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Hailing from Ireland, the son of a local Dublin barmaid and a London mechanic, Conn has an accent telling of both sides of his family. He spent most of his life in Ireland, but moved to New York in his mid twenties where he worked contracts as an investigative journalist covering murders. This has left him a little jaded about other people, but he is a surpisingly wholesome individual.

His parents were killed in a car accident two years ago.

Recently he has taken ownership and overseen the conversion of a bar in the Harbor district, the Murder of Crows.

Conn has a "practiced cultivated ignorance" about the supernatural aspects of the world. Working the murder wrap for a newspaper in New York brought him tangiential to it and he learned, quickly, it was be ignorant or be dead.

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Vampire Pitiful creatures, in the archaic form of the word. I pity them for what has been done for them, more so because they will never know. While I don't hold the general animosity that our kind holds for theirs in principle, and while I am civil and polite and perhaps even friendly (for a given value of the word), there is only one so far that I mistrust. Assuming that's what they are. It's hard to tell.
Wraith What keeps you here? I know that you can last centuries, and accrue power after a fashion, but is eternal rest not a better option than watching the Final Winter fall on the world?
Mage Power without wisdom destroys itself. You should focus more on the latter and less on the former.
Werewolf I understand why my forebearers swore Oaths with yours, I just don't understand how. All'y'all are the fucking prickliest bunch of folks I've ever come across. As likely to attack you for asking if you can help them as to accept it.
Demon I don't recognise your account of ... well anything. Sure. Your god may exist. But so do mine. And I've been hearing disciples of your god say that he created mine. I didn't believe it before I Remembered Arcadia, I believe it less even now. Whatever madness your god has that makes him think he is alone has clearly infected you.
Mortal I always feel a little uncomfortable starting a friendship with a mortal. Because it's always a little mercenary. You have something I need, and I can never tell you about it.

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Adeline I have never met another person so prone to finding themselves in trouble
Alex The vampires got him ⚰️
Ambrosine I have had very few interactions with Baron Ambrosine. They have all been pleasant.
Balance I still don't know what to make of Balance. And I don't know that I ever will.
Beckett It's funny that some people surprise you. And how they surprise you. Beckett is full of surprises.
Cameron I think I've said all I need to say about Cameron's history publicly. Which is to say nothing. I haven't asked. Let him bear his ingominy with whatever grace the man has left.
Cash He's my cuz, well, not actually, but close enough.
Clara Caring, giving, a wonderful friend. Excellent taste and a wonderful photographer. Mandatory shopping partner.
Emrick Still waters run deep. I have nothing but respect for Emrick's artistic ability. It helps that he's hot.
Ethan An excellent drinking buddy, a good listener, reluctant (but worthy) leader, and an open mind. Taught me that openness is required both ways.
Hardy I think of all the things I love about Hardy, the name is right up there
Hayden Everything you could ask for in a Dreamer, loyal, loving, loveable
Mearns Fun, charming, sexy and just a little bit dangerous. But he's also kind and insightful.
Paige Not what I had expected. She seems to be reasonable. And not at all skin-crawly.
Rick Yeah, okay, he's a willworker. And I don't mean to sound racist. But he's one of the good ones.
Rustin Sweeet, cute, and going to get himself in a whole lot of trouble. Hopefully I don't have to rescue him..... or should I be hoping I do?
Solara She's got a mystique going on and she works it really well. She's always done right by me though.
Sterling If you'd told me in March that a Sidhe would be counted among one of my closest friends, I would have said you were mad. Hey. Past me? Stop being so judgemental.
Sumter Biker Bear whose cute and lets me flirt at him. What's not to like.
Timand Another Troll in town, wonder what the future has in store for him.
Wick Arthur's first friend, and probably his closest one. - He makes Conn happy.

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RP Hooks
Owns the Murder of Crows but often hangs out in the steampunk bar.

He's House Scathach, even though it's not widely known, maybe you want to go through the Ennobling process and join the Barony?

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Changeling Society
Conn adjusted to his post-Chrysalis life with a few hiccups and false starts, but these days he is well and truly settled in as Ethan's Herald. He's thrown himself into understanding the mysteries of the Dreaming, learning what he can of how it works. Throwing that curiosity he's always had for mysteries into unfolding the secrets of Firchlis and the Silver Path.

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Arthur has recently taken up writing doggerel. If he's shown it to you, it's here for ease of access.


The threads between,
that form the shared liminal spaces,
flow from one to the next,
around all obstacles,
following the path of least resistance.
It takes longer,
but the journey is the goal.


Time passes, grains of sand slowly fall,
counting the time until I see you.
The seconds pass as eternities,
each heartbeat counting endless moments.
My thoughts turn to empty distractions,
anything to keep me occupied
or from relentlessly obsessing
until the time I see you again.


Words have shapes and sometimes sizes,
surprisingly, some roll around your mouth,
sprouting interesting compromises
seizing certainty from certain doubt

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Arthur Bond.png


Troll mien by Sterling

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Full Name: Arthur Patrick Conchubair Bond
Age: 35
Race: Changeling
Kith: Troll
Occupation: Bar Owner
Full Fairie Formal Form of Address: Murid Sorceror Conn, Herald of the Ebon Watchtower, sworn of the Redbranch Knights

Anyone who knows him well knows that he hates the formal stuff, so really just prefers "Conn" or "Ser Conn"

House None of your fucking business, how dare you ask. Or you know already.
Apparent Age: mid thirties
Demeanor: Rogue

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Arthur Bond Tattoo.jpg

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Conn's coat of arms

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Conn's Bike
Conn's Triumph.jpg

Conn's Bike was a birthday present from Emrick

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