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Active Hermetics


Degree Description Minimum sphere(s) (not just Arete) Training / Duties
1st Neophyte Eduction in advanced mundane studies, basic metaphysics and occult, languages and linguistics, and the Order. Harsh, unforgiving, merciless, drudgery, with physical labor and total immersion in Ars Hermetica. Humility, responsibility, hard work are taught. Meant as a 'weeder' degree.
2nd Zelator Elementary fundamentals of the Spheres. Advancing from goetia to theurgia studies. Begin selecting their 'Word.' Antinomian praxis. Political meetings, dangerous missions, and difficult tests. Understanding symbolism and having revelations while avoiding madness. Carefully monitored in case they became danger to self or other. Learn self discipline is the crucial lesson.
3rd Practicus Chooses their 'Word' to embody and begins metamorphosis. Develop Word as function of Will projected into Creation. From theurgia to magia and Awakening.
4th Initiate 1 (Forces) and 1 (House Sphere, if any) Initiation as awakened full member of Order. Explained rights and responsibilities. May serve as Tribune, publish, hold office, title, or lands. Training now from self and peers now.
5th Initiate Exemptus 2 Register to take on assignment of an apprentice, but unlikely at this degree.
6th Adept 3, 1 Many Hermetic mages never attain this degree. Note, the Order of Hermes uses the title 'Adept' differently than the other traditions.
7th Adept Major 4, 3, 1 Few Hermetics will ever achieve this degree. Enter into politics and influence the direction of Order, or if truly capable Traditions as a whole.
8th Magister Scholae 5, 3, 3 Tested and scrutinized ahead of time. Second secret initiation, rumors of a third, and fourth. A pillar of Order, shapes its destiny, and realizes its goals with every thought, action, and exercise of will..
9th Magister Mundi 6 (NPC only) More force of nature than human being. Order governance drops away for concerns in the realm of primal forces of Universe.

Reference: Order of Hermes (Revised) 38-42


  • Advisory only, individual PCs can still self-identify with whatever fits them best
  • Most information taken from Tradition Book: Order of Hermes (WW4664) 34-35

Founding House (767) Status (2003 - present) Specialization
Bjornaer (767/1465-1466) Isolated themselves after the Massasa war and were demoted to Ex Miscellanea. Less than a year later they joined the Verbena. Shapeshifting
Bonisagus (767-present) United the first 12 Houses, emerged barely active after Conflagration of Doissetep. Magical Theory (Prime)
Criamon (767/1700s-1999) Absorbed into Ex Miscellanea, fell into Quiet and nearly wiped out during Week of Nightmare. Enigmas
Diedne (767-1012) Wiped out during the Schism War, but rumor some are in The Dreaming preparing for revenge. Druids
Flambeau (767-present) One of the largest House of Hermes despite large losses battling during the Conflagration of Doissetep and Second Massasa War. War Magic
Jerbiton (767/1300s-present) Absorbed into Ex Miscellanea (1300s), occupies a valuable niche bring Hermetic thought to the masses. Mundane Affairs
Mercere (767/1630/1930s) Absorbed into Ex Miscellanea, and then later joined Fortunae. Messengers
Merinita (767/1300s-Present) Notables vanished into the Otherworlds, and subsequently absorbed into Ex Miscellanea. Their power continues to wane. Faeries
Quaesitor (767-Present) Were looked to for leadership after Conflagration, but refused. Active, but battered. Justice (Mind or Spirit)
Tremere (767-1202) Expelled due to vampiric corruption. Two Massasa Wars have been fought against them. Hierarchy / Magical Dueling
Tytalus (767-Present) Lead the failed Second Massasa War, devastated in strength, numbers, and reputation. Will (Mind)
Verditius (767/1600s/2001-Present) Censured and demoted to Ex Miscellanea, almost nothing until it merged with Thig and once again became a Great House. Enchantment (Correspondence or Matter)
Newer House (after 767) Status (2003 - present) Specialization
Ex Miscellanea (817-Present) Immensely larger and more powerful than ever before; includes Criamon, Hong Lei, Jerbiton, Merinita, Ngoma, Skopos, Xaos. Variety
Fortunae (1910/1936-Present) Started in Ex Miscellanea, and and quickly became one of the great Houses. Strained after the Second Massasa War, but doing extremely well. Numerology (Entropy)
Golo (1171-1188) Absorbed into Order of Reason / Bonisagus / Verditius, precursor of Sons of Ether. Natural Philosophy / Ether
Hong Lei (2000-Present) Descended from the Wu Lung. Currently on probationary status within Ex Miscellanea. Chinese Ritual Magic
Janissary (1700-2001) Engaged in internal Hermetic political warfare, past revealed by Euthanatoi, wiped out during Second Massasa War. Enforcement of Hermetic Law
Luxor (1872-1936) First black Hermetic Master founded first American Hermetic House. Ignored by the Order and absorbed into Sons of Ether. Science, Spiritualism, and Religion
Ngoma (1300s/2001-Present) Much older Craft that never joined Traditions due to insult at Grand Convocation. Very recently joined Ex Miscellanea, and have huge ambitions. African Ritual Magic
Shaea (1412/1982-Present) Member of Ex Miscellanaea that went to leave the Order and was was given full House status to convince them to stay. True Names (Time)
Skopos (2000-Present) Newest and and smallest house, but active in Ex Miscellanea and has lots of potential. Quantum Reality
Solificati (1315/1999-Present) Former Tradition, rejoined as a Full Hermetic House after the Conflagration and Reckoning. Seeks to be the Tenth Seat. Alchemy (Matter)
Tharsis (1522-1897) Wiped out due to diabolic corruption, their fall almost took the whole Order with them. Weather
Thig (1846-2001) Crippled after Doissetep Conflagration and Concordia War, took over name and leadership of Verditius. Technomancy
Validas (1557-1700) Expelled due to diabolic corruption, may still be an independent Infernal sect in rural England. Summoning / Enochian
Xaos (2001-Present) Active and influential within Ex Miscellanea. Ex-Thig that refused joining Verditius. A joke masquerading as a House or a House masquerading as a joke. Neo-Discordian / Chaos Magick
Ziracah (1327/1645-1780) Great House subsumed into Ex Miscellanea after Naseby Catastophe. Destroyed by King George III's forces in Hellfire Club Incident. Desire

The Code of Hermes

I. I swear everlasting loyalty to the Order and its members. The Order's friends and enemies are my friends and enemies, and I shall not spurn a friend nor succor an enemy.

II. I shall not through action or inaction endanger the Order, nor consort with devils or the undead, nor anger the fae.

III. I shall not deprive any Order mage of magical power, nor through action or inaction attempt to bring harm to an Order mage, except in justly declared and open certamen.

IV. I shall not spy by any means or manner upon another Order mage's private works, nor read an Order mage's mind, nor invade or observe an Order mage's Sanctum, save to guard against a clear, direct, forceful, and imminent threat to the safety of the Order.

V. If called before a Tribunal, I shall abide by its verdicts. If called to sit upon a Tribunal, I shall vote wisely, respect the votes of others, and support the Tribunal's verdicts.

VI. Upon reaching the Fifth Degree or higher, I shall train apprentices and instruct them in this Code. I bear the entire responsibility for my apprentice, and shall duly admonish, restrain, discipline or arrest an apprentice who endangers the Order, and shall yield same apprentice to the Order’s lawfully appointed agent or Tribunal.

VII. I solemnly swear to uphold this sacred Code of Hermes, and venture any risk or sacrifice to protect it. Should I breach it, may all the mages of the Order rise as one united and hunt me down and destroy me forevermore.

VIII. I solemnly swear to vigorously and actively pursue the Enemies of Ascension and to unmake their works in this world and in all others.

Reference: Order of Hermes (Revised) 44-45


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