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"Your blood will go on to serve a nobler purpose in me."


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Camarilla: Manipulated by powers they don't understand or believe in.

These dogs will be the first to go in Gehenna. Their preparations for the Apocalypse include playing house with the cattle who will turn on them in the end of days. Use their worthless blood to power your own.

Shifters: They have their own agenda and it generally involves our death. Like us they travel in packs. Thin the herd.

Mages: Very dangerous foes. They have stolen some of the divine spark and use it to their own will. Avoid them or kill them if you can, but avoid notice.

Wraiths: They have already failed. Worthless.

Faeries: Wretched little creatures who seem to exist only to encourage stupidity in others.

The Fallen: Our duty is to destroy them without quarter. Demons often try to act friendly but we are not fooled.

Mortals: Pawns of Fate. They are beyond my concern, fit only to be used as tools or food. Their lives are like a flash in a pan.

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Cyn Like me, she is more concerned with the destruction of the tower than petty games. Her acceptance of the Templar position has strengthened my hands considerably. No one is more capable than she.

Hehewuti Ancient Mother. Your mastery of the Auctoris Ritae and your innovations in their practice strengthen us all. The Sword in Prospect is honored by your presence.

Banter Even a lunatic can see that ostrich tactics will not stave off the predation of Gehenna. Welcome to the fight!

Kiksie On a fundamental level you disgust me. Perhaps the fiends created you this way by design, so that when you are used to take a bullet or die fighting the lupines no one cares. Then again I may be giving them too much credit. Tzimisce probably have the same sick tastes you do. Useful nevertheless.

Sunset Seeming so much more civilized than your sister. Is it just a veneer that hides rot? I see many uses for you, in either case.

Hehewuti Your methods of vaulderie are superior to those handed down by our forefathers. The Sword in Prospect is honored by your guiding hand Ancient Mother.

Anezka Is she intentionally freakish or is that just the way of things. She wants to show me her full capabilities. Perhaps I don´t need to know everything.

Zara Chosen by Sister Vera, embraced by Sister Anezka. A scholar and a neonate fiend. She has shown to be a capable warrior. Well chosen for the sword.

Sparrow One of Anezka´s girls.

Vera Forever yours, in this life and the next. Look for me in your dreams. I am with you always. [1]

Spotted Horse My brother has returned. A fearsome warrior. The blood of the last Camarilla sheriff, (Draven), goes on to serve a nobler purpose in you.

Void Un hermano de Mexico. Sus hermanos son muertos. Ahora mi hermano tambien.

Eirik He seems a little to laid back but perhaps I am simply not accustomed to southern culture. Firearms expert.

Jasmene Your archbishop thought you were a problem. Now is your chance to change your reputation.

Abe Shovelhead with useful hacking skills. Lots of book smarts, no cunning, but understands the strength of the sword is in our unity. Some sabbat could learn from this man.

Kirby When her anger is tempered with wisdom she will be a well forged blade. Selfless enough to admit fault.

Faye The Serpents are notoriously untrustworthy. Will this one prove different?

Annastasija Spoiled brat. Needs discipline or she will not survive the long night.

Sarah Haddad Sister of the Mountain. Your pain is undeserved.


Arec Knowing where my loyalties lie you chose. Lie in the bed you have made.

Cross A paradox. Here is a man with true faith in the One God that refuses to use that same power to scourge our kind from existence. The only honorable man in Prospect. Our agreement has averted many wars and allowed me to focus on the Jihad. I pray that if he dies I am there to make him immortal. Who could be more deserving of the blood? [2]

Calamity You know something. One way or another, your going to tell me.

Jax Keep running you pile of goat shit. I will not rest until your blood is reclaimed. You thought destroying the Argent would break us. It has strengthened our resolve a hundredfold. Your death is emminent.

Silvana I look forward to burying you with your domitor.

Matilda To be killed on sight. [3]

Apone A shrewd manipulator. Favors have been exchanged, but when his usefulness is outlived, I will cut him down.

Gwydion Cross' Disciple. Understands the value of discretion. I will deal with him honorably as long as the courtesy is returned.

Sheltark You cant do a job in L.A. because you made too many enemies in Prospect? Something smells like shit.

Vega Jean Appropriately chosen, at least your boss is smart enough to recognize his deficiency.

LittleA You were right about the cammies being much easier to manipulate. I did not fathom they would embrace a woman twice a traitor. They deserve to be led by you. Come to me if you will little girl.

Penny You have spirit. Your posturing wasn't what got you a beating. It was a lesson to Las Hombres.

Arkady Mental defective. Your pathetic attempt to instill fear on those you don't understand only makes you seem afraid.

JD Thou you confirm the backstabbing nature of your sect, you are satisfied? At least you do not beg. Still, there will never be trust between us.

Basilisk You made a grave error in judgment, but you learned from it. Fate gives you another chance.

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The Dead
Sargon Trying to impress a woman with his video game skills during a declared war. I can play too. GAME OVER.

Rayne Twice unworthy of the blood. The Sabbat is not merciful.

Jonathan Stone You thought yourself a player at the table. One does not pretend to have an army and expect to live with imaginary followers.

Eden. VII. Those who are not honorable under this code will be considered less than equal and therefore unworthy of assistance. (Die)

Ava Her loss cannot be measured. My rock. An exemplar of virtue. In the end, her code unraveled her.

Sydney I would have died for you. Instead you betray us. At any moment you could have come back and we would have believed you to be in deep cover. Instead you sold everything for fear.

Alessa No one else will ever understand me the way you did. This is all my fault.

Draven Freeing yourself from one slavery just to accept another is like a dog returning to his own vomit. The cowards were not there when you needed them most. Your death will not be avenged. Let this be a lesson to others. The Camarilla offers no protection, no brotherhood, only servitude.

Marion I mourn her loss most of all. [4]

The Rippers: A self fulfilling prophecy. I told them that their enemies made among the will workers would be theirs alone according to the Code of Milan but they didn't heed my warning. Their attempt to create infamy was a complete success.

Garan Your like Elvis. I still can't believe your dead.

Carl I always try to remember him in a good light but I am done lying to myself. He was a cancer upon the sect and an unworthy tender of goats. I am glad he is dead.

LaVey His unlawful attempt to slay his fellow Sabbat resulted in his demise.

Damion Sol His lack of regard for my will expelled him from my pack. Death begets death, and his selfish murder of the fallen LaVey resulted in the Bishop reclaiming his blood.

Varges Contract Filled.


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Faqirah Abdul Sarekh

Archbishop of Prospect

Assamite Antitribue

Path of Caine

Pack: The Shroud


Theme Song: All Hail Me --Veruca Salt-- [5]


About the Player: User:Faqirah

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RP Hooks
Murder for Hire: Need a PC for high end assassinations. Look no futher.

Terrorism: Linked to several middle eastern extremist groups, Faqirah tends to engage in terrorist activities when it suits the needs of her true allies.

Romance: Although I am not averse to the idea, it is really difficult to convince a traditional muslim to this sort of scenario. Also, think about how smart it isn't to try and play grab-ass with a paranoid assassin in an apocalyptic cult. What would the logical course of action for such a fanatic be if she discovered infidelity?

Note: If I don't like you IC, that has little to do with OOC. I enjoy scenes with people who are good role-players regardless of how well we do or do not get along as characters. If your nice OOC, I don't care what you do IC.

Vengeance: Faqirah has a flaw regarding rapists. Engaging in this sort of play in her presence provokes risk.

Muslim: I am an extremist. Naturally you may find me, (and other less extreme muslim pcs), at the Islamic Center of Prospect.

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Cursed of Allah

Wandering in darkness

Rushing on toward the Second Death

I will transcend fate


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Other Forms


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Acheivements Unlocked
  • First Impressions- Introduce yourself to the bishop like he is nothing. "I am not a hard cunt. I am not a soft cunt. I am Faqirah. You ... are a cunt."
  • D.A.R.E.- Never use the command +smokemeth. Never be considered cool by Carl Fucken Carlson.
  • Waste of Space- Risk your own life to save the subject of a wild hunt and live to regret your decision.
  • Pack of Shit- Take all the members of a tyrant's pack and make them your own.
  • I Shot the Sheriff- Kill the Sheriff of the Camarilla.
  • Evil Never Dies- Survive an assassination attempt.
  • No, Stop, Don't- Look the other way when an underling kills a rival.
  • Excommunicati- Kick out a member of your pack.
  • Hate Triangle- Be approached by two sabbat members asking you to kill the other and reject them both.
  • Bishop of Dust and Air- Throw a fit in the desert. Rule over lizards.
  • Queen of the Mountain- Challenge monomacy and have your opponent flee town instead of risk the fight. Accept a monomacy challenge from the Bishop only to have him renig.
  • Lost Lamb- Infiltrate the Camarilla and be allowed to sleep in the Keeper's Office.
  • I Also Shot the Deputy- Kill the next sheriff of the Camarilla as well.
  • Happy New Year- Send Elysium out with a Bang!
  • Wizard-Free Zone- Broker a lasting treaty with the mages to stay out of your Jihad.
  • Femme Fatale- Lock lips with a Cammie and later kill him.
  • Fraternization- Date three different co-workers over the course of the game.
  • Oh Captain, My Captain- Be the ductus of three different packs over the course of the game.
  • Insult to Injury- Kill a third Camarilla Sheriff.
  • Strangle Hold- Hold the title of Archbishop for a over a year.
  • On the Road- Exist without a haven for 2 months.
  • Multimedia- Spread terror through television, radio, and a letter thumbtacked to an enemy's head.
  • Like a Boss- Cause a prince to step down just because you promised to kill everyone who follows him.
  • Isn't that Precious?- Fall in love.
  • Martyrdom Die in Jihad.

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