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Hardy Lerna
Hardy is a somewhat strange, homeless and possibly insane man. Odd mannerism and dirty clothing generally keeps people away from him though he seems mostly harmless even with his size.

Update:Hardy gotten a clean up. No longer dirty or having dirty clothing. Still odd though
Hardy doesn't have much history in town having only recently been showing in and around the city.
Not Homeless: Hardy is no longer homeless, and have cleaned up nicely

Insane?: His odd behavior might speak of a problematic mental issue

Wanderer: Hardy Never seems to stick around in the same place for all to long, exploring and moving through and around the city, even out in the woods.

Art/Tattoos: Hardy started to apprentice to learn tattooing, he also seems to be rather good at drawing it seems.

Mortal+ Character

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

Hardy is new in town and doesn't know anyone yet. Then again how many friends and contacts can a dirty man have?

Liberty - Owns meatstore, traded jerky for powerspraying the tiles. Very nice. A good friend

Blair - Young man has Jailbreaked Smartphone, We hope we can find a suitable trade

Alice - Nice woman, paid for drinks

Dawson - Owns bar, gave nice smelling bottle for washing, clothing and work. Nice man and friend

Velvet - Wonderful dancer, we wish to see more of them. A good friend

Lisde - Young student, learning art, we like art. She is very kind hearted and a friend to us

Kim - Pleasant woman, showed us some very interesting dancers

Emrick - Warm hearted man, always thinks of others. Best craftsman we know. A good friend

Wick - Musician, a warm friendly person. A good friend

Ethan Sienna - Sturdy man, owns Steamed and Hammered. A good friend

Arumi - Friendly rocket doctor, young and like cosplay. A friend

His big bag