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People fascinate him. He's met quite a few since arriving in Prospect, and he’s hoping to meet more.

  • Ambrosine: Never met one like her. Good listener. She understands a lot. Someone I can confide in. I miss her.
  • Beckett: Mysterious. Always leaves me off balance. But I still can't help but approach.
  • Bobbi: Kind yet unsettling. More dangerous than she looks. Still owes me a boon.
  • Clara: So kind. Caring and gentle. And I owe her my life. She makes me feels so safe.
  • Clover: Sweetest little wanderer. It’s so wonderful to find you again. Hope you’ll linger.
  • Conn: Guardian. He's watched over me over and over. Hope I make him happy.
  • Erin: A brilliant crafter. But not so sweet as she'd seemed.
  • Ethan: Those teeth. Starting to get used to him. He’s someone to trust. And learn from.
  • Hardy: There /is/ something amazing about him. And wonderful.
  • Hayden: Conn's Dreamer. He's sweet. Glad he's a part of Conn's life.
  • Mearns: Comes and goes. But I love that I can offer a safe haven. He's wonderful.
  • Patrick: A lot of fun. And he plays the guitar. I’d like to know him better.
  • Rick: He's back! An absolutely brilliant friend. I missed him. Still hope he'll call on me.
  • Sigvard: Kind. Doesn't mean to scare me. And there's almost something gentle about them.
  • Tabin: The Dashing! Amazing storyteller and wonderful musician. Glad we’re bandmates and friends. I like him a lot.
  • Zyra: Delightful yet dangerous. I’d like to help her. But I doubt I'm much good for that.

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RP Hooks

Musician. Wick has gained some minor fame (Fame 1) as a performer at the Sideshow, Bourbon and Bedlam, and the Murder of Crows. He also has a small online following. He specializes in the guitar but can sing, dance, and play a few other instruments. He mostly performs covers, but he is learning to write music of his own. Conn and Tabin are his occasional bandmates.

Music Teacher. If asked, he might be willing to teach a bit of music. He tends to offer teaching services through the Seaside Music Academy run by Simone. It helps keep him a bit more grounded to try and keep up with responsibilities.

Medium. There are quite a few in Prospect that can see the dead. But Wick still hasn't quite gotten used to it. Nor has he fully gotten over the trauma that made the dead visible to him. He's still more likely to turn pale and run than to approach with questions and curiosities.

Student. Not at UC Prospect - Wick studies at the Covey-Fychell College, a private (fae) college that he tends to be rather vague about. Odd, because he never finished high school. If pressed, he explains that he’s just trying to fill gaps in what he should know. Fellow students and teachers would know him as someone of average intelligence who works hard. Always full of questions.

Traveller. Before coming to Prospect, Wick traveled with his mentor (Mentor 3) for almost five years until she crossed into Bedlam (Insane Mentor). They traveled all across the world and through the Dreaming. Though they never stayed anywhere long, he met a lot of people.

Smokejumper. Wick has joined the Helljumpers - a smokejumping crew based out of Prospect. He'll be training to parachute in and provide an initial attack response on remote wildland fires.

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Full name: Oliver Wick
Fae name: Zosimos

Race: Changeling
Kith: Satyr
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Seelie
Seelie Legacy: Saint
Unseelie Legacy: Knave

Apparent Age: Early twenties
Height: 5'11"

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