2020.07.11 Artists' Guild Debut

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2020.07.11 Artists' Guild Debut
The Artists' Guild - Showroom
IC Date July 11th, 2020
Players Adeline, Ailani, Conn, DeadPixel, Evie, Gregory, Hayden, Jolene, Katharina, Keiran, Kyri, Llewellyn, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Nalan, Paige, Piotr, Robin, Sara Jane, Tabin, Wick
Location The Artists' Guild - Showroom
Spheres ALL

As various patrons filter in ready for the event, Evie is still busy hustling about with last-minute preparations. Adjust a painting here, wipe off some cadmium yellow there... there's still some stray fingerprints from last time she had a certain someone stop in. Did she unlock the private workspaces in the back? She flits back to check. The snacks are fine, except there's another yellow print on the television screen by the couch. Neat. She runs back out to the showroom to make sure things are in order aaaaaaaaand there's a crowd already. "...oh! Heeeeey. When and how did you guys all show up so suddenly? Um. Right. So anyway, welcome to the Artists' Guild!"

She collects her composure quickly, noting the still-growing crowd, and continues, "We already have a few notable contributions to the gallery in the back, and the blank canvas out here in the showroom is free for anyone to add anything to. It's a crowdsourced painting. For those who wish to wax creative in a bit of privacy, for tonight the members' workspaces are free to use, and you can pick up some supplies from our little shop area if you didn't bring anything yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to come up and ask me or... uhh. Tabin? Right, guess he's running late."

The door opens and in walks ... a box. Well, someone carrying a big box, which is obscuring their face. On the box is a picture of baby drawn with thick black sharpie in a stylized manner, but the drawing is X'd out. No babies being the point. The box continues to make it's way into the space, carried by ... someone? ... someone short at least. Someone short with an overstuffed messenger bag and a skateboard strapped to her back. Oh, it's DeadPixel.

A little big further into the store, and the box is dropped unceremoniously onto the ground, giving way to a bit of metallic thunk as objects shift around. Apparently nothing too delicate inside of it. "I got your stuff," the 5'2" terror calls out towards Evie, probably the loudest most have ever heard her. Well, heard her voice that is, one can still make quite a racket while only mumbling quietly.

The words have barely left her mouth and she's suddenly over at the canvas, tagging the bottom left corner: 'dPXL'

That's more noise than Keiran is making. Or it was. "Whoa!" he says, taking a step back just in time to avoid anything landing on his foot. Hopefully he doesn't manage to bump into anyone in the process.

Gregory does not have any art, or any boxes. It's just himself, and his appretiation for the endeavors in progress. He does arrive in time to hear Eavie get things started and watch the box walk in.

Jolene is actually here, a little late but here in support of the Artist Guild as promised, and she is actually dressed down, as promised, in grey jeans, and a white and grey shirt tonight. Even her hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail to hopefully keep paint from getting into it. She is definitely prepared to get her hands a little dirty or at least purchase some supplies to add her contribution to the guild. She is quiet though as she looks around offering a warm smile to those already gathered who may look her way. Tonight is about Evie though, not her this time, and that is a nice change.

Conn is to be found among the installations, carefully keeping an eye on scurrilous looking types. He has a hat on with the word "Bouncer". The word Bouncer has L.E.D.s that blink and flash. His t-shirt says "I'm in disguise".

Wick stands gazing at the blank canvas, smiling bright with all of the potential that its unmarked surface holds. Hands in his pockets and standing a few paces back from the canvas, he seems here to appreciate. And admire. He pauses as Evie returns and addresses the sudden crowd. He offers her an encouraging smile as she speaks. The moment she has finished, he drifts over. "Hi Evie! This place is amazing. What a wonderful space you're opening up here."

Mikael comes through the door with Gregory, "Perhaps you should have considered bringing something, mon ami." He glances around the room, recognizing several faces and a smile breaks across his features. "It looks like a good sized crowd already here."

Emrick is at the back of the room, and nods as Evie gives her speech. He stays out of the way for now since there's a crowd milling around.

Robin walks into The Artist Guild his and spies Jolene. "Evening Jolene. How are you? I'm glad you were able to make it." He smiles wide at her. "And I see you decided to not outshine the host and dress down a bit."

Sara Jane arrives alone, pausing out of the way of the entrance to look around before choosing a direction to peruse.

While not a traditional artist, Piotr can certainly appreciate art and the creativity involved. The sharply-dressed man steps in and to the side, eyes going over the varying offerings with a smile. His eyes further go over the others present, recognizing some familiar faces.

Gregory takes a look at some of the items, contemplating. "I don't think anyone wants to see the layout for circuits and machine diagrams."

Adeline ducks inside, looking a little apprehensive and a more subdued and cautious than usual. But the sight of the interior and the smell of /paint/ makes her brighten instantly, straightening. Her smile is very warm. Friendly waves to the people she knows, especially DeadPixel, Mikael, Jolene, Evie, Sara Jane, Robin, and . . . Wick! And to the latter she /runs/ and instantly throws her arms about in an affectionate hug. “Wick-let! It’s been too long!”

After finishing tagging with sharpie the bottom left of the canvas, DeadPixel tries one, two, three times before managing to reach bag and place the sharpie into her overstuffed messenger bag. For a bit she eyes it, proud of her writing. Then turning away, she stops dead in her tracks. There's now something else for her to eye. Suspicously even. Her gazes narrows as she leans forward a bit to get a better look. Then, taking a few steps forward, she ends up right besides Evie, to whom she mutters, "yourdressgoestoeleven."

Jolene smiles at Robin and nods at him, "She sort of insisted and it is actually a nice change of pace. It is good to see you here too Robin, though I would be disappointed if you had not made it tonight." She offers him a gentle hug. Jolene does take her time to make it to the crowdcanvas, and picks out a bit of purple paint, to write out something simple.

Hayden enters and stays near the back. He has a smile on his face.

Conn overheards Gregory's comment. "You're forgetting the works of Peter Vogel. People do, in fact, like the artistry of circuitry. I'm not *super* au fait with avant garde art, but you'd be surprised."

Bright shiny lights. Someone's having a party. Where there's a party, there's always a cheapskate backpacking Australian to take advantage of the free food and drinks. Hence why Llew slips inside to take a peek around, looking for things to nibble on and drink from. Glancing around more at the faces than the works of art on display.

Paige exists, in her leather jacket and stellar (pun intended) dress, and a bright smile over her face. Already she waves as she slides in, fingers waggling. "Quite the crowd slipping in I see."

A look of panic crosses Evie's face when DeadPixel comes in with that box marked the way it is. This is easily the /worst/ time to be dropping that bundle of misunderstanding in on her! "Pix... what the heck?! I wanted these for a wireframe statue I had planned, not-- why would you even /think/ I wanted that! And with all these, sheesh whatever. I guess thanks." She hustles out to store that pre-statue in an employees-only back room before rejoining the crowd.

Back to the massive party, Evie spots Conn's ridiculous bouncer outfit and greets him with a simple laugh. Wick then comes up to address her directly, and she returns his greeting. "I'm glad it's appreciated. Tonight will certainly be overwhelming, but really it's a testament to the sheer impact we'll have with this space." And now Pix is back to mess with Evie. She just sighs, twirls her moire-pattern dress about, and says, "It represents how I'm feeling right about now. I thought it'd be fitting."

Keiran looks over at Evie more closely when DP mentions the dress. "Ohyeah, I thouht that looked familiar. A-- whatsit." Right. "Hey, I'm not in your way, am I?" he asks Hayden, spotting him not far off.

Ethan was present for the opening announcements, and looks around at the pieces on display and the place at large. But then he ducks out the front door for some fresh air, as it is quite crowded in here.

Gregory chuckles and moves a little closer toward Conn to not have to speak loudly over thr crowd. "Ah, yes. But some people can be concinced that monkey splatter is art, which may be to the monkey, but personally. not my style."

Mikael pauses for a moment to add a small falling violets across the canvas. He smiles to Gregory, "Art can be of anything." He smiles over to Conn, "Bonsoir, I hope the eve finds you well."

Conn nods to Mikael "There's an old adage I live by: I don't know a lot about Art, but I know what I like."

Wick offers Evie another nod with a bright smile. "It really is. It'll have such an impact. I'm sure." As Adeline throws her arms around him, he laughs with a delight brither still. Absolutely glowing. Wrapping her back up in a hug, he says, "Adeline! It's so wonderful to see you."

"That's just a cartoon," Deadixel notes as she looks to Evie, almost disgusted, "I wasn't suggesting you use them like that. I gave you the number of that guy, right?" DeadPixel gives a little shrug to this and notes, "anyway, you got several hundred of them now, maybe a thousand." Looking Evie up-and-down, DeadPixel says, "Feeling noisey?" Her gaze flicks around the suddenly crowded room, "yeahthatmakesense."

A nod is given to Evie followed by a shrug, and then DeadPixel seems to get swallowed up by the crowd. Vanishing. Never to be seen again. Next on Unsolved Mysteries. And just went you think you're going to see her face on a bunch of milk cartons, she reappears. "Heya sad socks," DeadPixel says to Adeline not quite making contact, "did the bears melt the ice cream or did that night work out for you?" DeadPixel half glances to the nearby Wick, but her attention -- if not her eye contac -- quickly goes back to Adeline as she waits to hear about her strange evening.

Adeline entirely beams at Wick, shaking her red hair back behind her. "I missed you, hon." her voice is fond. "I've been kinda - sailing.!" Then hastily, "But isn't this event amazing? What a fab new space! I wanna explore!" And she drifts excitedly to the Showroom.

Emrick makes his way to the counter and buys a few bags of supplies, makes a donation to the space (if you can) and then makes his way towards the door.

Wick smiles at Adeline with much warmth, absolutely glowing with delight. He's about to drift off after her, when he catches DeadPixel's words for her. He smiles at DeadPixel and tugs a bit at Adeline's hand to ease her back so she can catch DeadPixel's words.

Comment out, Paige continues on unhindered. Target aquired. Her arms outstretched she latches onto Evie in a bearhug, squeezing at her as the young blonde as she leans in to press her lips into a kiss for each of Evie's cheeks. "And here we are Evie. A very exciting night for you is it not? Still nervous?"

Robin watches Jolene draw for a moment interested but decides to move about to take a tour as the last two times he came it was more for business and helping set up. He does stop and greet his hosttess however. "Hey Evie... I'm very happy you have such and amazing turnout." He says r a smile

Adeline is happily holding Wick's hand, and when he tugs her she recognizes DeadPixel, and positively beams at her. "Pixel! hey hon!" And she smiles really warmly. "I adored your cartoon," she admits, artless. "Was probably the nicest thing that happened that whole day. And the ice cream was excellent, even if the vanilla /was/ rather ironic." A giggle. "How have you been?"

Wick stills as he catches Robin's voice - distracting him completely from Adeline and DeadPixel. He watches, waiting as Robin addresses Evie. His phone buzzes - a message drawing a smile to his face. But his attention soon flits back to Robin.

Conn is very clearly not trying to be everywhere at once. Or anywhere, taking a seemingly laissez faire attitude towards security. But woe unto anyone foolish enough to touch a non interactive model.

Piotr meanders the showroom, taking in the exhibited art at a leisurely pace. Likely the most relaxed time he has in his busy schedule.

Mikael chuckles softly at Conn, nodding his head as he moves away from the canvas, "Oui, that is exactly it. Art is seen and felt first."

Hayden looks at Keiran and says "No sir you are not is there a problem?"

"gladyoulikedit," DeadPixel reponds quietly to Adeline, looking away almost shyly -- more so than sometimes. "ice cream is usually good," she tells her with a nod, as if this is something the two of them connect with on a deep level. "what about the bears, though?" DeadPixel wonders, still not quite looking at Adeline were they soft? Like those socks?" Then a momentary pause as she wonders, "Speaking of bears, who were those two predator guys I almost bear sprayed?" A light glance back to Wick and a grunt, but no real introduction made.

Llew makes his way towards the lads; Conn and Mikael. "G'day there. How you blokes you doing?" At the moment his hands are empty, but that doesn't last long, a toothpick suddenly in one hand and being positioned into the corner of his mouth. His other hand playing with a gold coloured coin from his pocket.

Keiran is a 'sir' now? "Nah, just making sure." No one's dropped anything for at least thirty seconds, so he relaxes again and takes a fresh look around. Plenty of stuff to check out.

Wending her way through the crowd, taking in the various conversations, Evie actually manages to catch snippets of what the others are saying. She meanders over to Gregory and stage whispers, "Cmon, splattering can be fun. See?" She head-bobs toward the collaborative canvas which has by now been festooned with myriad disparate pieces, then goes on over and deftly applies a good airbrushing of a nice grassy ground-- right before swiping her paintbrush CLEAR across the canvas! "...ack. Like I said though, monkey splatter."

Evie manages to offer a nod of thanks to DeadPixel before being engulfed in that adoring hug from Paige. "Hiiiiiiii. You made it. Hang on, I need to go quickly move some things from the gallery. Moment." She returns that hug with a pat-pat on the back before prying herself loose to go fetch.

Sara Jane receives a glass of wine from Adeline, raising it for a sniff. It'll do. She lets the younger girl go mingle, finding her way to the exhibits and new pieces on display. She's here for the art, afterall.

Adeline's attention is now entirely on DeadPixel, and her expression is so friendly. "The bears were /so/ soft," she admits, confidingly. "Definitely as soft as alpaca socks. have you been doing any more drawing? And --" a thoughtful blink, "Not sure who the chaps you nearly bearsprayed were but I figure they probably deserved it." And with that blithe decree, she giggles and glances about - and spies Sara Jane! A wave! And another beam to Evie, though she doesn't interrupt her yet because so mobbed.

Conn nods to Llew "How goes it Llew? I'll be around, and we can probably find five minutes to catch up eventually, but I'm here in a more or less official capacity." he points to his ironic bouncer hat.

Jolene seems content to just fade into the crowd this evening, there are not a lot of faces she really knows here this evening, but she does give an encouraging smile to Mikael at his comment and waits for Evie to be free for a moment before she goes up to to her a compliment for a beautiful event. "Very nice event and beautiful turnout Miss Evie. Thank you for the invitation to come out this evening."

"idrawallthetime," DeadPixel mumbles back to Adeline in a friendly mumbletone. "Only post the drawings of the people I meet in the places I see them," she notes, explaining why she does what she does. "Well one of the guys was the one you were making out with in the closet with that girl," DeadPixel notes casually to Adeline. "He popped out to yell at the Lex Luthor looking fellow and I almost got him right then and there. Then I almost misunderstood what he said, which had me aiming at supernemesis. Then we started talking about bears and socks. A lot like now." Glancing slightly to Wick her attention goes back to Adeline as she notes, "Are you going to introduce us or do you enjoy awkward?"

Gregory offers Evie a small nod. "As the saying gors, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, another is that there is a sucker born every minute. The key is finding a place where the former is is less influenced by the latter."

Wick's attetion ever flits off towards Robin. But catching DeadPixel's glance and question, his head tilts. "What? We've met... You helped me find punk clothes once. And then found that wonderful thumb piano for me."

Piotr shifts a bit towards one of the more interesting pieces - leaning in to get a closer look.

Paige lets Evie drift off, for now it seems, clucking her tounge a bit as she starts to casually walk about the room. Jolene gets a small nod, but her hand comes up as Llew is spotted, pointing at her eyes, then at him.

Robin wanders over toward the showroom to take a look at the setup of the area. He spies Wick giving him a smile and wave before walking over. " Hey man... How are you? " He does to be a bit uncomfortable starting that conversation

Keiran glances backover at DeadPixel for a moment, doing his best tofollow that snippet of gossip. Which isn't much. "Hey, it isn't nice to shame," he points out.

Mikael gives a smile to Llew, "Bonsoir, Monsieur. A pleasant surprise to see you here."

Adeline looks vaguely fascinated by DeadPixel's reply. "I was making out with a guy in a closet? I mean, yeah, plausible." The redhead admits it candidly. And a giggle, "I do kinda enjoy awkward but I did mean to introduce you. Wick darling, this is DeadPixel, does fantastic drawings and likes ice cream. DeadPixcel, this is Wick the wonderful, who plays music more beautiful than words can describe." And she beams at both her friends.

Giving Conn a light friendly slap on the shoulder, Llew nods. "Sounds good to me mate. I'll be around." He gives a vague wave of his hand to indicate the space and the people. Oh person. Spying someone, Llew grins as Paige's gesture catches his eye. "You know mate," he says to Mikael, "For someone who's gay, she can't keep her eyes off me." He shrugs. "I guess I'm really good looking." Said tongue in cheek, like the smartarse Llew is.

Martha comes in and looks about the place, then moves to see well who all is about she knows, and there is Mikael, there is a smile as she heads over to the owner of Bourbon and Bedlam. "Wow allot of people here."

"That is what happens when you are popular Martha." Paige's voice calls out from the crowd almost immediately. "You should think about it sometime."

"ohyeah," DeadPixel says as she nods to Wick, "well I guess this is awkward, but she didn't know so that's also awkward, and you didn't say hi, so that's a bit awkward." Then Keiran interrupts before the awkward pause can kick in and she asks him, "shame?" But then Adeline gets her attention once more and she notes, "Yeah, downstairs? Where we met? Right before we met?" DeadPixel makes a 'not bad' face, apparently approving of these antics. Then glancing over to Wick she looks back to Adeline and informs her, "we met."

Gregory offers Martha a nod as she approaches and talks to Mikael.. efore his eyes move across the room toward the shouting.

Llewellyn steps in to murmur something quietly to Martha as she arrives to speak to Mikael.

Wick grins at DeadPixel with a duck of his head. "Yeah. Shoulda said hi. Sorry, this many people is kinda overwhelming." He nods at Adeline. "We've met before. Few times." His attention ever flits after Robin. He rather glows as Robin smiles and waves. And as he approaches, he gets rather carried away in a moment of sheer delight and wraps him up tight in a hug. "Robin! It's so good to see you. I was hoping I'd see you here."

Conn smiles at Llew "You know me, bud. Hard at work and working hard." He subverts the trope for comedic effect, but it's not very funny.

Llew points to Conn's hair and quips, "So that's what they mean by a hard man cut?"

Evie comes back in with a hardened clay sculpture of what looks like a semi-peeled onion, with a few things added to a couple of the layers. She locates an unclaimed plinth in the showroom, sticking a nameplate on that identifies the artists as "Evie Adams". Herself. With that out of the way, it's time to acknowledge as many other people talking to her as she can. Jolene gets first a tentative, then a friendly smile and a thanks. "You should do a piece for the, apparently we're using the showroom primarily. Would like to see what style you use." Then she /finally/ eyes Adeline, and is about to move in... when she eyes DeadPixel nearby. Yeaaaaah she's not having much of that right now. Paige gets a side-eye and a reflexive smirk for that heckling sent across the room. "Now now, this is a place of jolly cooperation. Not a popularity contest." And then back to the gallery to collect another thing.

Evie dropped Onion Model of the World.

Mikael chuckles at Llew, "You are rather attractive one supposes, perhaps that is it?"

Martha looks to Paige with a grin, "Popularity is just sooo much work." then she checks out the man with Llew.

Mikael gives a smile to Martha, "Well, bonsoir, Mademoiselle. What a pleasure to see you this eve."

Hayden starts wandering a little looking at people places and things.

"I know," DeadPixel says with a grin to Wick, "we've met a few times. You just didn't say hi to me." A brief pause before she continues, "anyway, did you enjoy the thumb piano? I got a ton more instruments if you ever need anything, or maybe I should just surprise you with finds. Oh!" DeadPixel swings her messenger bag and skateboard to the front, almost hitting a few people in the process. Opening up her messenger bag, she pulls out a child's toy, something like a Speak-and-Spell. Pressing a button, the device says, "The mouse goes AHFLHAFLJAHLFHAFHADHAIOS," thankfully quietly. "I'm thinking of making an album with just this and some pedals, I jus gotta learn how to play it better first."

Grinning, Llew reaches out to straighten Mikael's tie. "Keep that up and we'll be good friends in no time." Llew winks and drops his hand before turning to take another look around the crowd. Seeing someone, he advises Mikael and Martha. "Just saw someone I have to say g'day to. I'll be back." Sauntering off, he starts moving towards the grouping of Adeline, Wick and DeadPixel.

"I do it without any effort at all Martha." Paige again waves her non violin case carrying hand that direction. Slipping behind Evie as she goes to kiss one of her shoulders as she passes. "Where is your friend dear?"

Conn nods to Paige "I try to be nice to everyone, and adhere to the social norms of the society I am in, but being popular isn't really my calling. I'm too autistic to get along with everyone."

Martha nods, "Evening Mikael, and you look well." then a turn to Paige and chuckle, before moving closer to Mikael, "So art unveiling soon?"

Robin smiles and relaxes as Wick scoops him into a hug. "Of course have to scope out the competition and get into the mind of your enemies. " He says with the laugh as he actually went as far as to help set and offer Evie a return tour of his shop. "Though I am happy to see you too Wick. " He also notices Sara Jane and office her a polite nod and wave as well.

At the urging of Evie, Jolene nods to her, and makes her way to gather some charcoal, to use as her medium, perhaps a therapeautic outlet for the young lady. When she finally finds that open piece of wall, she starts by sketching the outline of an eye. Actually drawing what is in her heart has always been difficult for her, but she is trying at least to see what may take shape.

Adeline looks fascinated by DeadPixel's Speak and Spell-like toy. "But I love this, Pix. What are you going to do with it?" She leans closer, and tucks her hair behind her ear, to examine it more carefully, and then clasps her hands, gleeful. "Enchanting. I love the childlike in the quotidian."

Conn blinks "I ... those are certainly all words Adeline. But. Like. Could you say it again in English? Or Irish. I'd take it in Irish if that helps."

Mikael looks from Martha to Paige, "Mademoiselle Sands." He smiles to her, "Is any of your work on display tonight?"

It takes a bit of time, but eventually Piotr's meandering brings him over to where Evie is. He waits as she converses with those around her, offering a wave and a smile. "Seems you leapt into some wonderful creativity, Evie." He offers.

It's easy to get lost in the crowd and Llew sticks to the edges so he can skirt around to approach a certain red-head from behind. One arm snakes around Adeline's waist, as Llew pulls her backwards against him to whisper something into her ear whilst winking at those standing near her.

Adeline giggles at Conn. "I must admit I still can't speak Irish, I--" and she blushes for a moment, "-- have acquired some others, though." And she parts her lips to say something else but then feels herself caught by familiar arms . . . . . . And she /whirls/ her head around and up to smile radiantly, "Darling! Oh my god, Llew. Stealth! When did you get here?" And stands on tiptoe to whisper back.

Wick laughs with an impish mirth at Robin's words and nods. "Mm. I mean... must be easy to do... since you and Evie share the same passions. Making spaces for artists. You can collaborate! And you're both making this area all the better." Keepig close at Robin's side, he grins over at DeadPixel. "I love the thumb piano. Still play it. And I'd love any instruments you might bring me. Don't expect I could ever say no to them." He grins broadly with DeadPixel's Speak and Spell toy of an instrument. "That's brilliant. If anyone can pull it off, you can."

Wick pauses as Conn and Llewellyn join them. He bows his head with a hint of shyness. But he can't help but smile with Adeline's delight upon seeing Llewellyn.

"I made a piece Mikael." Paiges hand comes up waggling a little towards the man, non comittal. "Not my best work but decent I suppose." Then she is sliding up behind Llew, clucking her tounge once as she makes an entire show out of getting far to familiar with his backside. A perhaps mocking bit of movement before she leans up to whisper in his ear.

Evie comes back with another painting - she has help this time from Guild staff - as she installs it on a far wall away from the Trainwreck Canvas. This one is marked as Tabin's work by both a nameplate and his signature on the painting. She's about to run off to the Gallery again, but notes to Paige in passing, "Yours is the exhibit I'm getting next. Be riiiiiight back."

Martha hmms trying to figure out this odd crowd of artist, and the little odd things here, then with shrug she heads to Jolene, "Evening so is the art for viewing in another area?" watching Jolene do her thing. Then a look back to all the woman with Llew, "Irish traveler?" She really has no clue what to make of the people or this place.

Conn smiles at Adeline "It's fine, it's an obscure language spoken by less than 10 of the population to any degree of fluency." He leans in and whispers something with a wink?

DeadPixel hands over the device to Adeline. The plastic piece of electronic childhood contains a dozen buttons, each containing the image of a cartoon animal. The back has been modified somehow, with some extra chunk of plastic hastily glued and taped on, giving the object a weird heft. There are little 1/4" jacks in this homemade attachment. "likeisaid," DeadPixel mumbles to her, "attach to some pedals and make an make an album. Build up some loops of little snippets cut from it. I figured out how to make it make noises it wasn't supposed to. Next I need to figure out how to make it make different noises it's not supposed to." Looking to Wick she notes, "You should come over sometime and make music with me. Bring your own instruments or use mine. I got a ton I need and a ton I don't need. I can play a number of them too. I'm pretty open to styles. It doesn't have to all be circuitbent glitchtronica noise." Seeing Adeline occupied, DeadPixel presses another button, and "The pig says FDAFAASFDAFTFADGVSAG." DeadPixel waits patiently to hand it to Adeline for inspection, glancing at the others she doesn't know that have started to appear near her.

Nalan slips in cuz this place seems to be Bangin' tonight, and looks around while he sluuuurps his slurpee.

Gregory listens to the talk of art and pieces on display, and looks around for which item might be Paige's

Mikael glances around, "Where is your work?" He glances back at Paige. Then he chuckles at her antics with Llew.

So Llew's using Adeline as a human shield as Paige manhandles his butt. What a pickle? Especially as each woman whispers into a different ear at the same time. "Hold that thought darlin'." Said to Adeline before he turns his head in Paige's direction. "I'll keep that in mind. And you look very pretty tonight, but still, the answer's no. I'm very flattered though." Stepping to the side, he turns away from Paige and gestures to Adeline, "You remember Dr Llyr, yeah, Paige?" He even manages to nod to Wick and offer a greeting, "G'day mate. Don't mean to be rude. How you doing?"

Tabin comes in through the back, joined by Kyri, dressed in a nice flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a vest open and a tie with decent slacks and shoes. He is currently on the phone, handling Affairs of State. "I sent it to you!" He says. "...Yes. Duh." He comments. "Look. If there are any problems just call me, this is my work number." He says before hanging up the phone, looking at Kyri. "Sorry. The phone's been exploding since the opening." He gives her a smile. "I'll need to check on Evie now that all the housecalls are done. You wanna come with?" He asks her.

Hayden is doing his silent stalking of the perimeter of the area moving toward the onion.

"I think it is up next Mikael. She likely needs a crane." Paige notes that way, before suddenly her face flattens some, into a very polite smile. She nods softly to Adeline as she curtsey's. "We have met twice before yes."

Kyri looks around at the gathered crowd as she follows Tabin in, her eyes going a little larger. At his question she nods quickly and promptly gloms onto his side, her arms wrapping around one of his. Companion or shield? It's not mutually exclusive judging by the way she walks with him.

Adeline smiles at Conn, wistfully, "But such a stunning language. I do wish I had it. I kinda feel that Celtic and Gaelic would help me have a decent stab at learning it but, circumstances --" and when DeadPixel kindly lets her have a look at the item she takes it carefully, her gloved hands delicate on the retro equipment. "I adore that you do this stuff, Pix." she admits. "It's all so original."

And when Llew re-introduces her to Paige she smiles at her a little hesitantly. "Hi Paige! I adore your dress." She does -- Adeline's admiration for the gorgeous outfit is clear.

Robin kind of slinks away at the approach of the other two not very comfortable with the change of crowd. He slinks fatrther into the showroom to have a conversation with another associate of his Sara Jane.

Ailani makes her way into the gallery, late, but at least she made it right? She doesn't bother anyone as she basically does not know anyone there. Instead she just quietly goes around the room looking at the different pieces of art that are on display and just quietly enjoying the different efforts of the artists on display.

Wick gazes off after Robin a moment. But then smiles at DeadPixel and nods with a bright enthusiasm. "That would be brilliant! I'd love that. We can experiment around with different styles. I think I still have your number. Did you give me your number?" His attention flits to Llew as he offers a greeting. Nodding a bit, he returns with a soft smile, somewhat subdued. "It's all good doing alright." He pauses as he hears a sluuurp and smiles, catching Nalan stepping in. He lifts a hand to wave him over. "Hi Nalan! Come meet some people."

Evie comes back, panting, with a larger crew hoisting one last painting into the main showroom. She doesn't bother with a nameplate this time, probably because she's too concerned with not carrying heavy things anymore. She then ends up scanning the crowd, /trying/ to find those familiar faces again. From the looks of things, she is not having the best time navigating the sheer volume of crowd in attendance.

Nalan gets a Cow's Tale candy out of his pocket and munches on it as he moves over towards Wick and Conn, "So, what's all this about?" he asks them as he waves around the bitten candy stick to encompass the whole place.

Tabin gives a smile to Kyri and nods. He offers an arm when she promptly claims one and waves through the crowd to get to Evie, as she is pulling art from the back. "Hey Partner." He says with a smile. "Sorry, the bureaucracy took look longer." He looks at her and arches a brow. "You okay? Take a breather. I can get the rest of the artwork." He gives her a pat on the shoulder.

"Style my dear, is for people who don't know who they are." Paige notes as she motions her free hand over her jacket and dress. Then she is leaning back, motioning to the mass of paint Evie just dropped off. "There you are Mikael."

Adeline whispers, blushing, "Well. You can ask him. I'm curious what he would say!" And she sounds kind of hopeful that Conn will!

"Oh yeah?" DeadPixel says to Adeline as she calls it an original idea, "Well I stole it from a bunch of other people. Not even the first time I did it, but the first time I did it well." Then looking to Wick DeadPixel rummages through her messenger bag and hands him a purple xerorxed flyer to what looks like a punk show, along with a palm sized teddy bear wearing a tuxedo and top hat. "There, I've given you things three times now," DeadPixel tells Wick, "I'm pretty sure if we had an Anthropology professor here, he'd tell you in which culture that means you're indebted to me forever. But lets not worry about that. Just come over and make music sometime."

Keeping a protective arm around Adeline's waist, Llew watches Paige warily for a few seconds before appearing to relax. "The answer's still no." Directed at Paige before Llew turns both himself towards her original companions. "Sorry about that," he says to DeadPixel and Wick and whoever else has wandered over. "Just wanted to say g'day to me girl." Then he presses a kiss to Adeline's cheek.

Conn smiles at Nalan "It's not my show. I'm just a bouncer. But it's a grand art gala. And I don't know about art, just what I like." He flashes Adeline two thumbs up and a wink. "I'll be sure to properly interrogate him when I have five minutes to myself."

Mikael watches and listens to those around him and then moves to look at the new pieces on display.

Wick smiles as Nalan approaches. "It's a space for artists. A place they can work on things. There are studios. And also places to display art. Isn't it wonderful? Oh!" He grins as DeadPixel hands him a flier. And a teddy bear. Accepting them with a laugh, he says, "Nalan, this is DeadPixel. She's a musician and a finder of interesting things."

Martha does seem to enjoy the art more then worry the people once it comes out.

"DeadPixel," DeadPixel mumble to Nalan though given the volume in the room, the quietness of her voice, and the fact that it's not exactly a name, she might as well have screamed into a pillow and said 'call me that.' "Finder and make," DeadPixel lightly correct Wick though seemingly not too put out by this horrible slight on her artistic abilities which reduced her very being to being basically a fashionable bum.

Adeline positively *giggles* at Conn’s thumbs-up, and she leans back happily into Llew’s hug around her waist. She is shining, there is no other words for it, absolutely radiantly happy. And after the kiss on her cheek she turns her head to beam up, and stands again on tiptoe to murmur. Then a beam to DeadPixel, “I can introduce you? Llewellyn Gray, DeadPixel. Both of you make me smile.” And another slightly helpless wave of admiration to Evie amid the throng!

Mikael hears a familiar voice and his head turns towards Wick. He gives the man a bright smile and waves but doesn't interrupt his conversation for a greeting at the moment.

The doors open finally, holding it open for Katharina to enter. Dressed smartly in a teal dress, the lovely woman comes inside to see the Gallery tonight, having heard of the event.

Nalan says to Conn/Wick, "It's nice, a little dry, it would be better if it was on the beach with like a deck over the water, better painting by the sea and shit." he nods and then slurps his slurpee again. "Oh, cool, nice to meet you DP, oh, no, that's not gonna work, bad implications there...uh, Deadpixel it is. I'm Nalan, I don't really art, unless you count making little shell charms when I'm bored I guess."

Conn nods at Nalan, finally realising he's being spoken to "Sorry Nalan. I'm here to provide logistical security support for the venue. My attention is very much divided. If you find a hag stone, would you let me know? The're a big thing to my religion."

Ailani moves fromm the collective canvas to the Horizon art piece, just slowly examining the art.

Llew makes use of his limited vocab, "G'day DeadPixel. Interesting name. I like it." He speaks quietly into Adeline's ear, responding to whatever she said to him.

Martha is checking out the art, she seems to really be taken with the horizon one.

"Llewellyn Gray?" DeadPixel asks of Llewellyn. "kinda a weird name isn't it?" she says without a trace of irony -- or perhaps a long perfected deadpan. "How do you spell it?" she wonders of him, but her attention turns back to Wick and Nalan as all the sudden she seems to be a temporary social center of the group. "It's not DP," DeadPixel notes, "that's what people do to your mom, my name's DeadPixel."

Wick grins at DeadPixel with an apologetic duck of his head. "Right. Should have menitoned that too. You're a maker too. An artist." Catching Miakel's approach, smiles with a bright delight. "Hello Mikael! It's wonderful to see you. Come meet Nalan! He's new in town." And then glancing around to the others, including Llewellyn, Adeline, and Paige, he adds. "A diver. And he's thinking of opening a place to hang out on the beach."

"He gets very jealous of me." Paige notes, leaning over to Adeline with a small nod. "Afraid I will steal you away. But uunfortunetly I already have a date for the night." But she is waving as she turns away after Llew moves to cut her out, still smiling as she starts heading back towards Evie. She pauses however to give a respectful nod of her head to Kat. "Didn't expect you to be here my dear, welcome."

Evie just pant-pant-pants. "That... was the... the last major one. Eesh. So, we're even busier with all the business calls?" She gives Tabin one of those please-help-me looks of desperation. Kyri ends up getting the same look - those two /are/ a pair after all - as Evie greets her with offer of handshake. "Heya. Kyri, right? Glad to meet you for real now. Aaaaaaand hold that thought." She looks over to Paige, then to the painting, then back to Paige. "Tell me we can leave it out here. That suuuuuuucked to carry."

And finally, Evie's eyes set on Ailani, head tilting curiously. "Huh. There's a face I'm surprised to see. Pleasantly, of course, you're a rather curious sort."

Keiran has made his way back around by this point, looking to Evie and nodding. "Man, I bet! I would have offered to help, but I'd probably just get in the way. Or smudge something."

Llew shrugs in response to DeadPixel's remark, "Yeah well, call me Llew. I don't really use Llewellyn." And Paige's comment to Adeline makes his relax his grip a little. "Very jealous," he admits to Adeline, "Because I'd hate to have to steal her girlfriend in revenge. I'm good but not a miracle worker."

Kyri reaches to take Evie's offered hand, giving it a gentle squeeze in return. "We will help." She promises softly before putting her hand back on Tabin's arm. She looks up at him rather than compound Evie's swarming. "What can I do?" Sounding quite determined to be of use.

Ailani stops gazing at the art long enough to look up at Evie, "Why curious to see me?" She asks, looking the artist over, "If its becaue of some of the other faces here, I an assure you they do not bother me, they have to mean something to bother me." She explains with a smile, "And sometimes you need a break from the sun and the ocean. You have a very lovely studio, Evie."

Nalan nods to Conn, "I can just ask the Ocean for one, so that's not hard." but then he chuckles at Dp's quip, "Hey, I'm not about to slut shame anyone, least of all my mom, kinda like being born and all that. Nalan." he tells her, but then Wick is introducing him to people so he smiles at them and says, "Sup? -Nalan."

Hayden is staring at the sculpture he's looking at and is not saying a word.

"Oh I haven't yet picked out the perfect spot for it Evie. May have to move it several times yet." Paige notes softly, sliding up behind Evie to both hug her and looking over her companions. "You have got quite the crowd."

Mikael nods to Wick and then looks to Nalan and gives the man a bright smile, "A pleasure to meet you, Monsieur. Are you a musician as well?"

Conn grins brightly at Nalan "You're a legend. If I can ever return the favour, I've a trip back to Ireland planned, it'll be my first vacation at home since my parent's passed 5 years back. If you like, I could bring you something from Ireland?"

Adeline stays in Llew's clasp, and glances up for a moment, thoughtful, her wide gray eyes speculative. And she murmurs another reply. Then Paige's presumably drily joking comment about jealousy gets a half-laughing but slightly disoriented smile, Adeline's gray eyes watch the blonde woman for a moment, her teeth catching her lower lip just slightly. t Llew's reply makes her giggle, though, and her next smile at Paige is really warm. Then she gives another beam at DeadPixel - she keeps one arm folded over Llew's arm across her body, but her spare hand is holding the Speak and Spell from DeadPixel, and she tries pressing a button.

Wick smiles with much warmth at Nalan and Conn's exchange, so pleased at friendships being forged. He seems curious with Miakel's question, keen for Nalan's answer.

Katharina smiles to Paige as she sees her. A nods to her, "I did not expect so either, but you know, the husband is so busy, and I wanted a chance to get out and see something of beauty. Not just run down businesses to renovate. Do you have a painting displayed here tonight?"

Nalan shakes his head to Mikael, "Not unless you count like, Whalesong? Nah, I dive for stuff people need or want, like finding lost wedding rings and the like, and I'm helping a bro set up a Surf Shack soon, for like beach chills and snackages." then he nods to Conn, "No prob man, Uhhhh, maybe just some shells from their beach, that'd be cool I guess."

Martha looks over to the others, and smiles then moves back to look at more art.

Tabin gives Evie a firm nod. "Well. Stick with us then and take five." He gestures to the two of them. "You got the last piece of artwork out right? I thought we were doing it in the gallery, rather than here." He comments, but doesn't seem to mind though. "So yeah." He looks around the event at all the people. "See? People wanted a change of pace. I haven't even seen this many people at any club I've ever been to. No offense to Conn of course." He says with a smile. He starts to scratch at the back of his neck. Looking somewhat irritated. "Shit." He looks up and around the gathered people, then looks to Evie, then to Kyri. He pulls out his phone and begins to tap. Anxiously.

Llew looks down over Adeline's shoulder at the gadget she's interacting with. He goes to press a button with his free hand, asking, "What does this do?" He's curious, poking at it playfully.

"The big one Kat." Paige notes, lifting her chin from Evie's shoulder to speak to the other woman, nodding toward 'The Moment'. "Not my best work but it will do I suppose."

Evie blinks at Ailani's off-handed comment. "You are on bad terms with some of the others? I didn't know. Anyway, though, you have enough of a strange way of--EEEEP." That eep is caused by Paige hugging her from behind. "Could. You. WARN. Me. Paige. /Please/. Yes, it is quite the crowd and a lot of people want my attention. This is difficult."

Hayden walks over to Wick and as soon as he gets close enough puts his finger on Wick's upper arm.

Stepping back from the crowd that seems to be growing around Evie, Piotr moves off to the other displays of her work. Each is marveled at, the man taking several minutes to digest each work.

Mikael motions to Gregory, "Pardonne moi, I neglected to introduce mon ami, Gregory." He nods to Nalan then, "That sounds very interesting. I can only imagine what a diver could find. I enjoy finding shells and various stones on and around the beach myself."

Martha says something in a foreign language.

Gregory offers Nolan a small nod. "Mikael here seems to know everyone. I'm a bit more of a reclusive."

Ailani blinks as Paige sneaks up onn Evie and distracts her, than she turns and looks at Katharina who Paige just called out too and drew more attention too, which caues a frown to flit over her face. "Yes well, I should let you get to your guests, I will just flit about the place, maybe steal some food or drink if you are offering any. Congratulations on attracting such a large crowd Evie."

Jolene finally comes back after deciding a canvas is the way to go, to offer her piece to Evie. She offers a warm smile to Paige too, but explaisn to Evie, "I do not create pieces very often Evie, it is all I could think of to draw for you at the moment." She does not take up much of Evie's time though with all the others there seeking her attention.

Wick grins with Hayden's poke of his arm. "Hey, Hay-den. There you are. Hope you've been enjoying." Glancing to Gregory, he smiles. "Hi there. I remember you. You were there when I auditioned for a bit of stage time." He pauses before adding to Nalan, "I perform at Mikael's bar... the Bourbon and Bedlam. It's a jazz venue. You should definitely check it out some time. So beautiful a place."

Paige leans over some, giving a smile to Ailani. "Don't mind me dear, I am doing it on purpose. Certainly don't let me spook you off." Then to Evie. "No, I cannot, would take away all my fun."

Adeline is still beaming like someone's given her a present, and indeed she is clutching DeadPixel's Speak and Spell and getting cuddled by Llew, so all in all it's a fun night, even if she is glancing a slightly yearning look towards the drinks. "I'm not sure, darling." she admits to Llew. "It's like - an artifact. An artifact of whimsy. It spells things. And speaks. But in a cryptic and endearing way. Super clever for glitch." Appreciative glance to DeadPixel.

Tabin raptaptaps away and then tucks his phone in his pocket. It seems to be the general postiion of Tabin to man the proverbial business hotline. He looks over to Evie and notices Paige, which causes him to smirk. "Well well well. If it isn't Evie's squeeze." He laughs, offering a hand. "Tabin. Nice ta meetcha. Evie's told me a lot about you." He looks to Kyri. "Kyri this is Paige. Evie's girlfriend. Paige, Kyri Volson." He makes introductions.

Nalan nods to Mikael and Gregory, "Well if you like finding stuff." he says to the first, "and you need to get out more." he says to the second, "We should definitely do a diving day together." and he gets out cards with his number on to give them, though just written in pen, not /real/ business cards. He then looks to Wick, "Oh, cool, will do, can't say I've listened to much jazz to be honest."

Martha looks about not sure who to speak to or ask, "Are these for sale?"

Katharina turns to look at the painting. She studies it carefully. Moves from side to side. Her eyes never leaving it. "My oh my. It is another beauty, Paige. I am so thrilled to have a chance to see it. Thank you. Thank you for bringing it to fruition." She is a great admirer of art. Her attention on it, but not so she does not realize the crowd is moving about around her.

Mikael takes the card from Nalan and then he pulls a thin card case from his pocket, and withdraws a card from it and offers it back. On the front is his name, Mikaël Rousseau, with scrollwork and musical notes over a fleur-de-lis background. On the flipside are the names 'Vieux Carre and Bourbon & Bedlam (The Carousel Bar)', and 'Whispers of Widow Paris', along with their contact numbers and web sites.

Kyri seems to be unusually quiet for those that know her, and despite the pleasant warmth in the room seems to shiver a little. Her chin lifts up as Tabin introduces her and smiles, "Hello Paige, it's nice to meet you." Taking the lead as to whether Paige wants to shake his hand before offering hers as well.

Conn continues to proactively seek out trouble makers, showing the occasional trouble maker to the door graciously and with minimal fuss.

Ailani looks to Paige and nods, "Oh it is not you, she is expected to be he center of attention, and should certainly be he focus of her girlfriends affection. I would never think to impose myself. Besides I already feel like I am crashing."

Tabin looks over to Martha. "Miss? You were asking about selling paintings?" He brushes his hands. "Selling is up to the individual artists, so I would seek them out if you are wanting to purchase one of their works."

"Thank you Kat, that means quite a lot coming from you." Paige's posture however changes, straightening a little as she pulls away from Evie, not shaking hands but dropping into a low curtsy to Tabin, Ailani and Kyri. "Paige Sands, a pleasure."

Evie is denied a proper chance to acknowledge Ailani's wander-off, ambushed by Jolene while still having a Paige on her back. Yipe. She is, however, able to get a good look at the primarily charcoal exhibit, and muses, "Alucard's bloody tears... that's quite an emotional and thought-provoking piece. Does it have significance?" She does not have time for an answer before Paige gets even hugglier on her. "...of course." Then Tabin comes on over and does a round of introductions. "Hey. Co-business-owner-buddy. Run off with me and save me from this sea of socializing." She flashes a grin toward the couple. "Or Kyri. I'm not picky." And then she goes to whisper something in Paige's ear.

Martha looks to Tabin and all the people here, the more then came in the quieter she got, "Oh well I would not know where to start."

Conn nods at Martha "I find that, in art. Not knowing is the best place. It allows you to pick a piece that truly speaks to you, with no pretentions. It's one of the many reasons I cultivate my ignorance, y'know?"

Katharina excuses herself, "I should take a look at more of the paintings here. You are busy." She smiles and walks toward other paintings to see them as well.

Martha grins at Conn's words, "I am more of a crafter then an artist. Though I umm, "Do find allot of this interesting, I really love the horizon piece." with a move to push back a stray lock of that curly hair that escaped her hairdo.

Piotr, having done the rounds of the various art offerings, begins moving towards the door. He nods to those who are familiar to him, on his way out.

Nalan takes the card from Mikael, "Oh, cool, lemme' know if you ever need anything found. Ocean or otherwise." he nods. "I'm gonna head out." he says with another sip of his slurpee, "Get out of the way for people that were here for the event and all that noise." he nods. "But, cool place, and nice meeting people."

Although Adeline explains what it is, Llew doesn't seem too bothered by the mechanics. More buttons get pressed cause it's fun. His finger keeps trying to press new spots, see what will be said next. "This is pretty cool, DeadPixel." Another quiet word spoken into Adeline's ear.

As Gregory gets introduced to others he turns to look at Paige's painting and gives her a smile, "Beautiful piece. You have a rare telent." He notices Katharina then and bows his head to her in greeting, "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle. It is truly a pleasure to see you here this eve."

Conn nods at Martha "I've just retaken up blacksmithing. So, when I did my leaving cert, ... it's a bit like your S.A.T.s, I took engineering and got an Honors A1. I did my practial project on metalfolding and what I made was a shield with a coat of arms on it about yay big" he holds his hands at about 8 by 10". His voice full of enthusiasm and obviously misdirected energy. "I've recently started working on it again. But it's like I've forgotten things I didn't even know I knew. And relearning it, well it's hard for the first time in my life. Classic over achiever."

Wick smiles and nods at Nalan. "Yeah... I think I might head out soon too. It was great to see you. Hope we can catch up soon for that walkabout." (fixed)

Martha grins, "Well I work a bit in a few things, and metals is one, but more for small things of beauty and use. You compacts in older styles for power, inlays of wood and metal for floors...allot of remodeling of older places to make them fresh, but still keep that character...I am looking for someone to do iron work for an older fencing to match a portion.

Jolene was about to answer, but she is also content to let the others decipher the piece in there own way as well, as she just sort of fades into the background, picking up some supplies for future works, as she makes a quiet exit. She did come and contributed as promised and can always talk to Evie later.

Tabin smirks to Martha. "I would assume if there is a piece you like, as if they are willing to sell it?" He says with a smile, looking back to Paige's introduction. Well if she's going to curtsey he will give a gentlemanly bow. "Nice to finally meetcha." He gives a smile. looking back to Evie and then to Kyri. "Tell ya what? I'll man the admin stuff out here if you wanna show Kyri around?" He gestures to Kyri. "Take five from lead position?"

"I am hardly that busy Kat." Paige notes over that direction after a few low words with Evie. "Or I should say I have a budding talent in multitasking." A smile to Tabin as well. "The pleasure is all mine."

Nalan nods to Wick, "Sounds good man." he pauses, "Oh, if there's like, donations hand this in for me ya?" and he hands Wick a Rolex watch that's definitely been battered around by the waves but still works. "Cya" and with that he walks out slurping the slurpee still.

Adeline's beaming at Wick, "Darling Wick. I missed you. And she leans free of Llew's clasp just long enough to whisper something to Wick for a moment. Then she nestles back into Llew's grip and turns her head to listen, her long lashes cast down. And laughs out loud. “Definitely.” And her glance up at him is wicked. “Please try.” Artless.

Conn nods "I have worked with wrought iron before. It's quite temperamental though. You probably want someone a little more experienced than I am. I know a couple of experts, like, real masters. Would you care to give me a business card that I can make the necessary arrangements?"

Katharina is just about to walk toward the Horizon piece, when Mikael comes to speak to her. "Oh yes, it is. It is nice to see you as well. How are you enjoying the art tonight?"

Martha nods and pulls out a business card for someplace called Aces and eights. "That would be good, it is an older place from the turn of the century." with a smile. "Well that is my restaurant and card club, the other is for a place I am having ok there allot remodeling. I have good managers, so I make a place, concept to finish then let others run it." looking to Katharina, "Evening...and this piece is something is it not?" to the woman.

Kyri gives Tabin a bit of a look, but then turns to Evie and nods. Her smile immediately warms as she watches the overloaded woman. "I would love to see the rest of things if you would like a breather from the crowd."

Evie decides, she's going to focus on one person dangit. Tabin offered Kyri. And Kyri agreed. So Evie is going to follow Kyri. Anything else happening to her goes pretty much ignored because CHAOS.

Wick accepts Nalan's rolex with a blink and grins off after him. He's about to see about making the odnation for him when he stills with Adeline's smile. Her quiet words leave him glowing with warmth. And he seeks to press a kiss to her cheek and whisper something in return before she returns to Llew's embrace. His gaze remains ever shy - almost cautious as he glances to Llew. But he offers him a soft smile.

Llew kisses Adeline's cheek again and whispers something once more before taking her hand. "It was good to see you again mate," he says to Wick, "And thanks again for that night. Appreciate it. A lot." He then nods to DeadPixel. "Good meeting you. But Adeline and I have got to be going. We need to see a man about a dog. Time to pick a puppy." Then he gives Adeline's hand a gentle tug and starts dragging her away slowly from the others.

Tabin starts to make the rounds. He notices Adeline and Llew beginning to leave, and says in a politely carrying tone. "There are no boats here to scuba in." He says toward Adeline giving a wink and a smirk. His phone buzzes, and he pulls it out to look at it. Then he tucks his phone away. He approaches Conn next, giving the man a smile. "Hey man. Thanks for helping out with this. I'm glad I asked." He turns to look at he assemblage. "This is...kinda nuts."

Adeline bends her head as Wick whispers to her, and then she suddenly looks up at him with PURE compassion and slips free of Llew's grip to throw her arms around Wick's shoulders in a flurry of red hair and loving affection.

And then Llew whispers to her and tugs her hand and she blushes, and murmurs to him briefly, and smilingly lets herself be tugged. A beam and a wave to DeadPixel and Evie and Wick and Conn and also Piotr whom she suddenly spots! "Bye darlings!" I have to go and er --" a helpless gesture of a lace-gloved hand conveys -- something. "I really want to say congratulation to Evie and Tabin first though, if they are -- free?" another hopeful glance - it's been a mob crush to get to them but maybe there is an opening?--

Conn hugs Tabin gently and pats his back, clearly every bit as overwhelmed. "You know you can count on me dude. Slings and arrows of a duck's back. And all that."

"Yeah," DeadPixel notes with a nod to Llewellyn I was about to head out as well. "Good showing but a bit crowded," DeadPixel glances at a cadmium yellow finger print and scratches her head trying to remember why this is familiar. A shrug is given and she looks back to Adeline, Llewellyn, and Wick, giving each a nod in turn. Taking the circuit bent speak-and-spell back, she shooves it into her messenger bag, and shuffles the bag around a big making sure it's secured to her back. With that, she dissappears into the crowd.

Katharina smiles to Martha, "It is good to see you here. The painting are quite wonderful. I am enjoying myself a lot."

Martha looks about then with a sigh, "I had best head on out."

Wick wraps Adeline back up tight in a hug, half-hiding againster her hair as he savors her affection. Then looking to Llew, he nods and offers a soft smile. "You were the one to thank that night. And I know there are countless other moments to thank you for." He smiles with a profound warmth at Adeline's delight. "Hope you both have a good evening. Please..." He hesitates. "Be safe." He gives an apologetic nod and steps back a bit.

Llew groans, point to the door that is right there. "Okay, okay. Lets go say hello and -goodbye- to Evie and Tabin." He stops pulling Adeline to the door and looks around. "So who are Evie and Tabin anyways?" Adeline will have to point them out.

Tabin gets hugged by a Conn! Gah! He gives a light cough and a pat pat on the back to return the hug. "I know buddy. I know. Back at you." He says with a smile to Conn. He waves to Wick. "Hey! Thanks for coming man." He says giving greeting to Wick and his small soiree.

Ailani heads for the gallery, it should have things on display too right, and probably is a bit quiet.

Hayden heads towards th ed door and slides out.

Robin peruses a bit until he sees Evie again. "Hey thank you again for hosting I am going to head out crowds aren't always my favorite things." He heads out the doors soon after.

Adelibne /giggles/ at Tabin, absolutely smiling at her friend. "Tabin, this is awesome." Her voice is sincere. "You and Evie have made the best place. I want to come here a lot. And congratulations on such a fantastic night. The lack of scuba is more than made up for by the warmth of friends and smell of /paint/." And she means it. probably there's nothing like getting high off cobalt blue, for THIS marine artist. Then she beams at Tabin and Llew. "Tabin! Llew" Introduction. "Two lovely people. Llew, Tabin is co-owner of this place with Evie. Evie is uh--" h and she glances, and sees Evie is with Kyri. "Ohhh - I will have to make sure we get that lunch date. Cos this has been amazing and she must hear it again." And Wick's gentle words to her get the warmest and most grateful of smiles. "Darling Wick." and it's said so softly and fondly.

Wick offfers Tabin a bright smile and drifts over to join him and Conn. Standing close at the bouncer's side, he grins at Tabin. "Hey! Wouldn't have missed it for anything. I mean, I live like... across the street. Oh! Nalan gave me something to donate for him." He pulls a somewhat battered rolex from his pocket. "Are you accepting donations? And... have you met Nalan yet?"

Paige hmms a bit as the place starts to clear, nodding a bit towards Mikael. "Thank you." Then a small wave to Kat. "Honestly good to see you out and about, even if a bit far."

Tabin gets introduced! So he gives a polite bow. Because that seems to be a theme tonight. "Llew! Tabin. Nice to meetcha." When she speaks of getting a lunch date he smiles. "Sure! Just lemme know when and where. We'll eat on the sea. Make up for that scuba dive we never got to do." He gives Adeline a wink. When Wick comes over he gives the man a hug. "Thanks buddy." He steps away and looks at the rolex. "A donation? I...guess. And no, I haven't. Is he here?" He takes the rolex and looks around.

Llew offers his hand to Tabin, "G'day Tabin. Nice to meet you. Llew Gray." Expanding on Adeline's initial introduction. "Good friends with the waif here." Followed up by a kiss on Adeline's cheek. "Great thing you've got here." He takes a look around, "Lots of pretty things to catch one's eye and go walkabout." A look at Conn and a wink. "Just kidding big fella. I'm keeping my hands to myself." Except the one that's holding Adeline's hand. "But yeah, Adeline and I have to go pick out a puppy. So be seeing ya."

Wick wraps Tabin up tight in a hug, glowing with such delight. "Mm. He was here a little while ago. But as much time as you spend near the water, I'm sure you'll meet him before long."

Paige raises a brow, eyes moving towards the door for a moment. "And here I thought you were going to miss it Maddy."

Adeline looks DELIGHTED when Tabin mentions the sea. "Oh honey, yes! You and Kyri and Evie? We could get a group - have a sea PICNIC! it's a crime we haven't all been out on boats yet." Llew has taken her hand and is pulling her along vaguely door-wards, and she is clearly very willing to go, but she is still glancing around slightly yearning for a glimpse of the hard-to-catch Evie.

Mikael turns his head from Jolene's artwork at Paige's words, and glances towards the door. His smile brightens on seeing Madeline. He is standing with Katharina, Paige and others around the paintings' displays.

Madeline smiles at Paige and steps over to greet the small group she stands with "Certainly not, a chance to see your work, Jolene's and others displayed is a thing not to be missed Mademoiselle" the lady says, pausing to kiss Mikael's cheek "bon soir cher"

Having heard maybe non-friendly commotion, Evie comes running out of the Members Area to see what's going on. A quick scan seems to suggest nothing is out of place, though, and she sighs in exasperation before just going to see Adeline off with a hug. Then back to the Members Area for quiet downtime tour stuffs.

Having completed Llew/Tabin introductions at Adeline's bequest, Llew now tugs Adeline back towards the door again where Madeline makes her entrance. The Australian pulls Adeline in closer and moves them in that direction, towards Madeline, Mikael, Jolene and even Paige. "G'day Miss Madeline." Llew smiles at Madeline and dips his head in greeting. "You all remember, Doctor Llyr, yes?"

Tabin gives a wave to Adeline. "Sure! Just lemme know a good time." He comments to her. "Nice to meet you Llew. You two have a good night." He says with a smile then looking back to Wick. "Sure? I guess I will then. I'll hold onto this." He gestures to the rolex.

Madeline turns to Lew and Adeline the stunning blonde smiles "Certainly, an artist in your own right arent you Doctor" she leans over and brushes a kiss to Adeline's cheek "how nice to see you again so soon Mademoiselle"

Mikael nods to Madeline, "We were just commenting on Mademoiselle Sands' excellent piece. Mademoiselle Addison added this particular one just a while ago. Quite interesting, non?" He hears Llew and turns to look at the man. He bows his head to Adeline, "I remember you from the lounge. A pleasure to see you again."

Katharina turns to look at the painting Mikael mentions and sees Madeline. "Good Evening, my friend. I did not expect to see you and yet, I probably should have."

Madeline is the sort of social butterfly that can make those she is talking to feel special even if there are a small crowd of them. Giving Adeline a fond smile she turns to Katharina, the lady receiving a kiss upon each cheek as she laughs "Business came up and nearly prevented me but here I am. And, so happy to find you here my dear"

Tabin checks his watch. "Time to go see how Team Admin are doing. Be right back." He gives Conn and Wick a smile before turning and heading into the members area, pulling out his phone, tapping it a few times, and swiping himself in.

Conn continues to pace among the exhibits, looking for trouble makers, rabble rousers, or phillistines. Not seeing any, he looks around, obviously trying to be useful but lacking the necessary social context.

Adeline hugs Evie back merrily before she returns tot he other room, and then nods gleefully to Tabin, "We are SO going to do this. Sea-based festivities will be /ours/." And then Llew pulls her hand to take her to the group of spectacularly beautiful people, and the dishevelled small woman looks slightly overawed again. The 'slightkly' becomes 'very' when Madeline kisses her cheek so gracefully, and she stammers slightly as Madeline addresses her and replies in French, "<<It's an honor to see you again>>," and bends her red head in smiling confusion and respect. And an absolute beam at Mikael. "I've been hoping to run into you again," candid.

Wick smiles off after Adeline and Llew. And then Tabin, much pleased that the donation was accepted. All has gotten quiet now. So hands, in his pockets, he drifts over to sneak a kiss to Conn's cheek. "Hi," he says with a grin.

A very tall looking man in a trench coat and wearing a hat walks in. He is very tall and lanky and with a rather pale complexion but otherwise seems fairly normal. He walks around rather reservedly avoiding making too much contact with others, and looks at the various paintings throughout the gallery with great interest. A smile crosses his face as he gazes at the pictures.

Llew looks across at Paige, sees the gesture, smiles darkly. Just watches as greetings are made and gives Katharina a curious look. A polite bow of the head. "G'day there miss." And to the main group. "We can't stay. We're going to meet a breeder about a puppy. But just thought it polite to say g'day before we snuck off."

Mikael looks over to Madeline and Katharina, "The owner is very lucky to have two such qualified art connoisseurs." He hears Llew and nods to him, his brow arched curiously but he only states, "I hope the rest of the eve finds you both well."

Paige does close in, but it is to Llew, leaning into him, up on her tiptoes to whisper with a smirk.

Katharina hmms, looking to Llew. She has not met him before, but is very polite. "Good Evening, m'lord." She hears of the dog and obviously that reminds her of something in her past.

Adeline gives the warmest and most hopeful smile to Mikael. "I hope to -- get a chance to chat sometime? I really love your place." Another respectful glance back at Madeline and Paige. And then she waves at all her lovely friends especially Wick and Conn and Tabin and Evie, and willingly goes where Llew pulls her, asking enthusiastically, "Really? I do love them."

Wick draws in to murmur something to Conn before wrapping him up in a hug. He seems to be heading out. As he passes Adeline and Llewellyn, he smiles at them, but doesn't interrupt before heading off into the night.

Conn nods to Wick "I'll see you soon love."

Madeline takes a moment to take her leave of Katharina, Mikael and those she was talking with "you'll pray pardon me, business could only spare me for a moment" the lovely lady smiles and turnst o go

Katharina places her hand in Llew's, "A pleasure. It sounds like my name proceeds me, which I hope is good in this case. Perhaps you will visit us in Idyllwild sometime." She sees Madeline go and says, "We shall speak soon."

Very respectfully, Llew lifts Katharina's hand, bowing at his waist to press a chaste kiss to the back of it. "Thank you for your kind invitation. I will endeavour to do me best to do so." He releases Katharina's hand and gestures to Adeline. "Me companion Dr Llyr and I must bid you all a good night. We have another appointment to get to. I fear we are now late. Good evening all." Llew bows his head politely and then escorts Adeline out. Finally. Maybe?

Mikael watches Llew with a hint of amusement in his eyes, and watches the interaction with curiousity.

Adeline is still looking rather wide eyed at the group of people with whom she and Llew have been standing, but she's already bid cheerful goodbyes to everybody now -- so it's only one more happy wave to everyone, before she trails to the door with the Australian, hand in hand. If that happens.

Paige finally moves again, slipping her lips into a polite smile as she takes a step back to curtsy. "It was lovely seeing you all, I however am going to hunt down Evie. Do carry my well wishes, all of you." then she is turning, heading to the back, where Conn isn't watching.