2018.6.14: Sabbat Come To Church - Act IV: The Aftermath

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Sabbat Come To Church
Act III: The Aftermath ~ Start of Healing
IC Date June 14, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Constance Colin Heathen Oleksiy Mikael
Location Old abandoned YMCA building
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

As the torpored Kindred are roped and carted away, and Heathen joins Constance in the walkway between the cages, they finally get a look at what was causing that horrendous smell, and those miserable sounding wails and cries. At least ten cages, five on each side, line the walkway, obviously built when these tunnels underneath the old garage were created. The floors are the same hastily poured and already cracking sloping concrete, with drains in the center. Inside all there is at least one person, some have several, and all are not in good mental shape it would seem, and all bad physically. Some are suffering from obvious blood loss and/or malnutrition, and some look to be in shock while others appear to be completely insane. Many cower away as they near the cages, while other simply sit and stare at the two.

Connie is a beacon currently, an awe inspiring saintly creature that has ignored the violence behind her for now to work on the cages where the poor people are being kept. Heathen? Mikael? Not really folks that Connie is concerned with at the moment. She speaks softly to the people as her disciplines fall into place. She knows that this is going to take a lot of work..

Heathen leaves the sword behind, raising the visor on his armor, observing what's happening, staying back to let the nun handle it more than his stormtrooper self.

Heathen texts Mikael from the cells to give him the all clear

A good many of them do seem to react to Constance, watching her as if she is an Angel come down into Hell to save them, and their hands out stretch through the bars towards her trying to touch her. Others don't seem to even be aware of where they are, or who they are, and either wander in a cell or cower in a corner with their heads down.

Constance is careful to let the ones who seem like they'll follow out. "Gently, gently friends, quietly too. If you have someone with you who cannot move for themselves, help them too. We are getting you help, we are getting you to saftey. But we shan't forget a single soul.." The sister tells them all firmly. She will carry the people on her back if she must."

Mikael gets the message not over the com-link, but the cell phone, and he drops the shadows from over himself outside, messaging Heathen back that it was also clear outside. He messages back asking if the medical kit would be needed, or anything else from the Escalade. About that time they bring over the ones that are torpored, and they need the vehicle. He messages that to Heath, and asked if they were all leaving now.

Heathen sends a text back again to Mikael asking for the Mission van.

Heathen removes a shadow gauntlet for a moment, setting a cold hand on Connie's shoulder.

<Phone> (Text to Colin from Mikael) The Sister would like you to bring the Mission van to our location, and bring some additional things for prisoners that they have found.

Constance is working, moving, letting the big ones out to tend those who can't. The littlest receive the most care. Connie gathered each, checks their faces and wipes at tears. Is now the here and place for this almost sissaphian effort to comfort and command these poor abused people? Children are a delicate thing for Kindred, even ones like Constance. Each one is given attention.

Heathen sends another text, to both Mikael and Colin to bring food and Gatorade.

Mikael reads the text and frowns, then quickly sends the message to Colin because at the moment he is standing out by a closed and boarded up building with no vehicle. As soon as he gets that message off, he heads towards the 'Shed', entering it carefully. He frowns as he pauses in the main room, seeing the man with his head blown off, and feeling a bit nauseous. He then finds an old tarp, and tosses it over the body.

One gets what one gets when they summon Colin without warning. The vroom, sputter rattle of the Mission Van can be heard coming a while later. Putputput. The unmarked panel van in mostly white comes to a squeaking stop that jerks and then the thing just dies on him, followed by swearing in Italian and begging to God himself. Finally popping out the side, the Brujah is dressed in his pijamas; galaxy print fleece pants, and a tanktop with Oscar the Grouch printed on it. His hair is a mess and he's still wearing the earlier night's guyliner. Still, a pleasant look on his face as he moves to slide the side door open to expose several foil hotel pans from the Mission's fridges. Sundry items too, there are blankets and medical supplies as requested.

The children huddle around Constance, and most hide their faces in her clothing. Mikael waits upstairs for Colin, not feeling right in the man strolling in to find that body, and the dead dogs riddled with bullets. "They are downstairs," he tells Collin solemnly, "I am not sure what we will find down there. The others took off the Sabbat, the ones left downstairs were their prisoners."

Constance gathers the smallest in her arms and she looks towards the way out and where Heath is watching him. "Make sure no one straggles too far behind." She says softly to him as she attempts to herd the terribly scarred and mentally incapacitated humans that were used as cattle or worse.

Heathen removes the helmet, making himself now look like Luke Skywalker, here to rescue, instead of stormtrooper here to eliminate. He has no problem leaving helmet and sword behind, even as he shoes straggles in Connie's direction. He doesn't worry about anyone completely non responsive until the ones that are less damaged upstairs.

Colin was whistling a jaunty toon as he saunters on up to - that whistle lowers into a slow crash to nothingness at the scene. Blinking slowly at Mik, his slippers come to a scuffing stop and he's suddenly taking very careful steps. "I see," is all he says before looking towards the doorway. "I will fetch the blankets, the food will need the plates in the back as well," he says while turning back towards the outside and the van to bring back the pile of blankets, no need to make people wait.

Mikael moves to help Colin, having no idea what to expect downstairs.

The lost, the forgotten. Families that fell on hard times, others looking for a better life. Nobody that is likely to be missed. Hispanic, black, white.. it didn't matter. People are a commodity, and warm bodies sell. That may have been the only thing keeping most alive. Colin doesn't even get to see the worst. 3 aren't following, but Connie would have seen that apparently, a Tzimisce was using those three as a canvas, and broke them.

Mikael follows Colin downstairs, noticing all the blood and his nostrils fkare abit, unconsciously. That is alot of spilled vitae all over everywhere it seems at first glance. Like some kind of rancid smelling battlezone. He can't help coughing, and then at the sight of the people he gives a questioning look to Constance and the lagging behind Heathen.

Colin is affronted by the sights, the sounds, and smells. The people. It isn't until he finds the children that he snaps out of it and is acting. Blankets over his arm are handed out to adults in bundles to be handed out. All so that he can personally start sheltering the children that have surrounded Constance. No words, he has nothing to add.

Connie has a kid on each hip, the perfect picture of light and godliness in the darkness. Blue eyes wide and humming softly. Heathen is thankfully keeping up the rear, and she's convinced any adults or older teens with their sanity to help children or the gibbering up towards the light. She smiles as Mik and Colin join them, "Let's just get them to the car. We cannot take them to the Mission but I know a place.." She tells them all softly smiling to each though with drawn expression.

And indeed the large majority are following her out and up out of the Hellhole like little ducklings.

Heathen says, "Everyone else took the Torped vampires back to the sheriff, remaining are dealing with 'livestock'"

The lost, the forgotten. Families that fell on hard times, others looking for a better life. Nobody that is likely to be missed. Hispanic, black, white.. it didn't matter. People are a commodity, and warm bodies sell. That may have been the only thing keeping most alive. Colin doesn't even get to see the worst. 3 aren't following, but Connie would have seen that apparently, a Tzimisce was using those three as a canvas, and broke them.

Constance will go back for them. Broken as they are now.. she wont forget them. Not for a moment - besides there /are/ Tzimisce in the praxis. But she's getting the ones that can move first.

Colin continues to pass out blankets, not looking back but once or twice to catch sight of some of the worst. His face twists and he forces back a retch before smiling at Connie and her radiance. "Then we will get whom we can to where we can," he tells her. A glance for Mik as he helps and the armored Heath. He can't help it, "Aren't you a little short to be a Storm Trooper?" Just a hint of mirth before back to work in shuffling the poor humans outside towards the Mission Van where they can find food and wet-wipes and such.

Mikael coughs again, trying himself not to lose his dinner as he breathes as shallowly as he can. For once he envies those that do not have to breathe, they don't have to endure the horrible SMELL that seems to permeate everything down here, including the people that they are helping.

Heathen gives Colin a salute, glancing down at the amor and heading back inside for a few moments before coming back out, sans armor. "Watch out for the smel down there, it wasn't exactly.. sanitary."

Constance has smelled worse, believe it or not, and so once she has most packed into the van and calmly resting, the children all conveniently sleeping and some of the more broken adults too before she's headed back down for those too broken to be helped or move on their own.

Constance says, “We need to get ahold of Oleksiy or Harpy Smith." She tells the others when they have a moment alone. "I wont give up on anyone here. But we should consider calling the Sheriff and asking what she'd like us to do with this..place." Heath is given a look for that. "Colin and I will go fetch the broken ones. I will make them sleep. And I'll make some calls while we're driving"” Constance says, “Thankfully.. I know of a place out away from town.”

Oleksiy is keeping the door, and helping direct people as they move along, ensuring none are lost as they come out, and that nothing happens on the way

Heathen admires Connie's dedication, really does. Though it's obvious from Heath's look that he thinks the ones that are still down there should meet a merciful end.

You say, “Sister, are you.. sure?" He had gotten a look at those 'broken ones'. There are some that.. well.. there are little ones here, you should think of them, and help those that you can." The words come out hard for him, hesitantly. "Perhaps let Heath..."”

Colin will breathe shortly when he finally goes to help Connie with those who were too broken. He has that distant sort of pity on his face as she mentions him by name. "None are beyond our sincerest attempts to help," he tells Mikael with a grimly determined look on his face.

Constance's eyes cut like dark blue daggers to Mikael. Is he going finish that statement? Are any of them going to dare? Calm and peace are well contained but there's that edge of holy rage that has sharpened the nun's aura since the very first mention of a chickenhawk in her city. Thankfully, Colin soothes the situation. She will dominate each broken poor soul to sleep, Oleksiy is asked to get with Edgar to discuss if these poor souls can be fixed and helped.

Mikael nods because he agrees, but he looks at Constance and seems to be worried about what this might do to the woman. He lowers his head at her gaze, but it is obvious where his concerns mostly lie. He is worried about her. You paged Constance with ‘She is empathic enough to tell he is afraid of her either being attacked or unable to save one and it will cause her severe pain.

Oleksiy comes in when asked, he is still on alert, using his senses to ensure there are no hidden spaces, or others that have not been found. He pauses with Constance and looks on at the Broken ones, his expression is set. "We can make them more comfortable.. but this isn't just a twisting of their bodies.. And Neither I, nor Edgar have the type of power to do this, let alone undo it.. if that even could be done.. They will not be the same again." he sighs, "I wish it were not so, but we will do what we can."

Heathen looks toward Constance with concern as well. "Discussing it fresh tomorrow night won't cause the issues to get worse. We can secure everyone someplace more comfortable, contact some help to keep them secure. What can, or can't be done can wait that long."

Mikael touches Heathen's arm then and says, "I can probably get them up here, she need not go. But I can only do so one at a time."

Constance's head tilts and she takes a breath but her jaw sets. Sometimes, being of a mind and strong convictions can .. well the road to hell is paved with people like Connie. "I'll find someone." She says determinedly. "I will." She looks around and then back towards Heath, Colin, Oleksiy and Mikael. "I'm going to need to make a phone call to get a place to keep them. Heathen would you call Agate?" Constance says, “Ask what to do with the Shed.”

Oleksiy nods once, "Once everyone is clear.. I will burn this place down.. There are evidences that need to be cleaned. Unless there is objection?"

Mikael murmurs, "Burn it. Take the body, burn the whole damnable place to the ground."

Mikael glances to Oleksiy at the man's words, then quietens, and goes back to helping load the people in the van and watching the street.

Colin blinks steadily in the face of doubts. He knows them, they're valid, but something about the nun makes him want to be better or some junk. "If there's knowledge to be gleaned..." he interjects, "Despicable as it may be..even a scrap or note could provide information, unless...unless there's no chance for such things. Then burn away," he says cheerily.

Constance says, “Ask the Sheriff first." Says Connie before moving off to a quiet spot to make a quick series of phonecalls where she pulls springs with the church and a few local doctors who work closely with others.”

Heathen types up an email for Agate and sends it off.

Oleksiy agrees "As you say. I can hold off until the Sheriff agrees." he continues to help evactuate the last few people.

Connie is on calls for about a half hour before they get in the van and other modes of transport and then head out, south-east of the city not quite far enough to be the hills of the desert but certainly riding that dry line there's an old YMCA that hasn't been actively used but is still owned by the Church. Swinging by to get some supplies from friends who work at a community clinic on the east side they arrive at the old YMCA. The pool has been drained, the bleachers are decommissioned but the basketball court is still open and usable, there are showers and locker rooms and even a small if mostly-empty game room that holds couches and a broken foosball table. An ancient boom box transistor radio with on speaker blown and a stack of ancient cassette tapes. An old knob TV and VCR with a small stack of silly old movies like bread knots and boom sticks and teenage mutant ninja iguanas. Equally important to the showers? There are ancient but still soft blue 'mats' that can be spread out on the gym floor.

Connie has them drive around the back and says her contact indicated that there would be a key in a 'rock' by the dumpster. Upon gaining the key and opening the large rolled up door they can usher the small cadre of survivors of the Sabbat Pack into the old YMCA.

Heathen does follow along on his bike, needing a call from Mikael to remind him to turn his lights on. Pulling in he watches carefully, not sure how all these people are going to react, and quietly reminding Connie they'll need daytime help to not let anyone run off before they're sure things have been properly handled.

You paged Martha with ‘Still in the rp room going with the aftermath of that scene. It turned into combat because of who all was here and their availability being so different.’

Thankfully this YMCA is out a little ways. They might have conscripted a city planner to do something with this space in the eighties but it appears to have not gotten beyond an ancient quick mart, a greasy spoon and a couple of areas that were slated for being built on but were never bought. She nods at Heath and smiles, "I'm going to have the Father join me here. My flock in the Mission will make do without me for a few days. If you've got anyone to help I'll take it though." She smiles and looks up and round, "We'll need to make sure they can see light and feel free to move around. I'll be with them as much as possible, I've let the Sheriff and Prince know I'll be out of the city." She smiles a bit but it's clear it's all catching up with her.

Heathen checks around the place for hazards, or homeless squatters just in case. "Mikael, can you call someone to bring in some decent food? Nothing too spicy, very brothy, and some gatorades and plain waters?"

You say, “I will help as much as I can," he smiles warmly to Constance, seeming a have more color in his face now, and calmer since he can openly breathe at least without wanting to puke. "I can also pick up whatever else you might need from the city"”

This place gets checked up on. There are hints that people have been ehre but also that they were rousted out quickly enough. The kitchen and laundry is locked at least but the keys from the rock unlock it. Electricity works, water runs. But the caretakers are from the church. Connie's even come to check the propert from time to time as part of her work for the church. "Soap, lice combs, selsen blue shampoo, bleach, detergent and lots of clothing. I'll need volunteers to work with them as councilors, people with dominate or..similar abilities." She says when there's a moment the kindred are all alone. Colin's arm gets a squeeze and she smiles appreciatively that he came despite it being, apparently, his night off.

Colin is there through it all, trooping it out like a guy on a mission. He wants to see as many of these people well again. For now though, he is coming to a stop for a few minutes to push his wild hair from his features. The squeeze turns his attention to Connie and he smiles back easily, a hand lifting to pat hers gently. "It will be a long night," he decides.

Heathen does, quietly suggest.. "Keep the three apart. We can put them in an office, but less memory to modify later."

You say, “The children should be apart from the others as well, get them settled and back to an attempt at normal, oui?"”

Constance looks to Heathen and nods, "I was planning on getting them set aside in one of the private offices with some padding. They are..easy to deal with mentally. Keeping them calm and asleep for a while should be all right." Mikael's suggestion makes her smile an then bites her lower lip, "I..don't know. I think that these people have all been through trauma and would likely protect each other. I'll be here, watching them and taking care of them as often as I can." She lifts a hand to her forehead and rubs slowly. "But if you think it's better for them psychologically?"

You say, “Actually I do," he gives Constance a warm smile again, "That should be around healthy more normal adults to foster trust. I am not a doctor, of course, but it seems logical to me. And they cling to one another."”

Constance nods and smiles, "All right." She says smiling at him nodding. "We can put them in the game room." She agrees as everything slowly starts to sink in. Despite her earlier determination everything is finally starting to catch up with her. In addition to the texts to the Officers of the court from others and texts from her former Harpy Sisters. Her eyes are wide and takes a breath, "Let's get everyone comfortable and send you all back to work. I can keep an eye on things here.. But definitely.. anyone with Dominate and who can change faces or act like councilors or police officers are important. And I don't want anyone who believes these souls cannot be saved.."

Colin is mostly quiet, he has not ideas to the workings of human minds, all he knows is there is hurting. He can help the children at least. The Venetian clown settles into an easy routine. It starts with juggling a few random objects, it turns into funny faces. Returning to this moment he rolls a shoulder, "I never did learn that trick, though I suppose I should have, hm?" Long distance to Constance: Mikael peeks at her messages, curious.

Heathen gives Constance a hug at her exclamation. "Just do me a favor and be careful." And he gives her a wink as he adds. "Mikael will be around to help during the day, and we can find others, Angie for one."

Everyone's settled, or settling, and Connie is tired or maybe it's all the blood or who knows but when Heathen hugs her Connie starts crying. Thankfully Colin comforts the children and the adults are probably all grateful to be getting into showers and using /actual/ toilets.

Heathen just kinda stays where he's at, letting her have a good cry.

Mikael pulls out another lace hankie. He must own a drawer full of those, and surprisingly yes he does. He even hugs her, regardless of the actual contact. The group work through what remains of the rest of the night, and then Mikael waits for those Constance knows so he can hand over things to them. He has to get back to make sure the everything at the 'Shed' is kosher, double checking the scene.

The healing begins now...