2020-07-09: Fire and Wedding Bells

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Fire and Wedding Bells
Arumi feeds her new pet, while Bobbi inadvertently fuels a happy occasion
IC Date July 3, 2020
IC Time 4 PM
Players Arumi, Bobbi,
Location Umbral train station at the Nexus
Prp/Tp N/A
Spheres Traditions
Theme Song Here Comes the Bride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgh9XTkQTDI

Arumi comes back to the train station after a night and morning of work at the lab. Coming down, she has a, well, some sort of metal box in her hands. Setting it down, she winks at a mouse that apparently glares at her. And from the far end of the platform comes rushing a small animated bit of fire, whooshing right toward her.

Arriving shortly after Arumi, is Bobbi, who seems quite relaxed, a kind smile on her face. Wearing a very short and sleeveless white dress with blue foral patterns -- similar to fine china -- matching socks, and blue ballet flats, she gets in line behind Arumi. "Hi," she says softly, as she looks downward, seeming to be almos shy at the moment, or maybe it's that she's begun to rummage through a blue psychedelic cutch purse -- that any true fashionista would recognize as Pucci -- looking for something to give the mice.

Arumi looks to the mouse, and shakes her head when it starts to protest. "No look, I'm prepared this time. I don't need to set anything on fire. No mess. I promise." The mouse is skeptical, but it watches instead of trying to interfere. She squats down, and puts down the box.. "Oh Bobbi. This is.. Onibi, or Litwick, I haven't decided what to call it yet. Whatever this alien fire kitty is, it started to mess with my foot on the train, Rick spotted it. I decided to feed it, and it likes hot plasma. Stand back." She then opens a panel on the side of the box, and starts tapping at it.

'alien fire kitty?' Bobbi mouths with an amused and quizzical expression on her face. Stepping forward, she pulls out a homemade ring -- metal and crystal, and sized for a mouse (though Bobbi is uncertain who ultimately gets the payment.)

The mouse pulls out a small jeweler's loop and examines the ring, then squeaks to the back. A mouse wearing a little dress appears, trying to figure out what's going on. The other mouse turns to face, and then gets down on one knee offering the other mouse the ring.

"Arumi, look," Bobbi says, her voice filled with glee, her hands clasped in front of her close to her chest. "He's proposing."

Arumi reaches out to pat the gaffling, who leaps onto the box,and looking around at it. Examning it, then trying to hop into a hole inside it. "Careful, that's going to get very hot," she explains, putting her hand in the way to prevent that.

Looking back at Bobbi, and those mice, she laughs. "Oh wow. That's... doing that at work? How lucky for them?" To her it's like she's reacting to a cartoon, it's just so absurd.

Then back to the box. "Alright, here goes." She hits a button, then hops back. A fountain of plasma erupts from the box., about 6 inches high. The gaffling starts hopping into and through the flame, and 'rides' on the top of it.

The two mice hug and squeak, and then hand-in-hand, they walk back towards Bobbi. They squeak happily at her in what is likely a thank you, maybe even a wedding invitation. Bobbi just happily nods, as if she understands this -- and while she doesn't speak mouse, she does speak love, in fact she seems to radiate it. Taking a ticket from the mice, Bobbi turns to Arumi with the biggest grin on her face as if this is the greatest thing she has ever seen.

Bobbi blink-bats her eyes as the plasma fountain erupts. "Are you ... ? " Bobbi begins to ask, " ... are you teaching him how to surf?" Bobbi watches in awe, greatly enjoying the display.

Arumi giggles, adjusting her bag on her shoulder, resting her hands on her hips. "I thought I was just feeding it. But apparently these fire kittens don't just like the heat, they swim in fire."

Looking back, first to the celebrating mice, and then to Bobbi. "Wow. But yeah, I told Rick, I assume this alien pet is from a very hot world, visits the trains becuase people are warm, and just will go nuts at any heat I can feed it."

'fire kitten?' Bobbi once again mouths, seemingly more confused and amused by what she is hearing that what she is seeing. Bobi scratches her head at this statement by Arumi, trying to figure out where to start here. "You think it's like an intergalactic snow-bird?" she asks, trying to make sure she is properly understanding Arumi's thesis.

Arumi backs up a little more toward Bobbi, and gestures toward where the gaffling is bobbing ont he top of the spout of plasma. Seemingly unharmed by the enormous heat of the plasma. "I don't know what world it's from, so I can't be more specific about what it's called."

"Well, have you tried, y'know, asking it?" Bobbi wonders at Arumi, a grin plastered on her face. "Like I know small-talk isn't for everybody, but at least do some basic getting to know you type of stuff." A brief pause before Bobbi adds, "Which remind me, I need to learn how to 'Speak Squeak' in ways unintended by the squeaky cheese slogan at the Tillamook Cheese Factory."

Arumi shrugs. "I tried talking to it. It seemed to react to me, but like a pet would. Didn't speak. Rick tried talking to it in like, I don't know? Latin or something? Didn't answer back either. So I Figure it's like, just a pet. Not like, an alen person, but an alien animal."

"Yeah, well," Bobbi says as she grins and eyes the 'fire kitty', "Rick was never my best 'Latin' student." Bobbi looks to the 'fire kitty' and begins to speak in a strange manner. It's surely recognizable as language, yet it seems something much more. Otherworldly, angelic, alien, a limnal hymn where even when spoken, the words themselves sing. >> Hi, do you have a name? << she asks of it in this magickal tongue, >> I'm Bobbi and this is Arumi. We'd like to be your friends. <<

Arumi blinks as Bobbi starts doing her thing. "Wait what?" she gasps, covering her mouth. "Wow," she whispers. Buto therwise she stays back, out of the way, letting her do her thing.

The Fire Gaffling is a small, minor wisp of a spirit. When Bobbi invokes her powers to speak to it. It does react. Whatever it has that may be a face looks at her now. It remains 'surfing' though, as it makes a noise. To Bobbi it comes across as crude, baby talk. <<No Name>>

Bobbi gives a light nod to the 'fire kitten' and then looks to Arumi. "It said it has no name," she says as if it's the saddest thing in the world, yet there's still a big smile on her face, and she's obviously having a good time. As she looks to Arumi, her expression seems to reveal her thoughts, 'it needs a name, but you should name it.'

Arumi folds her arms, and approaches beside Bobbi. Coming as close as feels safe, to the plasma fount. Staring at the gaffling, she hums. "You want a name?" she asks the spirit, not that it'll undersatnd any more than, well, that it's being talked to. "Bobbi, English or Japanese, which do you think?" The spirit for its part remains surfing, watching the pair, and enjoying the flame, the energy.

Bobbi hmmms lightly at this question as she thinks about it. "I suppose ... " she starts to say, her words slow and measured, "I suppose ... I'm not sure. I mean, I guess names are in a language, but I never really thought of them that way. Although sometimes I've used names in languages as a way to play with meaning and identity and ... " Bobbi looks to Arumi, feeling she might be losing her, "Maybe tell me what you were thinking? We could always ask the 'fire kitty' what it prefers."

Arumi nods to Bobbi's words, and leans forward. Hands dropping to her hips. "Alright. Tell her, would you rather be..." she starts, then enunciating slowly, and carefully. "Onibi..... or.... Litwick?"

For its part, the spirit floats along in the plasma, not knowing what the heck is being said.

Bobbi pauses and blink-bats her eyes for a moment, trying to determine when this 'kitten' became a 'her' and just when did Arumi learn how to sex gafflings. Nothing is said though, just a grin as she turns back to watch it 'surf.' >> We wanted to give you a name, << she says in that strange alien tongue, >> we were thinking 'Onibi' or 'Litwick,' do you have a preference there? We both have names that end with 'i' but you might want something different for yourself. <<

Arumi meant 'her' as in 'Bobbi' of course, but whatever. The spirit however starts to understand, once Bobbi trise to translate. <<Deep fire gives name?>> it starts, a lick of flame gesturing toward Arumi, referring to the fiery resonance in her actions, and the primordial deep hidden in her own spirit. <<Onibi>> it renders to Bobbi as best as it can under the spiritiaul circumstances.

"It says Onibi," Bobbi tells Arumi, happy to bring these two closer together. "and it called you 'deep fire', I guess it sees some real kinship with you. Here, tell it this ... " Bobbi leans over and whispers a few Enochian phrases, sounding them out phonetically, and while Arumi will probably butcher the pronunciation -- and maybe even not convey the magick -- at least the intention will probably be clear. Maybe.

Arumi tilts her head. "Deep fire. I wonder what that means. Deep as in like, because this is plasma, and it's more of a... pure fire than like, burning fuel? Huh. Onibi it is. Rick will be happy." Then listening to Bobbi, she's completely unaware that this is Bobbi doing a thing. Her voice raises, and she does her best. <<Hello. Onibi. Welcome. **garbled**>> she says. The gaffling then replies <<Thank Deep Fire>>

Bobbi goes a bit into the Enochian that translates to 'deep fire,' perhaps enlightening Arumi on some multi-dimensional poetics behind the phrasing. "Pretty good," Bobbi says with a smile after Arumi speak, it responded >> Thanks, Deep Fire. << Then on it's own, Bobbi repeats Arumi's name so that she will know in the future when her kitty calls her.

>> Deep fire. <<

Whatever conversation is going on with Bobbi, Arumi, and Onibi, it gets interrupted. There's a mouse ringing a little bell. Ding ding ding. When the mages look, the mouse ringing a bell is dressed in a white tuxedo, and throwing up... rice dust. As behind, the mice who just celebrated with Bobbi's ring, are apparently coming out of a marriage ceremony. Life comes at you fast when you're a mouse.