote and swoon and fawn On a lady who's withdrawn It's she who holds her tongue who gets a man

Come on you poor unfortunate soul Go ahead Make your choice! I'm a very busy woman and I haven't got all day It won't cost much Just your voice! You poor unfortunate soul It's sad but true If you want to cross the bridge, my sweet You've got the pay the toll Take a gulp and take a breath And go ahead and sign the scroll Flotsam, Jetsam, now I've got her, boys The boss is on a roll You poor.. unfooortunate sooooooooooouuuul! HA!"

As Heathen smirks in triumph, the light go dark on the stage.

"Oh dear..." Paige finally tilts her head again. Eyes up on the stage. "I really don't know what they see in me."

Madeline is laughing as she applauds "Bravo! Bravo!

Caerus laughs and applauds!

Phoenix applauds loudly from the wings, whistling.

Vivianne and her red-headed companion applaud loudly, grinning. Absolutely stunning. The pair finally find seats in between acts. The little blonde glances over to the crowd, with a smile, perhaps spotting someone briefly, as she sits down.

Amelie joins in the applause!

Tinkerbell applauds enthusiatically for the performance and then holds her stomach from the laughter. She then whistles for the two. "WELL DONE! ENCORE!" She calls after them!"

Madeline laughs and steps into the light "Jolene don't encourage them" she jests

Silvana joins in the clapping when everyone else does.

Mikael's voice is heard from the wings, "He needs little encouragement, Mademoiselle, he is quite the ham."

Caerus looks at something that Silvana is bidding on, laughs, and bids on the same thing adding a dollar.

Silvana looks at Caerus and gives him a nudge with a gasp

Heathen kisses Madeline on the cheek, 'accidently' smacking her backside with a tentacle as he departs the stage

Sharpe was absolutely born ready and in fact looks amazing in his costume

Madeline steps to the center of the stage still laughing a little "And now.. it is time for our grand finale. After which you'll have a little time left to finish your bids so please don't forget"

Mikael slides on some black pants over the briefs he is wearing, and tosses on a jacket so he can join the audience to watch the next performance. He takes out his cell again, and smiles as he notices no one has topped his bid yet. Silvana shows Caerus something and then whispers something to him. She has a bit of a mischievous little smile.

Heathen joins Mikael, no jacket, still bare-chested purple with the homemade octopus rig as they rejoin the audience, Madelines costume glitters in the lights and she smiles "And now, introducing Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in our finale, a classic song that you should all recognize. Please feel free to sing along" and she steps out of the way for the last performance

Martha slips into a seat to watch this last act with a smile.

Mikael glances around then, and waves to Silvana and Caerus before he makes room for Heathen to sit down. He frowns as the tentacles bounce against him. "You could have changed you know." His attention goes to the stage then.

The lights rise on the stage to reveal Peter Pan (Sharpe) and Tinkerbell (Jolene), with a band set behind them. The screens on either side play the video from a very recognizable song. With Jolene sitting atop of stool, swaying gently as Sharpe begins to sing to her, a microphone held in one hand while she is holding to Sharpes hand. He is pouring his heart into the performance as he sings. His tone raspy and heartfelt as if he truly means it.

Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X_ViIPA-Gc

Sharpe: And I would do anything for love I'd run right into hell and back I would do anything for love I'd never lie to you and that's a fact But I'll never forget the way you feel right now Oh no, no way And I would do anything for love Oh I would do anything for love I would do anything for love, but I won't do that No, I won't do that

Some days it don't come easy Some days it don't come hard Some days it don't come at all, and these are the days that never end Some nights you're breathing fire Some nights you're carved in ice Some nights you're like nothing I've ever seen before or will again

Maybe I'm crazy, but it's crazy and it's true I know you can save me, no-one else can save me now but you

As long as the planets are turning As long as the stars are burning As long dreams are coming true You'd better believe it, that I would do

Anything for love Oh I would do anything for love Oh I would do anything for love, but I won't do that No, I won't do that

Madeline smiles as she listens and glances for Paige to see where she is, clearly enjoying the performance

Heathen smiles up at the stage as the pair sing their duet.

Mikael sits forward a bit in his seat as he listens, but his cell vibrates, and the warning alarm has him rechecking his bid again.

Paige is close by, and when Madeline turns her attention her way it gets a bright smile, and a low curtsy in turn. But she seems a bit enraptured by all the performances for the most part.

Finally towards the end of the song Tinkerbell (Jolene) lifts her microphone and her normal soft voice fills the theatre calling out to Sharpe, in a voice pleading for an answer as she sings, pouring her heart into the performance. Her eyes never leaving his, they they go back and forth until it is only his voice left to answer.

Jolene: Will you raise me up? will you help me down? Will you get me right out of this godforsaken town? Will you make it all a little less cold?

Sharpe: I can do that I can do that

Jolene: Will you cater to every fantasy I got? Will you hose me down with holy water, if I get too hot? Will you take me places I've never known?

Sharpe: I can do that Oh no, I can do that

Jolene: After awhile you forget everything Theres a brief interlude A midsummer nights fling And youll see that its time to move on

Sharpe: I wont do that I wont do that

Jolene: I know the territory, I've been around It'll all turn to dust and we'll all fall down Sooner or later you'll be screwing around

Sharpe: I won't do that No, I won't do that

Anything for love But I won't do that

His head finally coming to rest on Tinkerbell's shoulder as the song comes to an end and both of her arms are holding him close as the lights dim laying a light kiss on the top of his head.

Madeline applauds warmly from her spot just outside the lights, clearly very pleased with the performance

Martha claps for them, then looks about to others still here.

Mikael stands up and applauds, "Bravo!" He seems to be having a very enjoyable evening, having a bright smile on his face.

Paige's arms are probably getting tired with all this clapping. She is still here however, and with the final performance it would seems, she finally moves over to Madeline's side.

Aubrey claps and moves over towards Silvana and Caerus, "Make sure she gets home alright will you?" She asks of Caerus, "I've a date with a holy man mustn't be late."

Caerus nods and applauds and looks to Silvana, "You'll have to get up there and do an act or something one day." He grins a little.

Caerus nods to Aubrey, "I most certainly will lady."

Madeline places a bright red lip print on Paige's cheek "un moment cheri" then steps into the light once more as the pair take their bows "Thank you, that was wonderful! Thank you all for coming. That ends our entertainment for tonight, but please, feel free to take one last look at the auction and enjoy the museum before closing. Thank you again!"

Vivianne leans in to listen to something Noel says to her. Both women applaud warmly to the duet.

Jolene smiles and motions towards Sharpe as the lights come up and they bow together. "Thank you all for coming tonight and for your support! It means a great deal! And helping the children is so important. Do not be afraid to sneak in those last minute bids."

Silvana looks to say something to Aubrey but she get lost in the crowd before looking to Caerus and blushes with a shake of her head "Oh no, thank you I'll pass, though you on the other hand would do great up there"

Mikael glanced over when Aubrey gave that line, and chuckles, smiling at Silvana, "If I still had my top hat on, I would have commented on where the white rabbit was right now...." he glances over to others around, and gives a wave to Vivianne, and then to Paige.

Martha chuckles as she listens to people about her and well watches Jolene head off back stage again.

Paige's hand comes up to touch at her cheek for a moment. She may never wash it again. But she is soon distracted by Mikael, giving him a bright wave.

The performances have all ended for the night and last-minute bids are filtering in, but the stage is already being cleaned up and last minute stragglers are holding conversations.

Ferdinand hustles on into the theater, looking about as he enters. But to no avail - he's late. And not even fashionably so. Dressed as Robin Hood (but not @desced, because LAZY), the youth looks crestfallen once he realizes he's missed all of the musical performances.

Mikael gets up, stretching, "Time for me to find a glass of brandy."

Martha moves to stand and look about the place, seeing who is where, then looks to Mikael and waves, "Mad hatter yo"

Well, the show is over. And in the end that just leaves Paige looking at the stage. Staring at it. Her head tilts lightly to one side. Heathen waves to Martha, sending tentacles jiggling

Martha waves to Heathen and heads their way with a smile and wave to any she knows in passing, "So brandy is now already?" as she joins the men.