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"I got my heart's desire, and there my troubles began." - Lev Grossman, the Magicians

Profile Information
Jasmine Alexandria Lange
Date of Birth:
May The Fourth Be With You
UC-Prospect Student
Linguistics and English Lit
Apparent Age:
Early 20s
The Order of Hermes
House Quaesitor
Roleplay Hooks
  • UC Prospect - She's active on campus! From serving on the student government as a Liberal Arts and Humanities student senator to partaking in various clubs, she's often seen galavanting about. Right now she's also the pledge captain for Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. Maybe you've seen her before?
  • Shadow Lords - Her father is Thunder Cleaves Stone, an elder Shadow Lord in Amsterdam. As the youngest of three children, her two older brothers both underwent their first change and they are an Adren and Fostern respectively.
  • Magic! - She took after her mother's side, awakening during her schooling in the UK. Confronted by an angry garou, she freaked out and uttered a spell she found in a stolen book of shadows and WOMP, she Bobbited him. Fortunately, she has since learned to control her spellwork and is a member in good standing of House Quaesitor, just like her mother.
  • Grassroots Activist - #MeToo. Brexit. She is a grassroots political activist. You might see her not just passing out flyers for a rally, but also organizing and canvassing for local politicians and causes near and dear to her heart.
  • 'What Doesn't Kill You - Makes you stronger. She's been through some tough shit, and for the most part, she is a loner. There's only a few out there she actively trusts, which speaking of means, she has very few...
  • Friends - Jasmine knows some people. A list of them can be found here.
  • Logs - Jasmine can sometimes take part in things. Logs can be found here.
Magick and Her Avatar

Carmen is a fictive female gypsy created by Prosper Mérimée. She first appeared in Mérimée's eponymous novella that was first written and published in 1845. The novella was adapted into a variety of different genres, most notably the opera Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet which diverges in significant points from Mérimée's original story.

Whatever the version, Carmen is generally depicted as a classic femme fatale who would take advantage of her beauty and charm to make men fall for her, but quickly break the relationship once she is bored of her wooer, and then she looks for her next victim. Carmen is also usually seen smoking tobacco because she had once worked in a tobacco factory. She is later slain by a spurned ex-lover, driven to a jealous rage after she leaves him. Though she knew he would be fated to kill her, she declared that she would rather die than allow herself to be bound to the will of another, and that "Carmen will always be free."

Notable Stats
Notable Stuffs:
  • Sluttyness 5
  • Skankyness 6
  • Friends 1
  • Sassy One Liners 10
  • Margoisms 69
  • Alchemy 3
  • Umbrood Protocol 3
  • Occult 3
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