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We will fight, not out of spite
But someone must stand up for what's right
Because where there's a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing


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Changeling Oh yes, they're very nice! I have my very own Frost Troll. He's very tall and occasionally falls asleep naked in my garden.
Demon A what?
Mage You know, honestly, I don't much care for most of them. Sad that most of them think themselves god among men.
Mortal We should serve them, not the other way around
Werewolf Their blood runs through my veins and with them, I feel like I am home.
Wraith I don't pretend to understand anything about them. I work with life, not death. The single one that I know, though, I have great respect for.
Vampire I'm sure they're... lovely... really.

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  • Casper Rip.png- It is because of your love that I am able to do this. I love you more than life. I miss you. [1] [2]
  • Phil - Never a dull moment when this one's around.
  • Chase - A beautiful soul of the Wylde. Listen when he speaks, and listen carefully.
  • Asher - A wonderful big brother to have. Wise, funny, and always there with what is needed.
  • Marty Bheart.png- A kindred soul, in more ways than one. He brought me back to life, but time passes and the wheel turns and we move on.
  • Nemesis Atwood -
  • Keris - A good friend, but a bitter enemy. Listen when he speaks
  • Luther
  • Leila - Your loyalty is astounding. You stand with him even in death and you live more fully than some on this side. Thank you
  • Kaydin Rip.png
  • Leah
  • Cross - Proof that power does not always corrupt. The sacrifices this man makes are legendary. Thank you, my friend. You saved more than one life today.
  • Gwydion - I used to see you as a little brother, someone to protect and watch over. You've grown into your own. I'm proud of you
  • Laveris - An amazing artist.
  • Leandro - .............!!!![3]
  • Rathu - If only humans could be so useful and wonderful. Thank you, puppy, dear.
  • Tayze Rip.png- Kind, sweet and gentle, a good man. Thank you.
  • Oswald - My own, personal bodyguard. I heart you, big guy.
  • Axton Aering.pngTinyheart.png-Fate isn't always a bitch. She brought you to me when I needed you most. Thank you for your smile. [4]
  • Isis - Hee! Sorry. Really.
  • Ariana Smith - Such a beautiful, strong woman. So much talent, so much love to give.
  • Baby Zoe - Precious baby girl.
  • Lihi - Sweet and unique. Strangely, I find your presence very relaxing and refreshing.
  • Velok - <Redacted>

See Ellie's PNG for more cute little icons

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RP Hooks


Prospect Roasters is her place. She has some status in the Traditions and has made it known that she would be happy to introduce herself to all the new mages that come to town. Feel free to page me to set up a time and place.


Ellie has some pretty strange quirks and sometimes, when the mood hits her, she's hilarious. Nice, light RP. But don't think for a moment there isn't more to her. Initially, she may come off as a flake, but give her the chance to get to know you and the depth of her convictions, and her potential for power, shine through.

Nature Girl

Eloise is a flower child. She's been known to play in the woods and chase butterflies. You should see her garden.


An amazing listener, Eloise always has a good bit of advice to share and she can cheer up the grumpiest bear.


Ellie is a botanist of the purest sort, seeking to propagate and cultivate viable food sources through all natural means, making things bigger, and healthier, and more hardy in cold or heat. Everyone deserves good, healthy food, don't they?

Vegan, Bacon notwithstanding

Growing up in a primarily Pagan culture, she has adopted the principle of 'harm none.' She doesn't eat meat, or dairy, or even honey, though occasionally she may be caught talking aloud to a bee. And bacon. The bacon doesn't USUALLY talk back. Now that she's had a baby, she finds herself drawn to the more carnivorous side. She ate a burger the other day.. and liked it. Damn those hormones.


Eloise just got her midwife license. She is now able to provide primary health care, everything from birthin' babies, clear up through the common cold, physical injuries. Also, in California, she can prescribe medical marijuana!

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Eloise Hayes

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Race: Mage
Full Name: Eloise Hayes
Date of Birth: July 13
Heritage: All American Girl
Occupation: Midwife
Business Owner: Prospect Roasters
Business Owner: Best Start Birth Center
Demeanor: Perfectionist
Tradition: Verbena
Essence: Dynamic
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 5'7"

Kinfolk2.png Children.png

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Notable Stats







Merit of Note
Spark of Life!
Flaw of Note
Other Thing

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Sometimes shit happens. Sometimes it's good shit, sometimes it's bad shit. I'm not so OMG powerful that I can fix EVERY little thing, but if someone is in danger, particularly woman or a child, either directly or indirectly, and Eloise hears about it, you can best believe that she will do whatever she can to fix it. If that means calling in her buddies who ARE ZOMG, count on it happening. I sit at +risk 2, but I have zero problem with bumping up my +risk to fit the scene.

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